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    Key Apartment Features To Look For in Keego Harbor, Michigan

    May 25, 2020 at 12:59 pm · · Comments Off on Key Apartment Features To Look For in Keego Harbor, Michigan

    Key Apartment Features To Look For in Keego Harbor, Michigan

    Are you an Oakland County resident in search of a laid-back, close-knit community to move into in Michigan? Then Keego Harbor is a perfect fit.

    Sitting on only 0.50 square miles of land, Keego Harbor is the third smallest city in the state of Michigan. It’s perched on the shores of Sylvan and Cass Lakes and boasts some of the most magnificent landscapes you’ll ever see.

    Despite its small size, Keego Harbor is home to an array of beautifully-designed, modern apartments for rent. But how do you ensure you move into the best one?  Read our list of key apartment features to look for in Keego Harbor below.

    1.    The Walls

    All walls in the apartment should be in tip-top shape. This is essential because when you are moving out in the future, you may end up being charged for the pre-existing damages. Inspect the walls for cracks and either human-made or structural holes.

    Also, be on the lookout of evidence of water leaks. Don’t forget to check the paint job. It should be consistent throughout and should not be chipped. If everything looks good, ask about the shared walls. This is essential because the last thing you want is to share your bedroom’s wall with a neighbor’s living room or bedroom.

    2.    The Electrical Outlets and Cable Hookups

    If you’re going to move into an apartment, you want to arrange it how you envisioned it the first time you entered it for inspection. Therefore, make sure every room has enough electrical outlets and that each is in proper working condition. Plug in a small device such as your phone into each to be sure they are working. Also, check cable hookups from fiber-optic to internet cables to see whether they work perfectly.

    3.    Available Appliances

    Most modern apartments for rent in Keego Harbor, Michigan typically offer appliances. Some apartments will feature an oven, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a washer and dryer, a microwave or a stove. Some will only feature the most basic, that is the oven and the fridge or dishwasher.

    Whatever appliance the apartment brings to the table, do not sign any contract until you confirm it is in working condition. Signing a lease before these appliances get fixed means you may have to incur the costs of repair, or you may end up being held liable for pre-existing damage.

    4.    The HVAC System

    Your apartment in Keego Harbor should be the little haven you run to for comfort after a long tiring day at work or outdoors. But if it’s too hot in the Summer or too cold in the Winter, there won’t be any comfort to enjoy. Make sure the apartment you’re eyeing in Keego Harbor has an efficient heating and cooling system.

    5.    The Laundry Situation

    Some apartments, as noted, may feature a fully-equipped laundry room for every tenant. Others may have a common laundry area on-site, while others do not have any at all. So figure out the whole laundry situation before you sign the lease. If there’s no laundry room at all, ask your potential landlord how far is the nearest laundromat, so if it’s further than you expected, you can look for alternatives.

    6.    The Flooring

    As with the walls, you do not want to move into an apartment with a damaged floor because you will eventually have to pay for them out of pocket. Check the type of flooring and if it suits your style. Inspect it further to make sure it’s not damaged. For instance, if the apartment has a carpeted floor, confirm it has no stains. If it has a wooden floor, gently tug on some of the floorboards to see if they come up. If you notice any damage, let the landlord know right away so it can be fixed before you settle in.

    7.    The Windows and Doors

    Did you know a door or window that refuses to open is a hazard? Therefore, check to ensure every door and window in that apartment opens and closes perfectly. If yes, remember they can also be a burglar’s loophole, so confirm that they lock completely. Also, run your hands along the outer side of the window and doors to feel if there are any leaks. If the apartment has a set of blinds or shades, open and close them to ensure they’re also working as they should.

    8.    Utilities Provided

    For apartments like Cass Lake Front Apartments, you will most likely find all the utilities you need for a comfortable life. These include water, gas, air conditioning, electricity, garbage collection, and sewer, among many others. Some of these utilities may be covered by your rent while for some, you may have to cover separately. Ask about these utilities, and determine who pays for what before you sign a frustrating legally binding contract.

    9.    The Safety Features

    What would happen if there was to be a fire in your apartment? Are there any detectors to alert you of the situation before it gets out of hand? If yes, do they work? Are there any carbon monoxide or fire extinguishers on-site, and do they work?

    Note, safety features aren’t just limited to fire-related issues. You also want to move into a properly secured apartment. In that light, ask about access to the apartment units. For instance, is there a doorman or a buzzer, or can people walk in and out as they please? Also, how well lit is the entrance, the stairs, and other common areas. Does the landlord or property management take any extra steps to increase security? For instance, the installation of CCTV Footage Cameras?

    Consider What Each Room Has To Offer

    The above are the general features you need to consider while looking for an apartment in Keego Harbor. While at it, you should also consider what each room has to offer as highlighted below:

    • The Bathroom

    Start by checking the number of bathrooms available. Also, you want a bathroom with a working toilet. So flush to make sure it works, confirm that the seat is sturdy and that it has no cracks.

    Also, you want a bathroom with a working sink. So turn all the faucets and, if in proper working condition, check the water pressure.

    As for the shower, turn it on to see if the water heats up efficiently and that the water pressure is sufficient. If there’s a tub, run it to see if it drains efficiently. Note, the tub is the easiest way to tell if the bathroom’s floor is damaged. Simply stand in it, jump a little, and if it slightly gives in, you may have a mold problem on your hands.

    • The Kitchen

    While inspecting the kitchen, check if all the appliances provided are in proper working condition. Also, run the sink to see if the faucets work and check the pressure. Open and close the cabinets and the drawers to see if the doors are working properly. If during the process, you notice animal droppings, it means you may have a pest problem at hand. Let the landlord know so they can do something about it before you move in.

    • The Bedroom

    Other than being spacious, you want your bedroom to have enough windows. For convenience, you also want one with a closet and for comfort, a working ceiling fan for those hot summer nights.

    There are lots of apartments in Keego Harbor, but just because they’re modern, it doesn’t mean they have all you want in a living space. Using our checklist above will help you ensure you rent a space you can picture yourself living comfortably and happily.

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