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    Key Features to Look For in an Apartment

    May 25, 2020 at 12:59 pm · · Comments Off on Key Features to Look For in an Apartment

    Key Features to Look For in an Apartment

    Whether you are experienced or not, expect apartment hunting to be a tedious process. Your aim should be to find an apartment that fits your lifestyle and needs at an affordable monthly rent. This, therefore, means that you must focus on certain features that make an apartment stand out from the rest.

    For instance, most people love apartments with the best amenities and quality appliances, but what are the features that you need to focus on?

    Here, we will consider the important features you need to look for in a perfect apartment.

    Features to Look For in an Apartment

    Kitchen Feature

    What features should you consider while looking for a new apartment? If you don’t know yet, we will take you through the important considerations below:

    Layout and Floor Plan

    During your apartment hunt, do not just focus on the individual room’s square footage. Rather, you should also consider how the spaces are used and organized.

    The spaces between windows, doors, and other physical features make a huge difference in how apartments are set up. For this reason, you need to pay attention to your apartment’s floor plan and layout. This will affect the type of furniture you buy and the decorations to keep.

    Below are tips for selecting the best floor plans:

    Location Importance

    Is a corner unit with a good view important? Is a top-floor unit a must? Or maybe an east-facing balcony for a perfect sun-rising view?

    Determine how critical the location is on the layout and floor plan and how it can help you narrow down the available options.

    Bedroom Placement

    Would you like to have similar bedroom styles to your current place? Or do you have a roommate and would like to be on the opposite side of the unit?

    Consider a rental unit that separates the bedroom and the living room for privacy. Always determine where you want the bedroom to be located in advance.

    Visualize How You Will Arrange Belongings

    You need to visualize how you would like to arrange decorations and furniture in the layout or floor plans. Consider a floor plan with a larger living space if you possess oversized couches. If you are into cooking, consider a spacious kitchen so it can adequately accommodate all of your items.

    Consider Your Daily Needs

    Consider how you will employ the space to meet your specific needs. If you work from home, for example, go for a floor plan with an office space.

    If you plan on storing many things, consider a floor plan with a detached or attached garage for extra storage.

    Consider the Design Scheme

    Consider how the floor plan will look with the interior design color scheme that you desire. We recommend that you trust your instincts on this.

    Excellent Amenities

    This includes in-unit and community amenities. In-unit amenities involve things inside the unit, while community amenities are those you share with your neighbors.

    Modern Appliances

    Before renting an apartment, you should consider the available appliances. They should be not only fully functional, but also have smart features.

    Look for possible wear and tear and compare the appliances to what you used in your previous unit.

    If utility bills concern you, pay attention to the model of the appliances and determine whether they have energy-saving features. Learn how to keep utility bills in an apartment here.

    Apartment appliances to consider include:

    • Washing Machine: This means that you will have an easy time washing your clothes. However, consider apartments with energy-saving models if you seek to reduce your energy bills.
    • Microwave: Microwaves offer time-saving and convenient heating that you will fall in love with. You can, at times, use them in place of an oven.
    • Refrigerator: This might be the most expensive appliance in any apartment. Go for an apartment with modern fridges since they consume less power.
    • Air Conditioning Systems: With hot summers and ever-rising temperatures, having an air conditioner in your apartment is a plus. Most air conditioning systems are compact and offer sufficient cooling.
    • Clothes Dryer: Not many apartments offer an outdoor space for drying clothes. Therefore, you should consider an apartment building with a dryer to keep your clothes and beddings clean.
    • Dishwasher: This is another luxury appliance that you will appreciate having in your apartment. However, consider energy and water-saving dishwashers.
    • Vacuum Cleaner: This will help you maintain the cleanliness of your rental unit. Modern vacuum cleaners are easy to use and lightweight, but it is rare that this supplied to you in your apartment.
    • Television: Having a flat-screen TV offers your rental unit a luxurious feel. You will also save money since you won’t have to buy your own TV, though this is another rare one that is offered.

    Parking Space

    If you have a car, it will help to find an apartment with spacious parking space. Street parking leaves your car exposed to damage and theft, but with on-site parking, you can come home at night and still have a secured space to park your car.

    Security Features

    Communities with high-security measures usually charge higher rent. With that said, you will be guaranteed to live in a safe environment with reduced theft. Consider features such as security cameras, triple or double-door locks, on-site security staff, and carded apartment community entry.

    Internet Connection

    You would not want to settle in an apartment that makes it difficult to communicate. So, you should find an apartment with a reliable and strong internet connection.

    For some communities, internet access charges are included in rent, but you will be forced to pay a monthly fee for others. Either way, go for a rental unit with a reliable service provider.

    Fitness Center

    If fitness is among your top priorities, you should consider an apartment with a fitness center. This will prevent you from walking long distances or driving around looking for a gym.

    Swimming Pool

    A swimming pool offers an excellent avenue for enjoyment and leisure. It also presents you with a chance to exercise. With that said, keep in mind that apartments with swimming pools are typically priced higher.


    You might ignore the importance of an elevator if you have always occupied the ground floor, but what if your apartment unit is on, say the 10th floor? In such a case, walking up and down the stairs isn’t easy. Elevators present an easier option for moving to and from the higher apartment floors.

    Pet-Friendly Features

    Consider how friendly the community is to your pet. In order to be considered pet-friendly, the apartment should have on-site pet amenities, such as a cleaning station, grassy play area, and pet potty area. You can also consider the presence of a dog park where your pet can exercise. Be sure to review the apartment pet policy before committing.


    Noise will be a nuisance, especially if you are one that works from home. While looking for your next apartment, you should get a very quiet unit that is free from interference.

    Try opening the window or front door to the apartment and getting a sense of the neighborhood’s sounds. Avoid renting the apartment if you can hear sounds from people talking or from nearby traffic and businesses.

    Enough Storage

    Having enough storage space in your apartment will go a long way in making your life easy. You need to focus on closets in your apartment and consider how much stuff you would like to store. You should have some storage space remaining even after keeping bathroom stuff and towels in the bathroom closet, coats in the coat closet, and shoes and clothes in the bedroom closet.

    Access to Social Features

    You would not want to settle in a remote area where you won’t have access to grocery stores and shopping centers; or in places where you will have to walk for long distances before accessing a reliable transport network.

    Some of the social features you must consider include proximity to hospitals, schools, churches, grocery stores, malls, playing grounds, and a good transport network. These are things that will make your life easier. Common services being easily accessible to your family is essential. We recommend that you rent an apartment in an urban setup if you want to access quality services.

    Water and Electricity

    It will only make sense if you move into an apartment with a constant water flow. Settling in a unit with a poor water supply means spending more money buying water. To get the right information regarding the water supply in the apartment, ask the current tenants (your potential neighbors) in the complex.

    You should also ensure that you stay in an area where you will never stay in the dark due to lack of electricity. Check whether the unit’s lighting system is properly installed.


    As you can see, there are several features to consider while hunting for the best apartment. The type of features valued by renters depends on different factors, including their lifestyle and age. For instance, retirees, college students, and new couples don’t look out for the same features in an apartment.

    It is also rare to come across apartment units with all the features that we have highlighted above. Therefore, you should prioritize features that are very important to you. Some amenities might translate into an additional fee and more money for a security deposit for the apartment. You should always confirm everything with your landlord or property manager before committing. Learn more about how to read an apartment lease here.

    When looking for your next apartment, you will, more often than not, get a better deal if you consider the above features.

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