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    Organizational Tips for a Small Apartment

    January 13, 2020 at 6:32 pm · · Comments Off on Organizational Tips for a Small Apartment

    Organizational Tips for a Small Apartment

    A small apartment is considered a unit that measures anywhere between 250 and 850 square feet.

    The truth is that living in a small space can seem like an impossible challenge at times, but it doesn’t have to be. When you live in a tiny apartment, the organization is key. The secret to keeping a small space organized is to invest in some high-quality storage solutions.

    If your apartment is crampy with items all over the place, navigating around the place would be difficult. Actually, you could in fact hurt yourself every time you knock items on the floor or step on something. This is why you need to declutter the apartment and give your place the illusion of a brand new cozy space that is roomy and spacious.

    apartment is crampy

    It is disastrous to ignore organizational tips, no matter if you live in a tiny or large flat. In reality, if your living space is large, but cluttered, the only thing that separates you from someone who lives in a smaller, well-organized apartment is the higher monthly rent payment.

    Organizational Tips for a Small Apartment

    So, how can you take advantage of small spaces in your kitchen and living room? For starters, consider making good use of vertical spaces to create more room and open space in the apartment, like what an advertisement maker does on his or her goods displays.

    For example, hang a hammock in the living space corner to create a place for reading and relaxation, or use the area under a table as a storage unit. These are just two great examples of how to use areas in your apartment creatively.

    Shot of an empty modern apartment

    Tiny apartments are becoming more popular, especially with New York City real estate, mainly due to less upkeep needed. Every square foot counts, and costs more money, so many settle on smaller units.

    With that in mind, if you are having trouble organizing your home and want to declutter your small apartment, keep reading for some helpful storage tips.

    Living Room Ideas

    Let us start with your living area and see how you may organize it to make it appear bigger. What can you do to improve the look of your living area? Everything you need to know is right here:

    Install an Entryway Wall Hook

    Starting from the entryway, buy a wall hook to hang your coats as you get in the unit. You may have a closet space for your coats, but what about for your guests?

    A wall hook provides an alternative to discarding a coat somewhere throughout the apartment, like having your guest place it on the couch, and it keeps the apartment neat and lovely. Something as simple as a stylish solid brass option for your entryway hook could be perfect for the job.

    A wall hook

    To make a storage unit in your little entryway area, you dont need a lot of space. Consider putting in shoe racks/shoe storage units, along with a small wall mirror in the entryway to make the area appear even bigger.

    Consider Rearranging or Replacing Furniture

    A small apartment warrants modest furniture. So, if you discover that your furniture is big and takes up too much space, after moving in, consider rearranging or getting rid of them entirely. This may be a life-changing idea, especially if you live alone. There is simply no need to have a large couch that takes up a lot of space and leaves you with little room to move around. Learn how to arrange furniture in a small living room apartment here.

    If you decide to sell the furniture, consider advertising it on Craigslist or other similar websites. Also, posting it on Facebook and other online marketplaces could score you a quick sale. You might also inform some of your friends or coworkers about your plans to sell the items. Who knows, they might be looking to buy one and can assist you in getting rid of what you don’t need.

    Buy a Multi-Functional Coffee Table

    Consider the value that a table with storage below could add to your apartment. A multi-functional table would be a perfect option for adding extra storage space.

    This will free up additional space in your area and allow you to move about more freely. A wonderful example of a table with storage units is an ottoman coffee table. Before making a purchase, you may want to look at different brands and compare prices. Learn how much does it cost to furnish an apartment here.

    Get a Convertible Couch

    Purchasing an extra bed for visitors is not a necessity. However, if you wish to do so, consider purchasing a convertible bed. This way, you would be slaying two birds with one stone by saving space and providing an extra bed for your visitor instead of having them just crash on the sofa.

    A convertible bed may also provide more storage space underneath, depending on its size and style. If feasible, you may keep your less regularly used goods in the sofa storage unit while keeping something you frequently use in the table storage unit.

    Make Good Use of Vertical Space

    It may be extremely difficult to buy extra storage units for a tiny apartment because there is simply not enough room. With that said, your walls could be another wasted space if you dont make good use of them.

    Use of Vertical Space

    The vertical wall space is a great place to build storage areas. Installing top-to-bottom shelving in your living area is a good idea. Additional shelving space will not only be useful for storage, but you can also use it to display decorative items, such as photographs and mirrors. Generally, the aesthetics of an apartment can be improved with the addition of pictures and mirrors.

    If you want to keep your shelves neat after installation, consider buying Shine’s Favorite Storage Boxes. They look pretty, adding to your house’s beautification, while still serving the purpose of adding storage space.

    Invest in Efficient Storage Space Containers

    Creating smart storage solutions is important for decluttering and organizing your apartment. With that said, buying container store storage bins can be a terrific addition to your living area, so you can put any vital items you wish out of sight.

    Packing and unpacking before moving in

    A storage container store sells these units at about $6 for small units and $7 for the cost of the lid, on average. Also, if you want to maximize storage on the closet floor, look for softer zippered storage boxes. These could be perfect to store your blankets because they are nicer than your average cardboard box.

    Buy an Average Size Rug

    A small rug can be dwarfed by the couch, so most experts recommend buying a bigger one for a better outcome. The space will undoubtedly be neat and nicer with the addition of a rug.

    Get a Room Divider with Storage

    An area divider is essential, for especially a small space, like in a studio apartment. However, remember to get a divider that has storage spaces for things like books and other items.

    Small Bedroom Ideas

    A spacious bedroom is something that everyone desires. Here is all you need to know about turning your small bedroom into a spacious one:


    This is the best starting point. Clear out the space. Get rid of everything you don’t need by selling, donating, or trashing it. Be sure to put the clothing in the closet, and fold everything neatly so you maximize the space.

    Reorganize Clothes in Your Closet

    Even if you have a large closet, an untidy one can appear small, so consider rearranging it. If you have many clothing items you don’t often wear, then there is no need to keep them around. Consider tossing them away, selling them, or donating them to charity.

    Closeup of woven straw baskets

    Keep out of season clothes separate and stored more in the back, while keeping the pieces you need more frequently closer to the front for easy access. Buy slim tubular metal hangers for a better closet experience. Felt hangers are not the best, despite their space saving thinness.

    In addition, you can install mirrors on the inside of the closet doors. The truth is that many small apartment owners underutilize the inside of their closet doors (could be either a studio apartment or one bedroom apartment for rent). For this reason, instead of big floor-standing mirrors, installing them on the closet door will help save space.

    Make Your Bed

    Your bedroom will always look better if you make your bed. If your sheets are soiled, replace them with clean ones. Generally, clean sheets enhance a night of good sleep, so make sure you are frequently changing them. Also, making your bed every day is likely to cultivate a culture of cleaning your bedroom in general.

    Make a Multi-Functional Bed/Storage Bed a Priority

    Since your room is small, a storage container beneath your bed can be handy. This way, you can store new sheets and duvets, as well as an extra duvet, if needed, beneath your bed.

    Measure the dimensions of your room and choose a bed that will fit without crowding the area. This is not the time to buy a queen size bed, so consider a smaller one so long as you are comfortable with the sleeping space.

    If your bed does not have storage underneath, you could consider buying rolling underbed storage drawers or underbed storage bins to help you store extra items. Note that storing items helps reduce dust in the apartment.

    Again, Take Advantage of the Wall Space

    Why not get a wall lamp instead of a side bed table for your lamp? This will free up floor and table space in your bedroom, while making it feel more spacious.

    An empty wall isn’t as bad as you might think, but adding wall art could be a great way to make your area appear cozier. Additionally, you can build your own shelves (narrow floating shelves) for more shelf space. A wall shelf can also be a place to store your books and framed photos.

    Tiny Kitchen Ideas

    Here are some things you can do in your kitchen to make it appear larger:

    Hang Up Extra Items

    Hanging up anything that can be hung to make space for other kitchen items is the key to a spacious kitchen, so invest in tools that are made to be hung.

    Hang Up Extra Items

    Keep a Trash Can Under Your Sink

    With a small room, putting your trash can under the sink will help save extra space. Besides, you will be hiding an item that is generally unsightly.

    Under Sink Roll Out Drawers

    A roll out drawer under the sink can help make your kitchen more efficient. This way you won’t need to worry about bending to find an older pan or pot. Everyone likes roll out shelves and appreciate the efficiency they achieve in the kitchen.

    Bathroom Ideas

    For your bathroom, here is what you can do:

    Consider Installing Wall Cabinets

    Since your bathroom is small, there is no need to add to the clutter by adding floor cabinets. Instead, install wall cabinets to keep your shower detergents, extra towels, and other bathroom necessities.

    By substituting floor cabinets with wall cabinets, you will save floor space and make your bathroom more spacious. A wall cabinet could also be useful to separate items for roommates so they don’t have to share storage space for their cleaning essentials.

    In addition, a few toiletry bags could be helpful in keeping items like lotion, makeup, or dental essentials, and they can easily be stored in your wall cabinets. Also, everyone needs their medicine to be kept safely, so consider creating medicine cabinet space separately.

    Organize the Tub

    Near the edge of the shower tub, many individuals keep a variety of shampoos, conditioners, and other body cleaning products. So, what do you do if you build up a pile of all these cleaning essentials? Consider investing in a wall rack to keep them out of the way, particularly if you share a bathroom.

    Lighting Ideas

    Lighting is one of the most important elements of any apartment, especially one with small spaces. Lightning not only brightens the rooms, but it also improves the aesthetic of the apartment. So, in case your apartment does not have great natural lighting, consider buying an overhead paper lantern for better lightning.

    Still life shot of a workstation in the living room

    Benefits of Decluttering and Organizing Your Apartment

    People frequently neglect to organize their apartment for a variety of reasons, including laziness or a lack of desire to do so. Here are a few reasons why you should be decluttering and rearranging your residence:

    You Will Cut Monthly Expenses

    If you rent storage units because you believe some items just won’t fit in your apartment, decluttering and organizing will help you save precious space and allow you to spend that money on something else.

    Cut Monthly Expenses

    The practice of saving is crucial, and this could be the start of your journey to better financial independence. If you can reduce your storage unit costs, your mind will be open to the potential of reducing other unneeded spending as well.

    You Will Save Time

    Getting your apartment organization down is a great way to ultimately save time. Consider this scenario, you need to locate an item, but your unit is a cramped space, making it always difficult to do so in a timely manner. Sound familiar?

    On the other hand, locating an item will be a straightforward chore if everything is clearly labeled and organized.

    You Will Increase Your Productivity

    A tidy environment enhances your productivity as a result of organization. You will be far more focused on the tasks at hand than on the clutter in your place, in general.

    Still life shot of a furnished living room in a rustic apartment

    As a result, if you want to boost your productivity, consider organizing your apartment and labeling as much as you can so you know what’s where and can get to it quickly.

    You Will Free Up Mind Space

    A messy apartment can be stressful, causing headaches. You will keep worrying about stuff you don’t need to worry about. So, arranging your apartment will help you free up your mind and focus on what matters most.

    You Will Become Healthier

    Since a messy apartment is difficult to clean, dust is more likely to accumulate; and because you don’t clean completely, you risk exposing yourself to a variety of bacteria.

    On the other hand, cleaning your apartment will be easy if the place is organized and orderly at all times, thus you will not be at risk.

    You Will Be Happier

    Living the life you want brightens your mood. Even if you live in a small apartment, the extra space will create the illusion of a larger flat, resulting in you being more relaxed and, thus, happier.

    Final Thought

    A small apartment can suddenly feel very spacious with clever organizational tips. Organizing can be a life-changing tactic while living in a small apartment; ideas like buying multi-functional furniture to installing shelves for extra storage.

    Lastly, the best way to learn organizational tips is to follow a professional organizer and hear what they suggest for different floor plans.

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