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    How To Find The Perfect Apartment for Rent in Keego Harbor

    October 9, 2019 at 2:34 am · · Comments Off on How To Find The Perfect Apartment for Rent in Keego Harbor

    How To Find The Perfect Apartment for Rent in Keego Harbor


    Justin Becker

    Updated: October 9, 2019

    Use these tips to find the perfect apartment for rent in Keego Harbor MI. All of them are practical advice tried and tested by renters and tenants all around Michigan.

    Use your network

    Tell your friends that you are looking for an apartment for rent in Keego Harbor MI. Pretty sure that a handful of them will throw in names that you can contact and give you other referrals. You can also post about your needs online via your social media accounts.  Who knows, a friend of your friend who manage an apartment complex might see it and gives you a good deal in an instant.

    Check cellphone signals at every room

    If you personally visit an apartment, walk on each and every room and every corners with your phone out. Last thing you want is to go outside your apartment every time you have to make a phone call.

    Check the shower

    Visit the bathroom as well upon checking the apartment unit. Test the shower and see if the water pressure is enough for your showering needs. If you think it needs fixing, tell the landlord about it so they can check and repair it before you decide to move in.

    Know the pet fee policy

    If you have pets, make sure to check the pet fee policy of the apartment complex or unit. Know how much will it cost for your pet to stay at your unit. Tell the landlord as well the type of pet you have and their breed. Some apartment complexes don’t allow large breed of dogs so better ask about it before anything else.

    Be realistic.

    If you have a tight budget, be realistic about the apartment that you may get. Remember, you always get what you pay for and it certainly applies to apartment hunting and renting too!

    Visit the apartment units on rainy season

    Visiting the apartment building or complex on a rainy day will give you an idea on how the place looks like when rainy season comes. You will see hw the roof holds up, how the drainage system works, does the driveway floods, are there any leaks and so on.

    Test all the outlets.

    Bring a little tester or a lamp with you upon visiting an apartment unit. Check each and every outlet with your tester and see if they all worked. With this, you can also tell the landlord what needs to be fixed before you move in.

    Prepare everything

    Apartment hunting is like job hunting – you need to prepare all the things that the landlord ask you. Make sure that you have the proof of employment, proof of income, references (contact person), a resume that details your personal info and other stuff, pictures and other stuff that you normally bring with you whenever you apply for a job.

    With these tips, you can surely get the perfect apartment for rent in Keego Harbor that suits your taste and budget. And if you wanted an apartment that is few steps away from the lake, Cass Lake Front Apartments is the perfect place for you!

    Cass Lake Front Apartments overlooks beautiful Cass Lake in Keego Harbor, Michigan on a large landscaped lot with mature trees. Our one and two bedroom apartments are affordable and updated and are located in the award-winning West Bloomfield School District.

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