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    The Pros and Cons of Apartments in Taylor, MI

    June 7, 2021 at 1:38 pm · · Comments Off on The Pros and Cons of Apartments in Taylor, MI

    The Pros and Cons of Apartments in Taylor, MI

    Planning to live in any new place is always challenging. You don’t know exactly what will happen when you start living there, but some research beforehand can be very beneficial. After all, we have several resources to see whether life in a certain area will be good or not.

    If you are out of state, you might wonder whether Michigan is a good state to live in. The statistics show that there are a lot of people moving to this state every year. With some great public schools, reasonable average rent, and decent job opportunities, this phenomenon is no surprise.

    Within the state of Michigan, though, there are a lot of areas to consider and choose from. Along with looking up any apartment related info, you should think about the pros and cons of living in Taylor Township.

    Apartments in Taylor, MI

    So, what are Taylor apartments all about? Is the average rent rate acceptable for these difficult times? What are the Taylor residents like? The answers to these questions might influence the decision to move to Taylor, MI.

    An apartment in Taylor, MI might offer high-quality living, but the city of Keego Harbor is just nearby. This means that you have the ability to choose one option among these. To see whether Taylor, MI is a viable decision for your new home, you should know the pros and cons of its apartments in detail. Let’s have a look at each one.

    Pros of Apartments in Taylor, MI

    1. Location and Population

    The population of Taylor, MI is around 61,000, making it a fairly popular place. It is located in Wayne County and is near some big cities as well.

    The population here mostly consists of young adults who are ready to start their own family. With the median age being around 38, one may expect a fairly active and driven atmosphere in this town. The population is quite diverse, which means that people of different cultures and ethnicities should not have much trouble fitting in.

    Moving to Taylor, MI can be a great opportunity for you if you are comfortable in interacting with people of a different ethnicity.

    2. Reasonable Cost of Living and Low Crime Rate

    At present, Taylor, MI is among the most affordable towns in the state of Michigan. The median home value is about $96,300 – quite a bit below the national average. The median rent is almost $900 in Taylor, MI, which is again lower than the country’s average. Since rent is such a big part of our monthly expenses, these rent rates make the cost of living very affordable in this town.

    The crime rate in Taylor is also quite low. Residents say that they have little qualms about walking outside after dark. While there are some worrisome incidents, it is relatively safe in the Taylor neighborhood.

    3. Choice of Apartments and a Decent School System

    Taylor also offers a reasonable choice in the kind of housing you want. There are several studio apartments to choose from if that is what suits you. Finding a two bedroom apartment is also possible, even if you have specific requirements such as hardwood floors.

    Taylor has quite a few schools – both public and private. These include Trillium Academy and Allen Academy. The Taylor school district is known for its quality education, though the same can be said of most areas within Michigan. However, you might also want to consider these top Keego Harbor schools which might also conclude that Keego Harbor can be an ideal place to move to as well. Learn how to find an apartment in a new city here.

    4. A lot of Entertainment Options, including Parks

    In Taylor, you do not need to be bored or at a loose end. Most apartment complexes will have an office or shared network if you don’t have your own Wi-Fi. However, always make sure that you are not using any misconfigured or infected devices. An office or shared network can easily result in infected devices, so always be on your guard. Ask the network administrator about the proper settings and conduct a regular anti-virus scan.

    If you have had enough of the internet, there are several parks to enjoy in the vicinity. You can go to Allen Park or Lincoln Park to relax or form a personal connection with the regulars there. Some places might only give you temporary access, so make sure to check out their availability beforehand.

    There are also a few coffee shops and eateries scattered around the area. Again, many of them offer an office or shared network for their patrons. You may ask the network administrator for the password to gain temporary access, if required. Again, though, make sure not to use any misconfigured or infected devices.

    Cons of Apartments in Taylor, MI

    Living in Taylor, MI might be nice, but there are some downsides to consider. Let’s have a look at these now.

    There might be a lot of Rules, a lot of Rentals, and Unemployment in some Areas

    The apartments here may come with a lot of rules, such as no pets allowed, curfews, or only temporary access to communal areas. The limitations might make many tenants rethink their decision to live here.

    Some residents complain that most of the housing here is now just for rent, not for sale. This could be problematic if we want to invest in some property nearby or buy a rental they have a personal connection with.

    While there are several decent job opportunities in Michigan, some spots in Taylor might not be too accommodating. Some companies are laying off employees and some plants have also closed, which has resulted in a lot of financial trouble. All in all, this makes it difficult to form a personal connection with any job.

    If you are using an office or shared network, it is important to avoid any infected devices. There may not always be a network administrator to sort things out, so you may end up with infected devices despite conducting an anti-virus scan.

    Comparing Apartments in Taylor to Keego Harbor

    If living around the same area is possible, you might want to consider Keego Harbor instead. Along with this, here are some reasons that make us consider Keego Harbor above all:

    1. Low maintenance costs – most apartments in Keego Harbor, MI will not require payment for repairs and maintenance. All this is usually included in the rental fees. Learn what is considered emergency maintenance in an apartment here.

    2. You have to pay less money upfront – everyone needs to pay a security deposit. Other than that, you can move in without any additional fees. Some places might even offer discounts on the deposit. Learn what is a security deposit for an apartment here.

    3. Amazing events occurring at no extra cost – conduct an anti-virus scan, and then use your device to look up activities and events in the area. If none come up, ask the network administrator or property manager.

    4. Provides access to great amenities – in Keego Harbor, most apartments have exciting amenities that you can access 24/7. These include shopping centers, swimming pools, fitness centers, Keego Harbor parks and rec, etc.

    The Takeaway

    When you decide to move to Taylor, MI, make sure to start preparing well in advance. Keep in mind how many bedrooms you need and check out the middle schools your children will be attending. As always, make sure to conduct an anti-virus scan when using any public network or possibly infected devices. Misconfigured or infected devices can cause many losses, so be careful with your temporary access networks.

    When all is said and done, we might conclude that Taylor, MI is a great place to live in. You can settle down here, develop a personal connection with the residents, and have a lovely rental home as well. However, it does seem like Keego Harbor is a better choice. With some excellent schools, more facilities, and an overall enviable lifestyle, Keego Harbor residents seem to have it all! If you are looking for more information, do check out the top rentals in Keego Harbor, MI today, starting with Cass Lake Front Apartments.

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    Why People Love Keego Harbor Lake Apartments

    May 31, 2021 at 12:58 pm · · Comments Off on Why People Love Keego Harbor Lake Apartments

    Why People Love Keego Harbor Lake Apartments

    If you want to enjoy life in Keego Harbor lake apartments, but don’t know whether it’s worth it or not, there is no need to worry as we got you covered. Keego is a historic town in Michigan known for offering tenants the quality of life they desire. It has a perfect combination of small communities and a resort-like feel. The city is also located on the shores of large lakes. This will enable you to have your paradise while staying in Keego Harbor lake apartments.

    Keego Harbor became a city in 1955, and since then, it has been populated by wealthy residents living on lakefront property. Today, it is easier to find Harbor lake apartments at an affordable price, along with other added benefits such as public lake access, attendance zone, and water sports. In this article, we’ll explore reasons why people love Keego Harbor lake apartments.

    Harbor Lake Apartments

    There are many reasons why you should settle for harbor lake apartments. However, you should know that finding the best apartment isn’t easy unless you follow the right channels. It also involves looking for the best apartment features. Let’s look at the reasons why Keego Harbor apartments are the best:

    Keego Harbor Lake Life

    Keego Harbor is situated at an ideal location on the shores of Sylvan Lake and Cass Lake in Oakland County. It is home to a boat launch and two beach access points. There is no argument that Cass Lake is among the largest lakes around, occupying about 1280 acres.

    Couple kayaking together.

    The idea behind the development of Keego was to come up with vacation homes. The intention was to build resort areas where people could enjoy their summer activities. Today the Keego area is made up of luxurious apartments and original cottage homes. Nothing is better than swimming in cool lake waters during the summer. The Keego Harbor lake apartments area is also ideal for fishing activities.

    The majority of the people who have settled in Keego Harbor lake apartments find the sporting activities exciting. You can take part in recreational lake events, including sailing, water skiing, and boating. The Pontiac Yacht Club also offers a private launch on a specific section of Cass Lake. Settle in at any Keego Harbor apartments to enjoy a better harbor lake life.

    Excellent Education Attendance Zone

    The Keego region has a high level of school attendance zone. Many people love the area because they’ll have access to the award winning West Bloomfield school district. The school district accommodates over 5500 students, mainly from West Bloomfield Township. Schools from this district have received national and state awards, including being named a National Exemplary School.

    A majority of people move to Keego Harbor lake apartments knowing that their children will be guaranteed a quality education, and children with individualized needs are offered many helpful programs.

    The Bloomfield District is always committed to educating students to be great communicators, critical thinkers, and problem solvers. The Washington Post named West Bloomfield High School as the 14th Most Challenging school in Michigan in 2014.

    Community Living

    No one wants to live in an area where they don’t have welcoming neighbors and are full of loneliness. This won’t be a challenge when you decide to settle in Keego Harbor lake apartments. Generally, the population here stands at 2,970. Since there are many activities organized in the city to bring residents together, a sense of community is built.

    Happy diverse people together in the park

    There are parks that are used to host community events for residents. One such event is the Big Fish Festival, which is the most significant event in Keego Harbor. For those staying in Keego harbor lake apartments, the event combines local businesses and entertainment. The event, which lasts for a weekend, involves food, dancing, and classic card games.

    Residents of the Keego Harbor lake apartments can also be invited to other family-friendly activities, such as the St. Mary’s Fair, sailing competitions, and even an evening of skating.

    The area is also home to several successful businesses and welcomes other people to set up their business too. You’ll never get tired of the shops and restaurants found here, especially in the downtown area. For instance, there are Indonesian, Chinese, Meditteranean, and Mexican restaurants. It’s this diversity that builds the sense of community Keego Harbor is known for.

    The Apartments are Affordable

    It’s common knowledge that people are attracted to cheaper apartments, and the same is true for Keego lake apartments harbor. The homes here are not only affordable, but also luxurious. The apartments’ harbor lake location is strategic in a place where you’ll enjoy more peace and quiet.

    All the surrounding lakes are just a walking distance away. The apartments are affordable, despite having excellent features, with most including outdoor patios, extra storage, a fully-equipped kitchen, and granite countertops.

    Snow removal, water, and trash pickups are typically also included in your rent. This place is, therefore, the perfect place for you to call home. Other exciting amenities which you should always consider include:

    ●     On-site laundry facilities
    ●     Covered carport parking
    ●     Personal storage lockers
    ●     An online resident portal system
    ●     Eco-friendly A/C units
    ●     24-hour on-call maintenance

    Tenants in this area can keep pets affordably and in a friendly environment, especially since there are several dog parks nearby.

    Easy Access to Other Major Cities

    Keego Harbor is located near Telegraph Road, which connects to I-696. From here, you can access any location in Detroit. There are several quick options that you can use for your travel, including air travel, bus, or motor vehicle. The area is also about a one hour drive from Flint and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

    The good thing about Detroit is that you’ll have access to prominent museums, sports, and concert venues. You’ll also have access to the cultural benefits of staying in large cities. And, there is the added benefit of being close to major employers such as Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors. Although Keego Harbor provides a small-town feel, it’s conveniently located around necessities and larger cities.


    Keego Harbor doesn’t have the ‘Heart of the Lakes‘ motto just by chance. The city’s close location to several area lakes offers tenants various outdoor activities to take part in. If you’re looking to buy or rent an apartment in Keego Harbor, then you should be ready to have access to safe neighborhoods, strong local businesses, and renowned schools. You’ll also enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at a very affordable cost.

    Come visit us at Cass Lake Front Apartments. There are both one-bedroom and two-bedroom units available. This is the perfect place for families and young couples.

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    Cass Lake Apartments: Waterford, MI vs Keego Harbor, Michigan

    May 24, 2021 at 12:38 pm · · Comments Off on Cass Lake Apartments: Waterford, MI vs Keego Harbor, Michigan

    Cass Lake Apartments: Waterford, MI vs Keego Harbor, Michigan

    Assume you find yourself in Michigan and are looking for either a house or an apartment to buy or rent; where do you go? There are many places within the state that you can go to get a house or apartment that fulfills your needs. You can find reputable locations above standard homes, including Cass Lake apartments Waterford, MI, and Keego Harbor, Michigan. In this article, we’re going to explore the differences between these two and give reasons why each might be ideal for you.

    Cass Lake Apartments, Waterford, MI

    This is one of the most reputable home unit locations in Michigan, being between West Bloomfield Township and Orchard Village. There are several houses around Waterford that you can choose from. There is a free way of living while at Waterford that gives you access to the following amenities:

    Lakefront Views

    If you’re looking forward to having lakefront living, boat dock rentals, classic Michigan ambiance, then one of the best places to find it is at apartments on Cass Lake. In Waterford, this dream could become a reality.

    When you live in a home with a lakefront view, you’ll get a similar experience as living in a resort. You’ll always feel like you are in vacation mode with shorts and bikinis during evenings and weekends.

    Wooden pier with fishing boat at sunset on a lake

    If you decide to settle in any of the Waterford homes, you’ll be exposed to fresh opportunities of starting new recreational hobbies, including, but not limited to, windsurfing and kayaking. Research has also revealed that people who stay near lakes have shown increased peace, contentment, and happiness.

    Granite Countertops

    The lakefront views aren’t the only exciting feature you will find in apartments at Waterford. You’ll also come across granite countertops in both bathrooms and kitchens, which aren’t even found in some of the other surrounding houses.

    Landlords of these complexes decided to add stone countertops because granite is a magnificent mineral and has a top-notch appeal. Granite has also proven to withstand wear and tear for a long time. For instance, it isn’t easy for kitchen equipment and utensils to scratch granite.

    Granites have also proven to resist high temperatures that are available in most kitchens, and the material won’t absorb any liquids. As a possible tenant, you don’t have to worry about potential damage or permanent stains.

    Hardwood Flooring

    All of the apartment units in the Waterford area come with hardwood floor plans. Hardwood floors have several advantages compared to other types of floors. Such floors will stand the test of time, and you won’t have concerns about any possible accidental spills or carpet stains. The innovations and decorations in these apartments also become very effortless.

    Spa-Like Bathrooms

    If a bathroom is more than just a place for bathing, then you should go for Waterford units. The landlords here have developed bathrooms that allow you to take in deep rest and relaxation. If you are a tenant here and want to take a bath, you can retreat to your stress-free rendezvous with dreamlike features.

    The bathrooms are designed from materials that are friendly to the environment. You’ll always come across bathrooms that are functional and fittings that are contemporary. You’ll also find several storage options as a result of custom shelving.

    Pet-Friendly Policy

    If you’re a pet lover and happen to be looking for an apartment community around Michigan, there is no need to worry. At Waterford, you’ll find pet-friendly policies for tenants. In addition, complexes are designed with multiple dog parks and dog-walking stations.

    If you’re into cats, don’t worry because there are large mantels and shelves where your pets can hang out. The home units have an ideal room layout that supports the proper cleaning of pets and eliminates potential hazards.

    Community Living

    All of the units in Waterford are developed to encourage community living and togetherness. Several factors led to this decision, including the ability of a family to offer friendship, along wth an element of security. There is a sense of belonging that originates from living in a community, eliminating depression or loneliness. Community living has proven to promote healthier and happier lives.

    Cass Lake Family

    Since the Cass Lake apartments in Waterford, MI are operated and owned by a family, people living there get the same support that is offered to family members. Additionally, members of the community usually come together to update each other and offer surveillance. People might also bump into each other on the beach and, in the process, form lifetime bonds.

    On-Site Laundry

    Efficient laundry machines usually cost a lot of money, making it hard for people to acquire them. The good news is that in many Waterford apartments, that burden is lifted since laundry facilities are supplied on-site. This becomes the best place to save energy, time, and money.


    The complexes are located in Waterford, MI, obviously, which is a very popular city in Michigan. The town is known for having an abundance of outdoor recreational activities for families, and at the same time offering a summertime, relaxed vacation vibe.

    You can also enjoy several amazing bars/restaurants, museums, city parks, and historical sites. If you like the feeling of stepping into a summer beach movie, then Waterford is the place to be.

    Apart from a lifestyle full of fun, the location has a diverse population, a low crime rate, and various employment opportunities.


    Parking is one thing that is lacking in most apartment complexes. Many landlords normally have limited space where they can set up parking for their tenants. This is a problem that won’t only affect tenants, but also their guests.

    If there is something you will like about Cass Lake, Waterford apartments, it’s the spacious parking spaces. The parking is enough to take care of both guests and tenants. What’s more interesting is that many complexes offer resident-only carport parking, which comes in handy during winter. Generally, the parking here is well-lit and secure to ensure safety for families.

    Apartment Units in Waterford

    Elizabeth Lake Estates

    Elizabeth Estates is among the best apartment units in the area to live in. The home units have high regard for security checks and safety, and they are located just a few minutes from the I-75 and M-59 expressways. They are also a stone throw from the lake.

    Thanks to the apartments’ convenient location, you’ll get access to good amenities such as restaurants and the lake itself. The home units have both one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments. Rooms are cable-ready and air-conditioned. They also have modern finishes, including large closets and plush carpeting. As a tenant, you’ll also access a fully-equipped kitchen, including a refrigerator, additional storage, and a dishwasher.

    The home units also have communal amenities, including, but not limited to, a tennis and basketball court, a swimming pool, a sundeck, covered parking, a rec room, and a barbeque area. You’ll get the property manager on site when you need support or assistance. Generally, they are among the best places to live, however a challenge is that pets aren’t allowed.

    Whispering Woods

    The Whispering Woods are another quality apartment complex located in Waterford, MI. These home units feature 1 and 2 bedroom units for family and senior living. There are also two-bedroom and three-bedroom townhouses offered.

    The Whispering Woods units are closer to other popular lakes and recreational locations. Amenities within this area include a laundry room, elevator access, on-site maintenance, a barbeque area, and a recreation room.

    However, it’s important to understand that amenities vary depending on the floor plan that you choose. You should first consult with the management for those having a pet since there are restrictions on certain breeds. There is also a $300 pet deposit that you must give out.

    Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments

    Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments are located at 3530 Denise Ct., Waterford, MI 48328. The good thing about the Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments is that they stand out, in almost every aspect, from the rest. For instance, the monthly rent at Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments is $740-$1,240, which means that Club Apartments, Cass Lake units are below the national average. The size of 1-2 bedroom units is 809-1,200 sq. ft.

    If you have ever been to the Shore Club, Cass Lake area, then you’ll appreciate everything about this location. From the moment you get to 3530 Denise Ct., Waterford, MI 48328, you’ll realize that the environment there is attractive. Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments has a classic Michigan ambiance, and may be one of the county’s kept secrets. There are select units at Club Cass Lake Shore that lets you enjoy washer/dryer hookups, relax in a swimming pool and workout in a fitness center.

    There are unique ways to have a maintenance-free life at Cass Lake at the Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments. All you need is to let the professional staff at Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments know of your preferences. Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments has both one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. The Lake Shore Club Cass website doesn’t reflect actual availability, please contact community directly to get more details.

    If you want a personal tour, call today to make your dream at Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments a reality. Some of the features you will like at Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments include boat docks available, Cass Lake access, large balconies, and more. You can also enjoy storage units, washer/dryer connections, trees, and green grass.

    If you’re a dog owner at Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments, you must provide proof of breed and immunization record. To get more information on this, you can contact the leasing office.

    Accessing quality schools should never be a concern when you decide to settle at Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments. There is quality within the 3530 Denise Ct., Waterford, MI 48328 location, which includes Oakland Community College, Baker College of Auburn Hills, and Roosevelt Elementary school.

    Transportation around the Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments is also quite easy. Roads are well designed for cars or bikes. The area is in an open place, and you’ll see a Cass Lake sign on the way. There is also a lake sign, Cass Lake, to point where the lake is. If you can’t identify the sign for Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments, let someone direct you.

    Cass Lake Apartments, Keego Harbor, Michigan

    If you find yourself in Michigan, there are other places that you can look for apartment units apart from Waterford. One such reputable location is Keego Harbor, Michigan. This location is known for offering tenants an ideal space, a good family environment, and exciting social amenities. If you’re still wondering whether to rent or buy a home unit in Keego Harbor, Michigan, then keep reading.

    Why Keego Harbor is a Great Place

    Have you ever gone to a new location or state and got perplexed by its picturesque surroundings and natural beauty? If your answer is no, then you should pay Keego Harbor, Michigan, a visit soon.

    Although Keego Harbor isn’t talked about like other popular cities in the United States, don’t let this lack of airtime fool you. It’s a small, tight-knit community, but a beautiful city with several amazing places that you can visit. You’ll be very surprised by the city’s natural beauty and hidden gems.

    Keego Harbor is located on the shores of different lakes. This means you’ll have a livability boat dock space for yourself. There is also Dollar Lake within the community.

    Young girl on a boat

    Although Keego Harbor was planned to be a resort area, originally, it later became a real estate investment area. The city got its name from an Indian word meaning Big Fish (Keego). The majority of houses in this area are very small. There are even old cottages from several years ago still standing around Keego Harbor today.

    There is no need to worry when it comes to education, as the area offers everything you need. Here, you’ll find the West Bloomfield School District, which is among the top schools in Oakland County, Michigan. In school, your children will get the best education that they need. Better education is among the reasons why many tenants decide to settle in Keego Harbor.

    Since Keego Harbor is a small city, several activities assist in developing a good sense of community. The city of Keego Harbor organizes events to help inhabitants come together and enjoy quality time with one another. For instance, there is a Big Fish Festival, which is the largest festival in the city. This event takes place for a full weekend and involves dinner, dance, and car attractions.

    Those who have been to Keego Harbor understand that the region is home to amazing public parks, a boat launch, thriving businesses, and great beach access points. It’s located closer to Telegraph Road, which links you to I-696.

    All in all, you’ll find a lot of amazing reasons why you should find a home in Keego Harbor, Michigan.

    Finding Apartments for Rent in Keego Harbor, MI

    The first thing you must do while looking for an apartment unit in Michigan is to carry out critical research online. The best place to start your search is on the online portal, such as

    You will get up-to-date data (including Google Map Data 2021) that offers you indicators and data about vital aspects of the area, including noise level, crime rate, schools, and rental prices. A data map is a perfect way to get information about the pros and cons of renting or buying a home unit in Keego Harbor, MI. They also give you a clear direction on where you should look for rentals.

    While looking for an apartment in Keego Harbor, MI, you should also consider your budget. To avoid paying more than the actual value, you should grasp the rental market in the area and the average rent rates.

    Average Rent for Apartments in Keego Harbor, Michigan

    First, it’s important to state that home units in Keego Harbor are very affordable, with one-bedroom units being the most affordable. The average one-bedroom rent in Keego Harbor stands at $988, which is way below the national average of $1,098 monthly.

    The good news is that there are so many quality one-bedroom units that you can choose from.

    One-bedroom units come with contemporary interior design features, immaculately designed floor plans, a safe community, available management, and fantastic amenities.

    If a one-bedroom isn’t enough for you and you need more space, then you should go for a two-bedroom apartment.

    The average rent for a two-bedroom unit is $1,128 each month. For this extra cost, you’ll have a chance of getting an additional living space, and one more bedroom. The good thing is that there are several two-bedroom units to choose from that can meet your needs.

    For those with bigger families and feel that two-bedroom units are not big enough, there is no need to worry. You can go for a three-bedroom apartment, which offers even bigger living space and an additional bedroom. The average monthly rent for apartments offering three beds is $1,294.

    Overall Living Cost in Keego Harbor, MI

    How expensive would it cost to stay in Keego Harbor? There is no better place to find cheap apartments than Keego Harbor. Let’s break down how affordable Keego Harbor is by using the cost of living index.

    The cost of renting or buying a home, excluding utilities and bills, in Keego Harbor stands at 15.7% lower than the national average. It’s, therefore, much cheaper to rent an apartment here compared to the rest of the country.

    It’s a proven fact that grocery shopping is 4.1% cheaper in Keego Harbor than the average cost nationally. And when it comes to healthcare, the cost is a record 18.6% lower in the Keego Harbor area than the average healthcare cost in the country.

    Apartment Units in Keego Harbor

    Bloomfield Apartments

    The Bloomfield Apartments are located on Keego Harbor’s 48320 blocks. Although it’s small, it’s still notable. Some might not like the idea of such a compact complex, but others appreciate having smaller home units since they promote a sense of community. Since the number of residents is small, it becomes easier to know who is entering and leaving the building.

    The building was developed in 1972 and has a lot of history in the area. The good thing about this community is that it will provide bike storage, a picnic area, a laundry facility, and a two-space surface lot.

    There are typical features in their 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units, including a hood range, air conditioning, a kitchen, refrigerator, and other modern amenities. There is also access to high-speed internet and a fitness center. These apartments go for $850 per month.

    However, since the complex is a two-story building with only 28 units, it isn’t easy to find a vacancy. And if you’re looking for a modem home with updated amenities, these aren’t the apartments for you.

    Pine Lake Manor Apartments

    This complex is surrounded by three lakes, including Orchard, and Pine. It’s therefore set up in a very convenient location. This can be attributed to the natural scenery and proximity to the prestigious West Bloomfield School District.

    One-bedroom units here range between $850-$875, while two-bedroom units go for between $900-$925. With any unit you go for, you will find additional storage, dishwashers, garbage disposals, dryers, and a full-size washer. Snow removal and trash pick-up are part of your rent, and you’ll also access broadband internet, since every unit is cable-ready.

    There are exciting amenities here, including a community courtyard, carports, well-maintained grounds, and a large swimming pool; however, if you love pets, too bad for you since only cats are allowed.

    Bloomfield on the Green

    Bloomfield on the green is the perfect community for retirees and young professionals since it is tagged as “affordable, quiet and caring.” With this complex, you’ll have quick access to shopping centers. The area is well-landscaped and surrounded by mature trees.

    One-bedroom units here go for $998 for one bed, one bath unit, and may go up to $1,128 for one bed, 1.5 baths.

    There are at least six unique floor plans in these apartments. Each unit has high-speed internet access and a spacious balcony. There are plenty of community amenities here as well.

    You can view the nearby golf course and have access to on-site laundry, along with two sparkling swimming pools. If you love pets, large dogs aren’t allowed. You can contact the leasing office for more information.

    Cass Lake Front Apartments

    You should look no further than this complex while looking for apartments to rent in Keego Harbor. This unit has everything you need, and at an affordable price.
    If you’re into the gorgeous and natural settings that Michigan has to offer, then you’re in the right place. For instance, you’ll have access to recreational sports and hiking activities. There are also parks such as Webb Park and Sunset Park, very nearby.

    Cass Lake Front Apartments Signage

    When you live here, you’ll be a few minutes from the vibrant downtown area. You’ll have easy access to art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and museums. The apartments are also just 10 minutes from I-75 and five minutes from US-24.
    One-bedroom units here go for about $825, while two-bedroom units go for about $950. This is way below the national average.
    The good thing about these units are that they are designed with luxury in mind. Each unit has high-end appliances, a pub-style granite countertop, a walk-in closet, and modern and contemporary cabinetry. The rooms are also incredibly spacious.
    You’ll also encounter several community amenities. These include on-site laundry facilities, covered carport parking, and comfortable outdoor areas. There is also 24/7 on-call maintenance support, and you’ll enjoy your own storage units.
    If you love pets, this community is created just for that. Whether you have multiple pets or large dogs, this is the place for you. Dog waste stations are located everywhere in the community. You can contact our leasing office for more information.


    There is no argument that looking for an apartment is very tiring. However, it’s important for you to choose a community that has an enabled site renters insurance program. And before you move into an apartment, familiarize yourself with the landlord rules and regulations, including the security deposit refund policy.

    If you want access to the best amenities at an affordable price, we recommend that you go for apartments in Keego Harbor. Here, you will have access to spacious units with exciting amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, parks, and parking lots. And if you love pets, this community is just built for that. We hope that you find the home that meets the needs of you and your family.

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    Where Is Keego Harbor, Michigan?

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    Where Is Keego Harbor, Michigan?

    The small city of Keego Harbor is situated in Oakland County. It is in the metropolitan Detroit area in the great state of Michigan, within the United States. The city is a cosy community and has a tiny population of around 3,500 inhabitants.

    Where Is Keego Harbor, Michigan?

    Keego Harbor MI is located a mere 40-minute drive, and approximately 30 miles northwest on a map, from the downtown district of the city of Detroit. Keego Harbor is conveniently located at a comfortably commutable distance from Detroit.

    An aerial view of sunset over the suburbs of Southeast Michigan

    Detroit is a fantastic city to visit, and is home to many interesting cultural sites, museums and landmarks for visitors to take full advantage of and get themselves immersed in. Keego Harbor has the benefit of being able to offer a much slower pace of life in a serene and friendly neighborhood, compared to the fast-paced lifestyle in the city of Detroit. The ‘Motor City’ is the largest city in Michigan, with the city’s current population approximately 670,000.

    Keego Harbor, Michigan is a city which, on the map, lies sandwiched in between the beautiful, picturesque lakes of Cass Lake and Sylvan Lake. This unique location offers the residents of Keego Harbor ideal lakefront views all year round. If you too happen to fall in love with this place, you can easily set up listing alerts for real estate in Keego Harbor to get notified as soon as your dream home hits the market.  Keego Harbor, Michigan is a great place for water sports enthusiasts to enjoy. Whether it’s renting a boat, kayaking, or going water skiing, this city is an excellent place to fulfill all of your water sporting thrills! Cass Lake is also a fantastic destination for fans of fishing!

    Autumn landscape at dawn of the shoreline of Deep Lake with mirrored reflections in calm water, Yankee Springs State Park, Michigan, USA

    Keego Harbor, MI History

    Cass Lake is a glacial lake that was formed as a result of glacier activity where ice melted and went on to form a body of water, which is today Cass Lake.

    Keego Harbor was first settled by Native Americans, however, non-native residents first began settling at Keego Harbor, Michigan during the mid-1820s.

    Life in Keego Harbor in the early 1800s primarily centered around farming, fishery, domestic work, merchants, and trade skills.

    In the late 1890s, Keego Harbor saw an influx of employment opportunities and welcomed the arrival of many new residents.

    One key moment in the history of Keego Harbor, Michigan came in 1912, when criminal defense lawyer and real estate investor Joseph E. Sawyer bought a substantial amount of property in the area. Sawyer then developed the land and carved out a canal from Cass Lake to Dollar Lake, which he referred to as the ‘Harbor.’ Sawyer took the word “Keego” (meaning ‘fish’ in Ojibwe) from the Longfellow Poem, The Song of Hiawatha, and subsequently named the area, Keego Harbor.

    On March 25, 1955, Governor G. Mennen Williams approved a Charter which finally established Keego Harbor as a recognized city, governed by a five-member City Council, removing it from the jurisdiction of the West Bloomfield Township.

    Autumn Reflections Moccasin Lake

    In the present day, Keego Harbor, Michigan is a renowned tourist attraction and vacation destination of choice, particularly amongst water sports and nature enthusiasts. For this reason, more and more people every year decide to flock to Keego Harbor, in particular during the summer months, for a relaxing vacation opportunity. There are also plenty of impressive family homes, lakefront cottages, and marvellous apartment complexes dotted around Keego Harbor, Michigan.

    Median age of Keego Harbor residents

    The median age of residents in Keego Harbor is 37 years old, with the male median age 33.5 and the female median age in Keego Harbor being 41.7. Keego Harbor’s population is gradually ageing, which is an indicator that more and more retirees are seriously considering Keego Harbor as a top choice relaxing destination to spend their retirement years.

    With that said, Keego Harbor is still today very much a family friendly community, and a great city to raise kids. 49% of families in Keego Harbor’s population have children under the age of 18, which is 6% higher than the U.S. population national average of 43%.

    Affordability and cost of living in Keego Harbor

    Keego Harbor MI is located in Oakland County, an affluent county in the state of Michigan, which is located not too many miles away from the urban sprawl that is the city of Detroit. As a result, the cost of living in Keego Harbor is not always necessarily cheap across the board.

    Sunset over Keweenaw Bay with flock of geese migrating south for the winter.

    According to the Cost-of-living Index score for Keego Harbor of 100.2 (0.2 higher than the US average cost of living of 100), living in the city of Keego Harbor is slightly more expensive than the average cost of living in the United States. However, certain aspects of the cost of living in Keego Harbor, such as the local cost of healthcare, housing, and groceries, are significantly cheaper than the national average cost of those specific living expenses in the United States.

    Just how affordable is Keego Harbor real estate?

    When weighing up whether or not a property is a sound investment, and offers good value, it is important to consider the property size vs. the price (per square foot).

    The average cost of renting Keego Harbor, MI property

    Fortunately, average rent in Keego Harbor MI is reasonably affordable at $931 per month. This means Keego Harbor is therefore a much cheaper city to rent in compared to other more expensive cities throughout the state of Michigan, such as Ann Arbor and East Lansing.

    The average size of a rental property in Keego Harbor 882 per square foot.

    Rental Home

    Up-to-date map data on real estate websites provide you with data and indicators on important aspects of Keego Harbor MI such as schools, crime rates, local grocery stores, noise levels, and rental prices for property in different neighborhoods. We recommend that looking at data maps is a good way to inform yourself about the pros and cons of renting real estate in different parts of Keego Harbor MI.

    The average cost of buying Keego Harbor, MI property

    In addition, the cost of buying a home for sale in Keego Harbor is considerably cheaper than the national average home prices in the United States. The average home value in Keego Harbor Michigan is $180,656, whereas the U.S. national average home value is much higher, at $272,446. There are many wonderful, well-designed, contemporary properties on offer for sale in Keego Harbor MI, so go and visit real estate websites such as and, and start carrying out your research on the best price per square foot.

    The clear waters of Lake Superior reveal large rocks and stones underwater. This cove, with pristine waters, is located near Au Train Michigan. Near Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

    A thriving neighborhood

    Despite being small in size, Keego Harbor boasts a wonderful array of restaurants, shopping outlets, public parks, and majestic outdoor open spaces for local residents to explore. Keego Harbor MI is a thriving community with plenty of booming quirky small businesses with a lot of character (particularly along Orchard Lake Road with its range of lively bars, cafés and restaurants) for local residents to enjoy visiting.


    Moving to Keego Harbor in Oakland County, Michigan, is definitely a great decision. This welcoming lakeside community, with its small population, has a plethora of things to offer people of all age groups, both young and old. There are many activities available for active individuals and lovers of nature and the great outdoors to enjoy. So do not overlook Keego Harbor MI as a fantastic place to choose to buy or rent a property!

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    20 Things Everyone In Keego Harbor, MI Knows To Be True

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    20 Things Everyone In Keego Harbor, MI Knows To Be True

    1.    Cass Lake Front Apartments offers the best apartments in Keego Harbor!

    This prime lakeside real estate apartment complex is situated in the city of Keego Harbor MI, Oakland County, and sits on the idyllic Cass Lake. Keego Harbor Michigan, is a welcoming waterfront community with a bustling collection of local bars, shops, and restaurants to choose from.

    The 1 and 2 bedroom apartment homes on offer to rent at Cass Lake Front Apartments come with contemporary style kitchens, large ensuite bathrooms, and vital communal amenities such as picnic areas and outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy. The apartments on offer at the complex are median priced homes and affordable.

    Cass Lake Front Apartments in Keego Harbor

    We strongly recommend renting one of these wonderful apartments and taking advantage of the gorgeous natural scenery surrounding them.

    If you want to find out more about real estate in the Keego Harbor local area, check out the blogs featured on our website dedicated to discussing the best homes for sale and for rent in the Keego Harbor neighborhood!

    2. Detroit is a major city located nearby and has an easy commute from Keego Harbor

    Living in the city of Keego Harbor, Oakland County, you will be a 35-minute drive along the M-10 S or the I-75 from the city of Detroit. Detroit is an easily commutable distance from Keego Harbor, should you decide to work in the city of Detroit but continue to live in Keego Harbor.

    Detroit is a vibrant modern city and a hub of cultural activity, known especially for its music scene. Detroit boasts an illustrious industrial past and is the birthplace of the major car manufacturers Ford and General Motors.

    Detroit Michigan Sunset

    3. Marshbank Park, when covered in snow, is the best place to go sledding!

    Every year Marshbank Park is home to many family-based special events and            concerts in the large open real estate spaces throughout the park.

    The park is a bustling hub of activity and has two playgrounds, a soccer-field, two sand volleyball courts, picnic areas, a pier, Marshbank Lodge (a shelter building), many walking trails, restrooms, designated canoe/kayak launch platforms, and ofcourse a hill that is ideal for sledding on when it snows!

    4.  Orchard Lake Museum is a must visit for all you local history buffs

    The Orchard Lake Museum is a local history museum that is run by the dedicated individuals of the Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society.

    Interested in finding out more about the mysterious ‘Apple Island’ located in the middle of Orchard Lake? Go and watch the video on YouTube led by local historian Christy Forhan, where she addresses interesting topics about the island such as its history, its inhabitants through the ages, and its unique archaeology.

    5. West Bloomfield Nature Preserve is a great local place to visit

    For those with a real sense of adventure who enjoy woodland trails and walking through nature, we recommend visiting the West Bloomfield Nature Preserve.

    Nature Preserve Keego harbor MI

    Located around three miles from the city of Keego Harbor Michigan, in West Bloomfield Township, this nature preserve is a fun day out for lovers of the outdoors and a great option for families with kids that have bundles of energy. The preserve has an impressive range of wildlife, including being home to over 100 different species of birds.

    6. J-Bird is the best place to go to in Keego Harbor to for delicious smoked meats

    J-Bird Smoked Meats is a restaurant and bar specializing in smoked meats with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

    Searching for the best BBQ smokehouse in town with the most delightful tasting smoked meats? Look no further than J-Bird Smoked Meats, located at 1978 Cass Lake Road, Keego Harbor Michigan, with its sumptuous menu.

    7. There are several fun-filled ways to experience Cass Lake and its surroundings

    Ever fancied trying paddle boarding, kayaking, or going out for a trip on a pontoon boat? It is possible to pursue these activities and enjoy Cass Lake to the fullest by renting a watercraft with Cass Lake Boat Rentals.

    8. The Peak Ski and Sports store is the go-to for extreme sports equipment and sports clothing

    Looking for somewhere to buy a new set of skis or a snowboard? Look no further than The Peak Ski and Sports, located at 2867 Orchard Lake Road, Keego Harbor. Its experienced and knowledgeable staff have a thirst for the outdoors and are on hand to help and give you advice on anything from snow sports equipment, to water skis, wakeboards, kayaks, life jackets, and so on.

    Ski Keego harbor MI

    9.  The Lodge Grill and Bar is home to the best sports bar in Keego Harbor!

    Looking for a place to watch the game and feast on tender chicken wings, soaked in bleu cheese or ranch dressing, if you wish? Then head over to The Lodge Grill and Bar, a staple of Keego Harbor and a social hub for local sports fans.

    10. The McDonald’s restaurant in Keego Harbor Michigan is a great place to get food when you are hungry, no matter the hour

    The local McDonald’s in Keego Harbor has very flexible opening hours. On Fridays and Saturdays, it operates from 5am-2am. The fact that it is often one of the only food outlets still open late at night/into the early hours of the morning, makes the local McDonald’s a mecca for those seeking a late-night Big Mac.

    11. Orchard Lake Road has a great vibe and atmosphere

    Orchard Lake Road is the main road that runs through downtown Keego Harbor. Orchard Lake Road is always lively and is home to a long list of bars, restaurants, and independent boutiques.

    12. Into sailing? Check out the Pontiac Yacht Club

    The Pontiac Yacht Club has small size sailboats available to rent and use, and the clubhouse is conveniently located on Cass Lake.
    Sailing at Keego Harbor MI

    13. A top 18-hole Championship Golf Course can be found at The Pine Lake Country Club

    Are you a fan of Golf and looking for a local course in Keego Harbor to tee off at? Then check out the 18-hole Golf course in the beautiful green setting at the prestigious Pine Lake Country Club, which also offers Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Courts, an Olympic Size Swimming Pool and a wonderful Fitness Center.

    14. Dodge Park & Public Recreation Area

    Located right next to Keego Harbor in Waterford Township, people flock to this piece of lakeside shoreline to enjoy its sandy area and its splendid lakeside views. Boat docking stations are also available here, and there are cross-country ski trails in the winter.

    15. Gino’s has the best pizza in town!

    Gino’s Pizzeria and Italian family-run restaurant has delectable mouth-watering Pizzas. The restaurant also caters for vegetarians and vegans too.

    16. Visit Indo, a traditional Indonesian Restaurant

    The menu at Indo has a variety of traditional Indonesian dishes, suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and meat eaters.

    17. For those who love their steaks, The Harbor Steakhouse is a must

    At The Harbor Steakhouse you will come across some prime tasting top quality steak.

    18. The Orchard Shopping Mall

    Located just outside Keego Harbor at 6445 Orchard Lake Rd, West Bloomfield, Michigan, The Orchard Mall is a great place to go shopping for clothes, jewelry and beauty products.

    Shopping Mall At Keego Harbor

    19. First rate education available in Keego Harbor

    Many of the schools in and around Keego Harbor Michigan, in the West Bloomfield School District, come with highly respectable reputations and impressively good exam results.

    20.  Cass Lake is beautiful in the summertime

    During summertime, temperatures in Keego Harbor Michigan can reach up to 90°F, and the air can sometimes feel muggy. A lovely option is to choose to rent a boat to cruise across Cass Lake and enjoy the summer, but be careful not to forget your sunscreen!

    Sunset at Keego Harbor

    Keego Harbor MI

    These are 20 facts everyone living in Keego Harbor MI knows for sure to be true!

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    Rentals in Keego Harbor, MI: Home vs. Apartment

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    Rentals in Keego Harbor, MI: Home vs. Apartment

    Deciding whether to rent a home or apartment in Keego Harbor is a huge undertaking for most people. The reason for this is because both options have their pros and cons and you have to carefully analyze these factors in order to get the best deal in Keego Harbor MI. Of course in a city such as Keego Harbor, you will come across different houses for rent but the decision to either go for a house or a 1 bed apartment should be based on individual choice and preference. For some people, it is about the location and ease of access to various amenities. For others, everything comes down to their finances. There are other tenants who will make their decision based on the aesthetic appeal of the house. Do not limit your options when analyzing the different factors that will make the house your ideal space. If you are still wondering which between a house and apartment rentals in Keego Harbor MI is right for you, here is how to choose.

    Make The Cost A Key Determinant When Deciding On Either Houses Or Apartments

    Not everyone can afford houses and apartments for rent in Keego Harbor which is why you should always give your financial position priority when making a decision. How much you will pay for a house or an apartment depends on the location among other factors. For example, apartments and houses located near West Bloomfield will not be charged the same amount of rent as similar properties in or near Keego Harbor MI and the greater state of Michigan. Utilities such as water and electricity are some of the things that make the cost of renting a house higher as opposed to renting a 1 bed apartment. The size of the plot of land around your house will also affect house rent. If you intend to move with your family, renting a house makes more financial sense. If you are living on your own, make sure that you do not end up spending unnecessarily on extra space that you hardly utilize. The best move when making your choice between a house and an apartment on the basis of cost is to make a price comparison between the two options. This way, you will be able to know which option is within your budget range when moving.

    Different Amenities On Offer Between Houses and Apartments

    One of the perks of living in a rented apartment is the availability of varied amenities. This gives the renter an opportunity to explore life beyond just living in a nice place. Many 1 bed apartments for rent in Keego Harbor have amenities such as on-site laundry services, swimming pools, spas and fitness areas. The availability of such amenities makes apartment complexes more attractive for lease to potential tenants since the same might not be found in many houses. You should expect that the availability of these amenities too have a direct link to the price of the house or apartment. This means that whereas you might feel obligated to enjoy additional features at the 1 bed apartment, ensure that you have your priorities right. Think about your ideal space and what it has to offer but at the same time ask yourself how leasing the property will affect other aspects of your life.

    Privacy and Flexibility Differences When It Comes To Houses and Apartments

    If you are the kind of person who is very private with your family and life, get yourself a house for rent in Keego Harbor MI. There is also an added benefit which comes in the form of flexibility. Once you are in the market for real estate property, weigh your options based on whether you are just looking for houses for rent. Many people prefer houses that they can customize based on their choice and preference. You should be able to paint your home, make changes to the interior and exterior décor as well as enjoy a private life without any interference from third parties. The downside of an apartment complex is that you have no control over what you do with the apartment compared to owning a house for rent. It is this autonomy that also makes home buying a popular option in the real estate property market. The issue of privacy does not entirely make 1 bed apartments an unpopular choice compared to owning a home for rent in Keego Harbor. There are people who actually prefer living around people giving apartments an edge over houses for rent since most of them are located in busy metropolitan areas.

    Keep The Channels Of Communication Open With All Parties

    Whether you are dealing with the original owner of a property or a property manager, always make sure that you have access to all parties involved in the lease agreement. Real estate deals tend to involve a lot of obligations from all the parties but at the same time have some hidden clauses that might escape your eye when signing the deal. If you are searching for a house and you are invited to view the property, don’t just rely on photos of the property but avail yourself for physical viewing. The same should be done for apartments with the aim of verifying whether the house is in the same state as what was described in the listing. If you are renting the house, you will most probably be dealing with the original owner of the property. However, most apartments are managed by real estate firms under a property manager. In case of any issues in terms of damages to the house, you need to establish who is accountable for the repairs.

    Location Matters When It Comes To Deciding

    When making the decision whether to rent a house or an apartment, the location of the property should be among your top priorities. Check the map data and choose a place where there is ease of access. It makes no sense renting a house in neighborhoods that are far away from Keego Harbor central business district, according to the map data. An apartment in an area close to the main metropolitan area will do just fine due to the convenience that comes with ease of access to public utilities. For tenants in need of areas that are spacious, then you will need to avoid the metro area where there is limited space and find a house for rent in an area that will offer you enough parking spaces and probably a front yard. One of the greatest challenges that apartment owners face is limited space. There are those apartments that offer a parking space while others do not even have front-door parking. This means that availability of space is what sets houses apart from apartments. Take this into consideration when viewing the data map.

    Rentals In Keego Harbor MI

    Home vs Apartment: Which Is Better?

    When choosing between houses and apartments, the key to making the right decision is by understanding one’s unique situation. People are different in what they look for when searching for a place to live. A single family unit will most probably opt for a house to rent as opposed to an apartment especially when there are small children involved. On the other hand, young adults prefer apartments that tend to match their fast-paced lifestyle. This ultimately means that when evaluating your needs, do not just focus on a single factor that differentiate a house for rent from apartment rentals in Keego Harbor MI. Look at all aspects of your life and make a decision based on which one between the two would be ideal.

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