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    Top 5 Apartments for Rent Keego Harbor, MI has to Offer

    January 25, 2021 at 1:08 pm · · Comments Off on Top 5 Apartments for Rent Keego Harbor, MI has to Offer

    Top 5 Apartments for Rent Keego Harbor, MI has to Offer

    The city of Keego Harbor, MI is undoubtedly one of the top locations to live in, but the trickier part is finding an ideal apartment. There are numerous options available in Keego Harbor – all decent ones, which is what makes the search so hard. However, when it comes to finding a living space, you should not have to compromise on some basic check marks (what to look for when renting an apartment checklist).

    Surprisingly, finding an apartment is hard because of high demand, inflation, and a lot of other factors. Here is a list of the top five apartments for rent Keego Harbor, MI offers with top-notch facilities and will suit most apartment hunters. You can choose the apartments that best suit your personal needs without having to go through the hassle of shortlisting from the entire Keego Harbor area.

    Qualities You Should Look for in a Decent Apartment

    There are a lot of tips you can use to choose an apartment for rent, but here are a few emphasized points. Fortunately, you will find that Keego Harbor, MI checks all the basic requirements. Keego Harbor apartments are the best choice whether you want to move alone or with your family.

    Decent Apartment

    Your search criteria should ideally begin with the safety and security of the potential apartment you are interested in. First of all, the apartment should be located in a safe complex. Cameras and security guards are the bare minimum you should expect.

    Moving on, the town and city should be safe, too. A low crime rate makes the city preferable. In a safe place like Keego Harbor, you won’t have to worry about sending your kids to Keego Harbor schools, traveling alone, or going out at night.

    Amenities & Utilities are Within Reach

    Wherever you move, you need access to some basic needs. The following must be present and within a close range:

    ●        Schools for people with kids

    ●        Grocery stores

    ●        Shopping centers

    ●        Entertainment locations

    Keego Harbor is a developed location where you will find all these utilities within a few minutes drive at most.

    developed location

    Another thing that should be on your search criteria is the quality of the apartment. If your priority is hardwood flooring or granite tiling, that should be a decisive point for you. Look at online reviews to figure out the experience of other residents in terms of the build quality of the apartments. Check out our list of top websites to search apartments for rent here.

    Suits Your Monthly Budget

    Plan out your budget before you start hunting for apartments. The rent (on an average) for a one bed apartment here is under $1,000. For 2-bedroom apartments for rent in Keego Harbor, MI, it is approximately $1,100. For 3 bedrooms, it is just under $1,300.

    Keep in mind of the expenses before you finalize an apartment, like:

    ●        Application fee

    ●        Security deposit

    ●        First month’s rent

    ●        Last month’s rent

    ●        Pet rent (if applicable)

    ●        Utilities that are not included in the rent

    ●        Moving costs

    Learn what is a security deposit for an apartment here. These expenses end up taking up a major chunk of your savings, so you should be prepared for it.

    Other than the monthly rent, there are other local expenses you should calculate in your budget, too. Things like utility bills, security charges, commute expenses, rate of groceries, etc. will also impact how much you have to spend (learn how to keep utility bills low in an apartment here). Make sure you move to a place that is affordable as per your earnings.

    Apartments for Rent: Keego Harbor, MI

    There are some of the best rentals in Keego Harbor, MI, but here is some apartment related info on the top five options in the Keego Harbor area. Not just that, these are some of the top MI apartments in the entire state. The rent trends of each apartment community are lower than the national average. So, with these five options, you will get luxury at minimum prices!

    Our top five are:

    1.       Cass Lake Front Apartments

    2.       Town Court Apartments

    3.       Pine Lake Manor Apartments

    4.       Schroeder Boulevard Apartments

    5.       Bloomfield on the Green Apartments

    1. Cass Lake Front Apartments are a Top Contender

    The top choice in the apartment community of Michigan is definitely Cass Lake Front Apartments. Here is all the information you need to decide why Cass Lake Front Apartments should be your priority.

    The Logo

    As the name suggests, these apartments are located opposite Cass Lake, so expect a beautiful view. The exact address is 1751 Cass Lake Front Road. It is hardly a 2-minute drive away from the downtown area of Keego Harbor. This means you have easy access to all important locations.

    Keego Harbor restaurants, museums, Keego Harbor parks and rec, and grocery stores are all within reach of Cass Lake Front Apartment residents, and shopping centers are within a walking distance. Moreover, schools of every level are nearby, too. You even have college and university options within a close range of Cass Lake Front Apartments.

    Stand Out Features

    Cass Lake Front Apartments offer 1-bedroom apartments for rent in Keego Harbor, MI and two bedroom options.

    All apartments come with:

    ●        Galley kitchen

    ●        Spacious dining space

    ●        Energy-efficient lighting

    ●        Granite countertops

    You will get basic kitchen appliances with each apartment as well.

    Other than the beautiful view, the apartments themselves are also designed very well. Their recent renovations of all the apartments make them a great option for people who prefer modern apartments. 24-hour maintenance service is available to help out the residents in case of any issues at any hour (learn what is considered emergency maintenance in an apartment here). Before you make an effort to visit Cass Lake Front Apartments, you can take a virtual apartment tour online to get an idea of what to expect.

    2. Town Court Apartments in the West Bloomfield Area

    The apartments of this location start at a space of 760 square feet. They are spacious with enough storage for you to live comfortably.

    Town Court Apartments are located at 7110 Orchard Lake Road. Their prime location gives you easy access to all of Keego Harbor.

    The average rent starts from $1,835 per month. One, two, and three bedroom apartments are available with one or two bathrooms.

    It is a pet-friendly location. You can enjoy the swimming pool or neighborhood garden center in your free time, too.

    3. Pine Lake Manor Apartments for Those Who Want More Storage Space

    At Pine Lake Manor, the apartments are 800 to 900 square feet. These apartments are designed modernly with a pleasant view. These apartments are located at 3210-3291 Christopher Lane. This complex is part of the West Bloomfield School District zone.

    You have the option of a one or two bedroom apartment. Only one bathroom is available for both options.

    This pet-friendly place offers good views, storage space, air conditioning, a courtyard, and other basic facilities. Pine Lake Manor Apartments also offers a swimming pool for its residents.

    4. Schroeder Boulevard Apartments Available in a Low Budget

    The average monthly rent of Schroeder Boulevard Apartments is $995, and they are available in a 12-month lease program. You will find these apartments on 2920 Schroeder Boulevard. Most amenities are accessible at a walkable distance.

    On average, an apartment in this complex is 975 square feet. The only option available here includes two bedrooms with one bathroom. Air conditioning, basic utilities, and carpeting are included in the apartment rent. A playground is also available for all residents.

    5. Bloomfield on the Green Apartments for Luxury Living

    The fifth choice in rent specials are these apartments. The average rent of these apartments is between $1,018 and $1,299.

    The apartments are available in one and two bedroom options. The area is between 800 and 1,050 square feet.

    Unique features of these apartments include wood-style flooring, plush carpeting, fully equipped kitchens, and plenty of storage space. Two outdoor swimming pools are also available.

    The Takeaway

    The ball is now in your court. It is up to you to finalize which Keego Harbor apartment is the best for you.

    Start your search from Cass Lake Front Apartments, today. You will surely like the apartment units in this area!

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    Keego Harbor vs. Bloomfield Apartments for Rent

    January 11, 2021 at 2:48 pm · · Comments Off on Keego Harbor vs. Bloomfield Apartments for Rent

    Keego Harbor vs. Bloomfield Apartments for Rent

    If you are planning a move to the Great Lakes State, one of the first priorities is finding the right apartment to live in. Fortunately, this state has a lot to offer in terms of great housing and accommodation. It also has some of the top elementary schools in the country, so most places will be great for families with kids.

    Of course, there are a lot of factors to consider before you send in that tour request application. MI apartments come in a wide range of sizes, average rent, and facilities. However, some people might have an option to settle down and rent an apartment in Bloomfield Hills or Keego Harbor, MI. These two places are within Oakland County and are just 10 miles apart. Downtown Detroit has one of the nearby zip codes worth knowing.

    What is Bloomfield Hills Like?

    If you are considering a one or two bedroom apartment in Bloomfield Hills, MI, read up about this area and its apartment related info.

    Bloomfield Hills, MI is a city, albeit a small one. If you get one of the apartments for rent here, you will be assured of proximity to some great schools and an overall decent lifestyle.

    The population of Bloomfield Hills, MI has not been growing much. In fact, it has been slightly declining when you look at the data for the past few years. With the population statistics and the large spaces in Bloomfield Hills, one may expect the average rent here to be a bit lower than surrounding areas.

    The atmosphere and setting of Bloomfield Hills is a blend of rural and suburban. However, there are big cities near the place as well. Renting a bedroom apartment should not be a problem. Besides, there are many other options, such as a traditional house, mobile homes, and so on. If you are specifically looking for apartments in Bloomfield, MI, you may want to find out about the pros and cons of this choice.

    In Bloomfield Hills, you may expect a tightly-knit, friendly, and welcoming community. Since the structures are a bit sparse here, there is plenty of space for events, gatherings, and just getting to know your neighbors.

    What is Keego Harbor Like?

    Keego Harbor is a beautiful city in Oakland County, Michigan. There are two major lakes in this area; Sylvan Lake and Cass Lake, with several smaller water bodies dotting the place. While it started out as a resort area, Keego Harbor is now a proper thriving community with a population of around 3,000. Overall it is a safe and fun place to live, whether you are in 1-bedroom apartments for rent in Keego Harbor, MI or something bigger.

    Bloomfield Hills might be a decent place to live, but the city of Keego Harbor offers you a lot of amenities in exchange for a reasonable average rent. You can also get a lot more housing options, with a one bedroom apartment, two bedroom apartment, or three bedroom apartment usually always available. You may also want to compare apartments for rent vs. houses for rent in Keego Harbor, MI.

    It is no surprise that many people might wonder who should consider Keego Harbor. With the amazing views and great amenities in Keego Harbor, the apartments here are perfect for retirees, young professionals, and growing families. The rent in Bloomfield Hills might be a bit lower, but Keego Harbor provides a great base for people in all walks and stages of life.

    Bloomfield Apartments for Rent

    If you are still stuck between deciding on an apartment in Bloomfield Hills or Keego Harbor, it is time for some comparisons between the two places. In addition to ensuring digital accessibility, there are several considerations to account for in a potential dream apartment. Let’s take a look at some of these now and see how the two places match up to our requirements.

    1. Recreational Opportunities

    No matter where you live, you need something to do in your spare time. Yes, we all have our devices and the internet for spending our hours of leisure, but it is best to have healthier, more productive options for recreation. Families with children especially need several places where they can spend some quality time and even have learning experiences along the way.

    Options for Outdoor Enthusiasts

    In Keego Harbor, you will find a lot of outdoor recreational opportunities for both individuals and families. There are beautiful parks to enjoy, several events occurring at any given time, and the lakes in Oakland County, MI that are in close proximity for all sorts of water-related fun!

    While Bloomfield Hills does have its share of outdoor events and some nice parks, it does not have the same proximity to happening places like Cass Lake. Even the top 5 rentals in Bloomfield Hills, MI will not give you the boating, fishing, and water spots that are available on Cass Lake. You can always drive down from Bloomfield Hills to Keego Harbor to take part in such activities, but it will not be as convenient as living right there in Keego Harbor itself.

    In addition to all the fun activities at Cass Lake, residents of Keego Harbor can also get closer to nature at the nearby state park. This Keego Harbor parks and rec area is a haven for outdoor lovers, providing the perfect place to wind down, exercise, socialize, or go hiking.

    2. Activities and Community Spirit

    Keego Harbor may only have become a city in 1955, but it has a nice, established community. With Orchard Lake Road in the middle of the area, residents have access to a lot of stores and other establishments that are worth a visit.

    Both Bloomfield Hills and Keego Harbor have small communities. If you settle in either of these areas, you are likely to have friendly neighbors and bump into people you know at the grocery store.

    Even with a small community, there is always plenty to do in Keego Harbor. We have already discussed the outdoor activities, but there are also many Keego Harbor restaurants to try out and several city-sponsored events held throughout the year. These provide great venues for people to collect, get to know each other, and establish a friendly community.

    The Big Fish festival is also worth talking about here. This festival is just one example of the many festivals enjoyed by residents of Keego Harbor. Here, you can enjoy various dinners, keynote speakers, basketball games, and shows of classic cars.

    Yet another Keego Harbor event to look forward to every year is the exciting skate night. Here, people are encouraged to throw out their fears and skate the night away! Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this event offers a lot of fun to all family members and people of all ages.

    Basically, Keego Harbor has no shortage of enjoyable activities that you can plan for. Whether you are going out with friends, family, or on your own, there is always the opportunity to try something different. Also, checkout all of the free summer activities for kids near Keego Harbor, MI.

    The Dwindling Population of Bloomfield Hills

    Unfortunately, we cannot say the same of Bloomfield Hills. With the dwindling population, there is also less interest for businesses on that side. In a matter of years, the town may be too quiet for most people. While some folks may prefer it that way, the fact remains that there might not be many recreational options in Bloomfield Hills these days. However, venues like the Forest Lake Country Club are still open, with nearby cities offering fun times if you are up for the drive.

    At the end of the day, Keego Harbor is a small town, and won’t have the big city amenities for its residents. However, the upside is that both Keego Harbor and Bloomfield Hills are within easy driving distance of big city venues such as Freedom Hill and Meadowbrook. All of these are a mere half-hour drive or less if you start out from Keego Harbor.

    3. Affordable Living

    When it comes to affordable living, it makes sense to compare Keego Harbor with other places. The definition of a perfect apartment will vary from one person to another. Some may prioritize low rent above all else, while others will value a large rural-type space more than a happening, exciting area. In Keego Harbor, you get access to the best schools in Oakland County (see the top five keego harbor schools). This will save you the cost of private tuition. Other amenities are also available at some amazing rates. When it comes to housing, you can get affordable income-based apartments in Keego Harbor.

    Of course, some of the rentals here might be pricier than similar ones in Bloomfield Hills. However, the perks you get from living in Keego Harbor are priceless. Overall, the lifestyle here is affordable and reasonable.

    The Takeaway

    While both Keego Harbor and Bloomfield Hills offer a peaceful lifestyle with reasonable rent rates, we will have to choose Keego Harbor for settling down in the long run.

    With the welcoming community, the fun events, and the lakes nearby, Keego Harbor is a haven for people of all age groups and career goals. The life here is part of why people love Keego Harbor lake apartments, like Cass Lake Front Apartments. Weigh the pros and cons of living, go on some apartment tours, and grab that ideal apartment as soon as possible!

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    Top Places To Shop in Keego Harbor

    November 16, 2020 at 12:30 pm · · Comments Off on Top Places To Shop in Keego Harbor

    Top Places To Shop in Keego Harbor

    Keego Harbor is a wonderful little beach town in Michigan that definitely has some quality shopping available. If you have just relocated here, then once you are all unpacked and can tear yourself away from the gorgeous lakes surrounding the city, you will likely need a few everyday items—some groceries, household products, pet supplies or even some new boating shoes. That said, if you have yet to familiarize yourself with the area or would just like some helpful suggestions, then you have come to the right place; here is a quick overview of the top places to shop in and around Keego Harbor.

    Best Shopping Center

    Due to the fact that Keego Harbor itself is a small, outdoorsy kind of place to live, especially in the warmer months, it should come as no surprise that there is not a 20+ retail store shopping mall within the city limits. Nevertheless, you can jump in your car and take a quick drive up I-75 to visit great Lakes Crossing Mall & Shopping Center, which is a nearby outlet mall with everything you could need, and more. This particular shopping haven has countless clothing department stores, a food court, an Amazon RainForest Café and designer brands at incredible prices.

    Top Grocery Store

    Here in the city, you will find your standard grocery and food stores, which are easily accessible by car or public transportation. Just around the corner in Bloomfield Hills, and in West Bloomfield, you will find more than one Kroger-each with their own unique selection of food, household products and wine. There is also Lake Point Market, which is located in Keego Harbor, if you need to grab a few items you forgot for dinner. Other notable grocery stores nearby include Aldi in Bloomfield Hills and Better Health Food Store just up the road.

    Best Convenience Store

    Just like any other Michigan city, Keego Harbor has more than a few convenience stores. In addition to gas stations with everything you could think of, you will find drug stores like Rite Aid and CVS Pharmacy stocked with everyday items, medications, health and wellness products, plus more. There are also a few 7-Eleven convenience stores that stay open late at the next town over in Waterford.

    Sports Gear Store

    In terms of sports gear, you actually have a few options. The Peak Ski and Sports store is located in Keego Harbor and just off of Orchard Lake Road, and as the name states, caters to winter activities and popular sports. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a gun or target practice store, then Target Sports is a great option for all your hunting and recreational needs. Other sports stores in the area include Sam’s Club, People Skate & Snowboard, Summit Sports and Dick’s Sporting Goods in Bloomfield Township.

    Top Jeweler

    When it comes to the best custom-designed jewelry in Keego Harbor, Karagosian & Sons Jewelers is where it is at. This family-owned and operated jewelry store has high-end pieces and can create stunning keepsakes onsite. That said, a few notable jewelry stores in the vicinity are Christian Marie Design and Kitty Crawl—both are located in Keego Harbor and showcase custom handmade items.

    Quality Clothing Store

    One of the nice things about living in a small town with a rich history is that you can easily find great clothing boutiques and consignment shops with rare must-have finds. Of course, with so many great stores to choose from here, it was hard to name the top clothing store in Keego Harbor. However, we do recommend that you check out the various clothing boutiques and shops in the downtown area; we promise you will not regret it.

    Beauty Supply Store

    When it comes to beauty supply stores, you will not find a plethora of them located in the downtown area of Keego Harbor, but you will find a metro-Detroit beauty store haven — Sally’s Beauty Supply in Pontiac. Pontiac is also home to Kim’s Wigs and Hair Beauty Supply. Also, for all you high-end cosmetic lovers, there is Blue Mercury in Birmingham, Michigan. Many of the local drug stores also cater to people looking for beauty supplies as well.

    Best Discount Store

    If you are looking for an amazing discount store in Keego Harbor, then look no further than Estate Discount and Consignment. This bargain store located in Sylvan lake has furniture, clothing, shoes, jewelry and so much more. Estate Discount and Consignment is a great place to find unique fashions and incredible deals. Of course, if you are looking for everyday discount items, then the Dollar Tree and the Salvation Army Family and Store/Donation Center in Orchard Lake Village are worth checking out.

    Top Shoe Store

    A great place to shop for shoes in Keego Harbor has actually already been mentioned in our list of top places to shop. People Skate and Snowboard in Keego Harbor has a large selection of everyday gym shoes, winter boots, skate shoes, and more. Nevertheless, if gym or athletic shoes are not exactly on your shoe shopping list this year, then you should check out the DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse in Farmington Hills or Sundance shoes in West Bloomfield Township.

    First-Rate Home Goods Store

    When it comes to home décor, you can find amazing art pieces in local galleries like Danielle Peleg Art  Galleries, Le Shoppe Too and Winterfest Galleries. However, for more casual home pieces, you can never go wrong with stores like TJ Maxx and HomeGoods — both are located right off of Orchard Lake Road in Farmington Hills. The At Home Store is also a good option for unique home pieces — the nearest At Home is located in Bloomfield Hills.

    Top Furniture Store

    Along those same lines, if you are in need of a new dresser or comfy chair for your new apartment home in Keego Harbor, then you are in luck. Just stop into Le Shoppe Too or Margaret’s Upholstering, and be prepared to be amazed. Here you will find mid-century modern furniture and contemporary pieces that have been upscale to perfection. Winterfest Galleries also occasionally has some furniture on sale if you were looking for conversational pieces for your apartment home.

    Top Pet Supply Stores

    Of course, we did not forget about your furry friends. Keego Harbor has several pet supply stores and grooming salons in the area. That said, if you are looking for treats, toys and general pet supplies, then you should definitely frequent Pet Supplies Plus in Bloomfield Hills. However, if you are looking for unique and healthy dog treats, then Healthy Dog Chews in Sylvan Lake are absolutely for you. Other places to check out in the area include Creative Pet Solutions (custom pet beds and creative pet play areas), EarthWise Pet Supplies and Grooming Bloomfield, as well as Reggie’s Pet Lovers.

    Take Away

    These are just a few of the top places to shop in Keego Harbor for your everyday needs. Since Keego Harbor is a smaller city, having to venture out into the neighboring towns means that there is even more amazing shopping waiting for you. Thus, it would behoove you to check all that Keego Harbor and its surrounding cities like Farmington Hills, Pontiac, Bloomfield Hills, Auburn Hills and Birmingham have to offer. That said, if you would like to know more about the Keego Harbor shopping scene or simply want to know more about any of the stores mentioned above, then contact a knowledgeable leasing office team member for further assistance.

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    Top Things To Do In Keego Harbor During The Fall Season

    September 14, 2020 at 1:10 pm · · Comments Off on Top Things To Do In Keego Harbor During The Fall Season

    Top Things To Do In Keego Harbor During The Fall Season

    Keego Harbor during the fall is definitely a sight to see. Besides the changing of the leaves, you will find gorgeous lakes and festive downtown areas. Since Keego Harbor is a small lake town in Michigan, many fall activities still center around this town’s lakes. Nevertheless, if you have recently moved into a new apartment off the lake in this wholesome city and are looking for things to do with the family as we head into fall, then you have come to the right place. Here are the top things to do in Keego Harbor during the fall season.

    Enjoy the Great Outdoors

    One of the nice things about Keego Harbor is that it is an outdoor town. There are ample parks, an abundance of wildlife, nature trails, and so much more. As you are already aware, there are many lakes here, all of which are great in the fall season. Despite the weather being a little chilly, many people still go out on the lakes with their boats, paddleboard, and even go kayaking to see the changing of the leaves.

    Other outdoor activities in Keego Harbor include cycling, going for walks along the beaches, going to pet parks, having a picnic with the family, and the list goes on.

    Check Out the Local Eateries

    Besides exploring the great outdoors, another top favorite thing to do in Keego Harbor is to enjoy the local eateries and restaurants. Keego Harbor is known for its many waterfront restaurants with American style or pub fare. But if you would prefer something a little lighter, healthier, or you would prefer a different type of cuisine, you will be glad to know that you still have various options available. A few notable restaurants worth trying are the Lodge Bar & Grill, El Camino, and Indo.

    Get a Reading

    Another fun thing about the fall season is that many Holidays are around the corner. Hence, even if you have never thought about having a psychic reading or a tarot card reading, now is the perfect time to step outside your comfort zone. Readings can be a fun family or friend activity and are perfect for the fall season. That said, if readings are not your thing or cup of tea, you can still enjoy perusing the shelves of many of these establishments. One particular place worth checking out is none other than the Psychic Reading Lounge. Detroit Tarot Company is also another amazing spot for readings, tarot, and rune.

    Target Practice and Sports

    Yet another top activity to do in the city of Keego Harbor is to try out your skill when it comes to target practice. If you are interested in learning how to shoot or just looking for a nearby gun in rifle range, then Target Sports II in Keego Harbor is a great place to go.

    Of course, if guns are not your thing, there are several other sport gear stores and facilities in the area. If you are looking for snowboarding gear or kayaking gear, then places like Summit Sports are a great place to start shopping. You can also check out Simple Adventures in Keego Harbor for sports equipment rentals (paddleboards, kayaks, bikes, etc.), and That’s Wassup Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

    Visit Breweries and Wineries

    There are also many breweries and wineries in the area that are great for hanging out with your friends on a chilly fall weekend. You can choose to make it into a pub crawl, or you can try your hand at a particular brewery or winery and just kick back and relax over a glass of beer or wine. The nice thing about going on a brewery tour is that you can also check out their food menu and enjoy burgers in other items that pair well with locally brewed beers.

    Take a Historical Tour

    Of course, if you prefer learning more about your new city, then you may choose to do a self-guided historical tour or check out any of the available tours in town. There are also a variety of historical sites, landmarks, and museums worth checking out. For more information on Keego Harbor’s humble beginnings and history, then contact the Oakland County Pioneer & Historical Society for available tours.

    Yoga and Fitness

    Another thing that the small sleepy little beach town is known for is its available activities for fitness and health. For instance, there are several yoga studios, gyms, and personal trainers in the area. A few notable yoga places in Keego Harbor include Evolve Yoga, Sweet Momma Yoga, and Updog Yoga. Other fitness centers and gyms/studios to try in the area are Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Warrior Teams, Max Out Fitness, and My Dance Studio.

    Get Cultured

    You can also take in the area’s culture by going to any of its museums, galleries, performing arts theaters, and studios. Keego Harbor is home to the Rondo String Quartet and a unique home décor/sports memorabilia gallery as well. As you can see, Keego Harbor is not shy about its love for the arts. So, if you are an art buff yourself then you have a lot of incredible things to see this fall.

    Do Some Golfing

    With so many things to do here in Keego Harbor, you might wonder who has time for golfing. The truth is, residents of Keego Harbor love golfing just about as much as they love boating and water sports. Thus, several noteworthy golf courses in and around the city are Idyl Wyld Golf Course, The Links at Crystal Lake, Lincoln Hills Golf Course, Pontiac Country Club, and Oakland Hills Country Club. Typically, you will find swimming, tennis, 5-star dining, and venue rentals for weddings or other special events at many of these golf clubs.

    Go to Festivals

    Residents of Keego Harbor also enjoy going to festivals throughout the season. Moreover, there is a local events calendar and a few websites that will tell you exactly what is coming up next. This makes finding a festival, concert series in the park, Polish fair, and Bikes & Bible Family Day super easy. That said, several fall events in Keego Harbor worth stopping by include Plants for Wellness, Mayflower Day, National Taco Day, and the various Halloween parades/events. You should also make it a point to take a quick drive to any nearby cider mills because what is fall in Michigan without a trip to the apple orchard?

    Explore Downtown

    Lastly, many people simply enjoy hanging out downtown or exploring the lively district. If you have just moved into your new apartment in Keego Harbor and have not had the chance to explore this particular area of the city, then you should add this to your to-do list. Overall, Keego Harbor’s downtown is full of shops, restaurants, hidden gems, and is a great place to meet other people that live in the city. So, once you get settled into your new apartment home, come on down and get to know your new town.

    Final Note

    At the end of the day, these are just a few things to do this fall season in Keego Harbor. That said, these top activities will keep you and your family busy. Ultimately, as you acclimate to the area, you will find that there is so much to see and do in your new hometown. Nevertheless, if you would like to know more about Keego Harbor and all that it has to offer, do not hesitate to ask the folks in your apartment complex for suggestions.

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    Top 5 Dog Friendly Spots in and Around Keego Harbor

    August 24, 2020 at 2:21 pm · · Comments Off on Top 5 Dog Friendly Spots in and Around Keego Harbor

    Top 5 Dog Friendly Spots in and Around Keego Harbor

    Moving to a new place involves more than just hiring movers and unpacking. In fact, there are a whole host of things you need to take care of in order to be officially moved into your new place or apartment home. Nevertheless, if this is your first time moving to an apartment with your furry friend, you may have some questions as to how to acclimate your dog, or rather how to help him/her adjust to apartment living.

    There are several things you can do to make your four-legged best friend feel right at home. For starters, one of the easiest ways to make your pup feel at ease with their new surroundings is to purchase a few treat-dispensing toys. Of course, if you are not big on giving your dog an endless supply of treats, then you could consider hiring a dog walker/sitter or find new ways to make the space fun for them. Try playing a few brain games with your pet in your new apartment or consider taking your dog with you while you run errands. This could mean taking your pet to the store, a pet supply store, restaurants, or just exploring the area together.

    If you are interested in getting out with your dog more, there are a variety of places you can take your pet in your new city. That said, to better assist you with your Keego Harbor adventures, here is an overview of the top five dog friendly spots in and around Keego Harbor.

    Top Dog Friendly Stores

    It is important to take your dog out and about with you, especially if you have recently relocated. The reason this helps is because your pet feels safe and more comfortable with you around. Think about it, if you leave your dog in a new place that is unfamiliar to him/her, then you can expect to have an anxious pet on your hands. Therefore, taking your pup to do some light shopping or even to a local pet store every now and then can help him/her adjust.

    Our top pick for dog friendly stores in or near Keego Harbor is actually Home Depot. Located on South Telegraph Road, Home Depot is a big retail chain that does allow you to bring your dog in the store. Of course, if you are purchasing a lot of stuff, you may want to leave the dog at home. Nevertheless, if it is a simple errand, then take your furry friend to the hardware store already.

    Furthermore, if you are looking to hit up the local pet store in Keego Harbor, your best bet is Pet Supplies Plus in Bloomfield Hills. Located just outside the city limits, this can be a great little “field trip” for you and your dog. Plus, you can stock up on treat-dispensing toys while you are there.

    Best Dog Parks

    If you want to treat your furry friend to an afternoon of fun, then you will be glad to know that there are several dog parks in the area, like William Grace Dog Park in Farmington Hills and the Novi Dog Park.

    Here, our top pick is none other than the Orion Oaks Dog Park. This lush open green space for dogs is a favorite among locals and residents in other neighboring cities. A few notable park features here include 24-acres of fenced-in property, a lake/pond with a doggy-accessible dock, trash cans and poop bags, plus multiple shaded areas for both of you. Orion Oaks is located on Joslyn Road in Lake Orion and definitely worth the trip.

    Top Dog Friendly Restaurants

    If you and your dog have worked up an appetite while exploring the area, then you should check out the various dog friendly restaurants in and around Keego Harbor.

    For those looking for a sweet treat and maybe to share a cone with your furry friend, then the Dairy Queen in Keego Harbor is for you. Located just off of Orchard Lake Road, this quick-service eatery or food spot is a great place to bring your dog. Consequently, this is our pick for the city’s top dog friendly restaurant.

    If you would prefer something a little less casual or a dine-in experience, then there are several dog friendly eateries in the area worth trying. One other spot that is just around the corner is Elly Mags Doggie Bag. Here you and your pup can order burgers, salads, sandwiches, and more—all from the comfort of your car. Alternatively, you can sit out at this establishment’s picnic tables and enjoy the lakefront views with your dog. Elly Mays is located on Walled Lake Drive in the city of Walled Lake, and the hours of operation are 1130 am to 8:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. Sundays Elly Mays opens at noon.

    Best Hiking Trails

    Yet another great way to get your dog more acquainted with the area is to take him/her to one of the best hiking trail spots around—the West Bloomfield Trail. Located in Keego Harbor, here, you will find ample nature trails. In fact, there are over 30,000 trail maps available online for you to peruse. This particular spot is ideal for a long, leisurely stroll through wooded areas, over bridges, and near lakes. In total, this open outdoor space covers 6.8 miles and goes from Haggerty Road to Woodrow Wilson Blvd. These trails are usually open from dusk till dawn.

    First-Rate Dog Friendly Hotels

    In terms of dog friendly hotels, you will only find two lodging accommodations in the city that allow small pets. Moreover, both of these establishments are Airbnb/vacation home rentals. The truth is Keego Harbor is a rather small city; thus, most hotels are located just beyond the city limits and in other cities like Troy, Auburn Hills, or Canton.

    If you are looking for an affordable place for friends and family to stay with their pets, however, then the Airbnb rentals in the area are definitely worth considering, especially if your dog does not get along with another family member’s dog or cat. Otherwise, your friends and family can check out dog friendly hotels like Candlewood Suites Detroit in Troy or the Hawthorne Suites by Wyndham in Auburn Hills.

    Bonus Dog Friendly Spot

    Besides the amazing dog friendly spots mentioned above, there are a few more spots worth taking your pet to. For instance, there are a few beaches or swim sites that do allow well-mannered dogs. However, if you cannot find one close to your apartment complex, that is perfectly fine.

    Consider taking your dog for a walk through downtown Keego Harbor or even renting a boat to spend some quality time with your pup. Regardless of what you decide to do, Keego Harbor is very much an outdoorsy, recreational town. Therefore, you should have no trouble at all finding an adventure or two for you and your dog.

    Take Away

    Moving to a new apartment in any city comes with an adjustment period for both you and your pet. Just take it day-by-day and remember to stay calm. Spending more time with your pet and reinforcing positive behaviors will ensure that he or she is adjusting.

    Ultimately, if you follow the suggestions mentioned above and explore Keego Harbor with your dog, then your pet will quickly adapt to its new surroundings. Just watch, in no time at all, both you and your dog will be settled into your new apartment home without a care in the world.

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    The Best Keego Harbor Restaurants to Dine-In at

    August 10, 2020 at 1:06 pm · · Comments Off on The Best Keego Harbor Restaurants to Dine-In at

    The Best Keego Harbor Restaurants to Dine-In at

    Eating out is a necessity, luxury, entertainment, and celebration – all in one. No matter where you live, you need good restaurant options so that you can enjoy quality food on special occasions or lazy days.

    There are plenty of things to do in Keego Harbor, MI, but since nothing can beat a good dining out experience, the city has several great food options for its citizens. As a part of the Keego Harbor, MI community, you can explore the city in the form of different cuisines!

    This list of the best restaurants in Keego Harbor, Michigan will give you enough options to enjoy over the course of the next few months. The list comprises cheap eats as well as fancier options for special days.

    Ideal Living Circumstances in Keego Harbor

    Oakland County is among the top places to live in the U.S., but within the county, Keego Harbor, Michigan is undoubtedly a great place to live in. Before we move on to the best restaurants, let’s talk a little about other aspects of the place.

    A bit about Keego Harbor

    From scenic beauty to quality amenities to top dine-in restaurants, the city offers everything you will need. Basics along with luxuries are checked at Keego Harbor, MI 48320. Living here, you will never feel deprived of any facility. Easy access to anything a human might need makes life as comfortable as it can get.

    Keego Harbor Restaurants

    Group Eating

    You will not just find good food options in Keego Harbor, MI, you will find great food as well as great service! The city offers the perfect balance of top notch fancy restaurants along with cheap eats to satisfy your cravings. Besides, if you are a pet owner, you can explore these pet-friendly spots when you want to dine-out with your fur child.

    Of the many options available in Keego Harbor, here are the best eight ones that you will absolutely love:

    1. Harbor Steak House

    As the name suggests, this restaurant is a steakhouse, but it also features a great place to hang out with friends. The menu options are pretty vast, including seafood and corned beef as top favorites among visitors. The restaurant has been in business for 55 years, which is why you can expect nothing less than the best from this place.

    Offers Value for Money

    Like you would expect from any steakhouse, it is not a cheap spot. It is slightly pricier, but the value for money in comparison to the food you get here is rated pretty high. It is also a sports bar where you can enjoy watching games on the many screens or play at Club Keno.

    Timings and Days

    Harbor Steak House is located on Orchard Lake Rd., Keego Harbor. It opens at 3:00 pm every day of the week. Sunday to Thursday, the place closes at 9:00 pm, whereas Friday and Saturday it stays open till 10:00 pm. From Monday to Friday, you can avail Happy Hour between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm for discounted appetizers, drinks, and mains.

    If you plan on visiting this restaurant, make sure to reserve your spot beforehand. This will help you avoid the hassle of waiting for longer.

    2. So Thai Restaurant

    Satisfy your Chinese food and Thai food cravings at So Thai Restaurant. The menu has an extensive array of appetizers, soups, salads, and main courses. From noodles to seafood options to authentic Thai curries, everything tastes delicious. Though the dessert options are minimal, the few available options are finger licking good!

    The Location

    The So Thai Restaurant is actually located in Waterford. To be exact, it is located at 2553 Elizabeth Lake Road, Waterford. It is a few miles away from Keego Harbor, but the food and service of this place are worth the effort of driving there. The place has been voted as one of the best Thai restaurants in all of Metro Detroit, so it is a place you must visit for sure.

    3. Red Lobster

    A few miles away from Keego Harbor, MI, is Waterford, which is where you will find Red Lobster. As the name suggests, it is the ultimate restaurant to go to if you are a seafood lover. Their menu has a wide variety of seafood variations.


    Visit this place to enjoy lunch or dinner. It is a budget-friendly place where you can enjoy a full meal for $30 or less! While you are there, do not forget to try out their world famous Cheddar Bay Biscuits for dessert.

    4. Rainforest Café

    The Rainforest Café is a jungle-themed international food chain. The menu comprises Mexican options which pair perfectly well with the décor of the place. Eat scrumptious food in between animatronic animals and jungle-like vegetation. Kids especially will love this restaurant for its ambiance. Moreover, it makes for a superb location to host parties.

    The Location

    If Mexican cuisine is not your cup of tea, soups, salads, and seafood options are also available. Pasta, beef, chicken, fast food, and delicious desserts are part of the menu as well. The restaurant is located in Auburn Hills. It is 15 to 20 minutes away from Keego Harbor, but definitely worth it!

    5. Indo Indonesian Restaurant

    The Indo Indonesian Restaurant is located within walking distance of Cass Lake, Michigan. With views of the beautiful lake and the Balinese ambiance, this restaurant offers one of a kind experience. Everything on the menu at this place is made of natural ingredients that trace back to Indonesian roots.

    Asian Food at its Best

    You will enjoy Indonesian cuisine in its yummiest, most authentic form at this place. That is mainly to be credited to the chef of the place who has six years of culinary experience along with Indonesian roots. That, paired with the freshest ingredients, creates Asian food in its finest form.

    The drinks at the restaurants have been curated to go well with the Asian cuisines. You will truly enjoy this restaurant in Keego Harbor for more than its food.

    Timings and Days

    This restaurant is located on Cass Lake Rd., Keego Harbor. It is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but on Wednesday and Thursday you can eat at the restaurant from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. On Friday and Saturday it is open from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm; and on Sundays the restaurant opens at noon, but closes at 9:00 pm.

    6. Early Bird Café

    This is the ultimate Keego Harbor spot for American comfort food. Fried chicken done to perfection or breakfast skillets, vegan meals, or Sunday brunch options, Early Bird Café offers it all. It is one of the best restaurants for eating out on a low budget.

    Timings and Days

    You can visit this café from Monday to Saturday between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm, so it makes for a great breakfast and brunch place. The food quality, taste, service, and value for money are all rated above 4 stars by visitors of this restaurant.

    7. Jet’s Pizza

    Are you craving the best pizza you will find in Keego Harbor? Go no further than Jet’s Pizza! The square pizza is loaded with cheese and is extremely delicious. At Jet’s Pizza, you will enjoy Detroit-style pizzas in various flavors and crust options. The stand-out feature of these pizzas is the mouthwatering marinara sauce.

    The Location

    Jet’s Pizza is located at 3375 Orchard Lake Rd., Keego Harbor, MI. Visit them to enjoy your slices fresh out of the oven or order a takeout to eat on your couch on a lazy weekend!

    8. Lodge Grill & Bar

    Lodge Grill & Bar has been operating in Keego Harbor, MI for 28 years. It is located at 2812 Orchard Lake Rd., Keego Harbor. This hidden gem is your perfect go-to sports bar in Keego Harbor. It is an ideal spot for grad parties.

    A Great Place to Dine-In

    If you are in search of a bloody mary bar, Lodge Grill & Bar is a place you will love. If that is not enough to lure you to this place, their great burgers will do the rest of the job! Just take a look at their menu online and you are guaranteed to start drooling.

    Timings and Days

    The good food paired with the great service is available all days of the week. On Sunday, the restaurant is open from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Monday to Wednesday, the place is open between 11:00 am and 10:00 pm, whereas from Thursday to Saturday you can visit from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

    Outdoor Seating Option

    There is also outdoor seating available at this restaurant. You can make the most of the Keego Harbor weather while you munch on the best food in town!

    The Takeaway

    Find out everything you need to know about the city of Keego Harbor on your own before you decide to move here for good. Be sure, however, that Keego Harbor offers the best of all; the best restaurants, the best Keego Harbor schools, the best apartments in Keego Harbor, MI, and the best living standards.

    Cass Lake Rd, Keego Harbor, in particular, is a hot street where you will find great food of all sorts in all budgets. There is no question about how great a place Keego Harbor is, so it is time to start looking for suitable living spaces in the city, like Cass Lake Front Apartments!

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