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    City of Keego Harbor: Everything You Need to Know

    March 7, 2022 at 2:31 pm · · Comments Off on City of Keego Harbor: Everything You Need to Know

    City of Keego Harbor: Everything You Need to Know

    Justin Becker

    Updated: January 26, 2023

    In all of Michigan, Oakland County is the best part of the state to live in. Further shortlisting brings us to Keego Harbor, MI as the ultimate dream location to settle with your family. If you’re considering moving to a place where you can live a worthwhile life, Keego Harbor is the ideal location.

    Read till the end to find out all about the city so that you can get excited about shifting here.

    City of Keego Harbor

    Keego Harbor is a city you’ll instantly fall in love with. Want to know why? Here’s a list of a few reasons!

    Location of the City

    Wondering where Keego Harbor, Michigan is? Before you plan on moving to any place, the first most important thing to consider is the location.

    Location of the City

    Keego Harbor is a city in the state of Michigan. Keego Harbor is located within Oakland County and Detroit suburbs. The city is elevated 284 meters above sea level.

    Geographically, Cass Lake is on the city’s western side, and towards the east lies Sylvan Lake. Waterford Township surrounds the city from the northern side, whereas towards the southern and northwestern sides is West Bloomfield Township.

    Nearby Places You Can Visit

    If you want to explore places nearby, you’ve got a lot of options. The following places are welldeveloped, full of entertainment options, and an easy journey.

    Firstly, there’s West Bloomfield Township, located 3.6 miles northeast of Keego Harbor, which is hardly a 10-minute drive to the city. The top tourist attractions of this place include Pontiac Lake Recreation Area, Marvins Marvel Mechanical Museum, and Art Leaders Gallery.

    Vegetation near the reservoir. Grass by shore of the lake.

    A 20-minute car drive from Keego Harbor will get you to Walled Lake. Here, Lakeshore Park is a peaceful option if you want to spend a day outdoors, the Detroit Institute of Arts is for the creative people out there, and, for people who want to have more fun, places like Wonderland Lanes are the best.

    The city of Royal Oak is 15 miles northwest of Keego Harbor, MI, if you go by car, and is roughly a 23minute drive. All animal lovers will love this place because you can visit the famous Detroit Zoo, National Amphibian Conservation Center, Polk Penguin Conservation Center, or the numerous other tourist attractions of the city.

    Halfway to Keego Harbor is Bloomfield Hills, which is hardly eight miles away. This city is home to the Cranbrook Art Museum, a place that all art enthusiasts will love. The Cranbrook Institute of Science is also a great place, being a remarkable planetarium and science museum.

    Side view portrait of young African-American man

    Auburn Hills is roughly 20 minutes away from Keego Harbor. The Sea Life Michigan Aquarium is a must-visit in this city, and for kids, the Legoland Discovery Center is top-notch. Topgolf and Fieldstone Golf Club are well-facilitated golf clubs of the city that are certainly worth visiting, too.

    All of these places are great options for a day trip or a weekend getaway. They are all suitable destinations for families, couples, as well as groups of friends. Whether you are looking for a relaxing short vacation or a fun-filled trip, these nearby locations will satisfy you!

    How Big is Keego Harbor?

    In terms of land, Keego Harbor, Michigan is the third smallest city in the state; it spreads over 0.55 square miles.

    Adirondack chairs sitting on a wooden dock facing a lake during a sunny day

    Of the entire 0.55 square mile area, 0.05 square miles are water, whereas the rest of the 0.50 square miles are all land. Considering how small the city is, there are significant water bodies all around.

    Population and Median Age

    Keego Harbor, MI is home to 3,252 people. There are over 700 families and approximately 1,300 houses in the city.

    Population and Median Age

    Ethnically, the city is a good mix of two or more races. The median age of the inhabitants is 37.1 years, as per the 2019 survey. As per the cost of living, the city is one of the cheaper cities for cost of living. For example the average rent is $949, which is lower than the national median.

    Weather Extremity

    The weather of Keego Harbor is pretty average. The highest temperature goes up to 83 degrees Fahrenheit during July, while January is the coldest month with temperatures as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Branches covered with ice after freezing rain

    You’ll have to deal with the winter storms and snowfall from November till early April. As for rainfall, it goes on throughout the year.

    Crime and Security

    The crime rates in the city are noticeably lower than in the rest of the country. It is graded C+ for security, however there are almost no violent crimes at all.

    Security guard are regulating the situation of safety in an event concert in a nightclub.

    The only security risks in Keego Harbor, Michigan are burglary, theft, and assault. Even with a mediocre security system, you can easily protect yourself against any of these minor risks.

    Activities for All Seasons

    There wont be a day, week, month, or season in Keego Harbor, MI that you wont enjoy. The activity and entertainment options are endless, regardless of the changing weather!

    Best Lakes in the City

    Keego Harbor, Michigan is known as the heart of lakes. This is because it is surrounded by some of the best lakes you will find in all of Michigan. Cass Lake is a prominent name on this list. It is a lake that people from all around the world visit on their trip to Michigan.

    fisherman hand holding pike with bait

    Other than Cass Lake, some famous lakes include:

    • Pine Lake
    • Sylvan Lake
    • Upper Long Lake

    Public Parks are Open for All

    For a casual day out, there’s nothing better than a good stroll in a well-maintained park. Take your toddler for a walk in a pram or your pet for a good run. You get a chance to breathe in some fresh air and socialize with the locals.

    Keego Harbor parks and rec

    There is a good variety of activitybased Keego Harbor parks and rec, including sports parks, pet parks, family parks, and veterans memorial parks. You can opt for the best suitable location to enjoy a peaceful day amidst nature.

    Top Restaurants to Eat Out in

    Who doesn’t love to dine out? Whether it’s a dinner with your family or a celebration with your friend, a good restaurant can uplift your mood like magic!

    Happy waiter serving food to group of friends in a pub.

    With Keego Harbor restaurants, you have a wide range in terms of cuisines, budget, and how fancy or casual you want the place to be. Some of the best eateries in the city are:

    • Roadside B&G
    • Indo Indonesian Restaurant
    • Harbor Steak House
    • Joes B1 Tavern
    • The Lodge Bar & Grill
    • Lions Den

    Sports and Fitness Centers

    You should always have the opportunity to focus on your health. Fortunately, Keego Harbor offers you some great options to stay fit.

    Picture of people doing cardio training on treadmill in gym

    For this, you can head out to:

    • Max Out Fitness
    • Warrior Team
    • My Dance Studio

    These are all well-facilitated workout centers.

    If you’re more into yoga, you’ll love:

    • Updog Yoga
    • Sweet Momma Yoga
    • Evolve Yoga
    Group of hispanic people wearing face mask

    Health and Medical Facilities for the Citizens

    Health is a basic facility that all citizens need. Luckily, there’s no compromise on health centers in Keego Harbor. Good doctors and medical centers are well within reach.

    Ambulance cars in a row on a parking

    Whether you’re looking for urgent care or want to talk to a consultant, you’ll find specialists to treat your health concerns efficiently within the city.

    Historical Monuments for a Throwback

    If you’re interested in learning more about Keego Harbor, MI history, you should visit the museums, art galleries, and historical monuments.

    American flags over gray wal with copy space

    The Obelisk Veterans Monument is a good place to consider. You should also go to the Keego Harbors Memorial Plaza where you’ll find “The Rock,” and many other interesting things to learn from.

    Direct Approach to the City Hall

    The Keego Harbor City Hall is easily accessible to all citizens, and the emails of all staff are available online. If you want a quicker response, you can directly call the City Hall on the number given online. You can even directly contact the specific person of concern.

    Flag of United States flying over the entrance of Old City Hall in Boston, USA

    With a direct approach to the people with authority in your local City Hall, you’ll have the peace of mind that you have a say. Every complaint and suggestion is heard and responded to.

    Quality of Education in the City of Keego Harbor

    The quality of public schools in Keego Harbor, Michigan is rated A. You have tons of options for schooling your children.

    Keego Harbor schools are some of the best in the state. Depending on your budget and child’s education level, you can choose from the long list of good options.

    interior of a school classroom with wooden desks and chairs. nobody around. 3d render

    Homeschooling Options

    For parents who want to supervise the schooling of their children at home due to the current situation of the world, some of the best homeschooling syllabuses are available. These options are a collaboration with the local schools so that your child doesn’t lag.

    Bookstores to Aid Education

    You should have no worries, even if you prefer homeschooling during the global pandemic. You get easy access to bookstores for highquality supplies. There’s nothing that will keep you from achieving your top-notch education in this city.

    Multiethnic mixed-race pupils classmates schoolchildren students standing in line waiting for boarding school bus before starting new educational semester year after summer holidays

    The Takeaway

    If you compare Keego Harbor, MI to other cities in the state, like Taylor or Novi, you’ll come to the result that nothing beats the quality of life you get in Keego Harbor. Now, the opportunities to improve your life are available in all of Michigan, but Keego Harbor, however, stands out in this regard.

    Portrait of beautiful african american woman smiling and looking away at park during sunset. Outdoor portrait of a smiling black girl. Happy cheerful girl laughing at park with colored hair band.

    Waiting more isn’t worthwhile. If you’re planning to move to Keego Harbor, we’d suggest that visiting this place and taking valuable insights will help you make a sound decision.

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