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    Top 5 Rentals in Bloomfield Hills, MI

    May 2, 2022 at 11:56 am · · Comments Off on Top 5 Rentals in Bloomfield Hills, MI

    Top 5 Rentals in Bloomfield Hills, MI

    Justin Becker

    Updated: May 16, 2022

    Moving to any new place and looking for rentals is a challenging task, but a destination like Bloomfield Hills is worth the effort! In Bloomfield Hills, MI, you get access to the nearby city of Detroit without having to forgo that peaceful suburban vibe.

    Rentals in Bloomfield Hills, MI

    Red For Rent Real Estate Sign in Front House.

    Knowing how to shop for apartments may get confusing in Bloomfield Hills. So, you should check out the following top recommendations first:

    1. Cass Lake Front Apartments

    While we can compare Cass Lake Front Apartments and Bloomfield Lakes Apartments, the former choice seems to have some excellent features. It is just across the street from Cass Lake, providing gorgeous views to several units. You are also just two minutes away from the happening Bloomfield Hills downtown area, with a range of museums, parks, shops, and other attractions.

    Perks of Selecting Cass Lake Front Apartments

    • Nearby top-ranking Keego Harbor schools
    • Luxurious features at reasonable rates
    • Nearby convenience, such as grocery stores
    • Close-knit community
    • Loads of amenities and facilities, such as on-site maintenance, laundry, open spaces, modern appliances, etc.

    2. Bloomfield Lakes Apartments

    This is a housing complex near Bloomfield Hills that has somewhat older units for rent. With access to these apartments, however, you can still have a modern lifestyle.

    Perks of Selecting Bloomfield Lake Apartments

    • It has several positive online reviews
    • Access to on-site facilities, such as laundry rooms and picnic areas
    • In-unit amenities, such as air conditioning, heating, and an internet connection (as network administrator, always select the office or shared network option and perform an anti-virus scan to avoid infected devices)

    After making sure that your broker has the right real estate licenses, you may also want to check out the pros and cons of apartments in Bloomfield Hills, MI. For this particular complex, the increasing costs and low housing availability are the biggest disadvantages.

    3. Glens of Bloomfield Apartments

    These units are pet-friendly, with simple yet elegant details to attract anyone in Bloomfield Hills. As long as you avoid any misconfigured or infected devices by using an anti-virus scan, you can enjoy a stable internet connection too.

    Perks of Living in Glens of Bloomfield Apartments

    • Contemporary, updated kitchens
    • Natural light
    • Community clubhouse
    • Fitness center
    • Outdoor lounge area
    • In-unit washer/dryer
    • Individual basement storage

    4. Bloomfield Square Apartments

    This is a pet-friendly community that features both one and two-bedroom units. There may also be an internet connection, but every resident should manage their network administrator settings in order to avoid misconfigured or infected devices.

    Perks of Living in Bloomfield Square Apartments

    • Fully equipped kitchens
    • Dining room
    • Walk-in closets
    • Outdoor swimming pool
    • Several parks and shopping centers nearby

    5. Bloomfield Place Apartments

    At Bloomfield Place Apartments, you get easy access to all the important locations in Bloomfield Hills. These include the Bloomfield Town Square and the Gateway Plaza. According to their respective timings, residents also have temporary access to at least five parks in a 7-mile radius.

    The standard residences here are fairly simple, but there are also more upscale units for those who can afford higher rent rates.

    Perks of Living in Bloomfield Place Apartments

    • A fitness center
    • Dog park
    • Landscaping
    • Outdoor pool
    • Sundeck
    • Outdoor grilling area

    Overall, this apartment complex is excellent if you are in search of quick access to the nearby happening cities, such as Keego Harbor, MI.

    The Takeaway

    There is no shortage of decent rentals in Bloomfield Hills, MI, but the above rental options will hopefully narrow down your search. It does seem like Cass Lake Front Apartments is the best choice yet, so do check it out once you have enough income to rent an apartment in Bloomfield Hills. If you sense a personal connection, go ahead and research in detail. See if you can get temporary access to a unit before signing anything!

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