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    Bloomfield Lakes Apartments vs. Cass Lake Front Apartments

    November 8, 2021 at 12:06 pm · · Comments Off on Bloomfield Lakes Apartments vs. Cass Lake Front Apartments

    Bloomfield Lakes Apartments vs. Cass Lake Front Apartments

    Justin Becker

    Updated: November 15, 2021

    Whether you’re planning to move to Michigan or are already there and looking for your new dream apartment, check out the property options around Keego Harbor.

    This is a gorgeous place, located along two lakes; Sylvan Lake and Cass Lake. The community is a small one, with just around 3,000 people at present.

    The Keego Harbor property initially started out as a sort of resort. Now, however, it’s a charming little town that can be the perfect place for settling down. It’s safe, friendly, and might provide the perfect life for a lot of families.

    Places to Live in Keego Harbor

    Fortunately, Keego Harbor has quite a few nearby neighborhoods that have apartment complexes for small families and individuals. Bloomfield Lakes Apartments and Cass Lake Front Apartments are two of the main choices available to those who want to settle down here.

    Not every property is the same. So, how do we know what’s best for our housing needs right now? Before choosing any specific apartment, let’s compare the ups and downs of choosing either Bloomfield Lakes or Cass Lake Front Apartments:

    Bloomfield Lakes or Cass Lake Front Apartments: Which One to Choose?

    There’s a lot to unpack before deciding to go for any property to live in. You may have to decide between vacation rentals or apartments by the lake.

    Making the decision to sign a lease for a year can be overwhelming, but you also have to act according to the availability of housing.

    To make sure of an informed decision, we’ll be discussing the top pros and cons of choosing Bloomfield Lakes or Cass Lake.

    Bloomfield Lakes Apartments

    Bloomfield Lakes Apts. is a housing complex that’s located at 2920 Schroeder Blvd, Keego Harbor, MI 48320.

    According to online reviews, the apartments it provides are somewhat older units, but still provide a modern way of living. Overall, it seems to be a good spot for short-term housing, but the following pros and cons will give you a deeper insight.

    Pros of Living in Bloomfield Lakes Apts.

    Here are the upsides of living in Bloomfield Lakes:

    1. Positive Online Reviews

    If we check out the online reviews from people currently living in Bloomfield Lakes, the response is mostly positive. Many tenants have been there for some years and have nothing but praise for the manager, close-knit community, and the apartments themselves.

    They are also satisfied with their neighbors, saying that the people here are respectable and look out for one another. Managers are professional, polite, and deal with issues as quickly as possible. In fact, some reviews state that they can call the maintenance department directly and not have to go through the manager in every case.

    2. Several On-Site and In-Unit Facilities

    There are many on-site facilities available to those who occupy an apartment in Bloomfield Lakes. These facilities include bike storage, laundry rooms, and outdoor picnic areas, among many others.

    For in-unit facilities, the list is also an impressive and accommodating one. Each unit has heating, air conditioning, and a high-speed internet connection.

    Cons of Living in Bloomfield Lakes Apts.

    The cons of living at Bloomfield Lakes, 2920 Schroeder Blvd, Keego Harbor, MI 48320 are apparent as well. So, let’s have a look at them:

    1. Low Availability of Housing

    The main downside of selecting Bloomfield Lakes Apartments is that the availability of units is likely to be low. There are just 28 units in the complex. It can, hence, be hard to find a suitable apartment from the limited choices.

    2. Increasing Daily Costs

    The coronavirus pandemic has caused many people to lose their jobs. With the future being so uncertain, several potential and current tenants may no longer be able to afford the high rent in Bloomfield Lakes. Even if they are able to do so, they might prefer a place that’s more modern in every way.

    Should You Live in Cass Lake Front Apartments?

    The Cass Lake Front Apartments property is located at the address 1751 Cass Lake Front Rd, Keego Harbor, MI 48320. This places it quite near the city of Detroit.

    Bloomfield Lakes

    Pros of Living in Cass Lake Front Apartments

    There are a lot of upsides to living in this property located across the street from Cass Lake. Check them out below before looking up the availability of apartments there:

    1. Excellent Location

    The location of this property is an excellent one. It not only has the amazing lake view, but Detroit is not too far off either. This means that those with an occasional craving for the fast-paced life can easily get to the city whenever they like.

    The downtown area is also just two minutes away, which means easy access to delicious cuisine in all sorts of restaurants, interesting museums, galleries, shops, and even nature parks.

    The E.L Johnson Nature Center is a great option for those who have nature-obsessed kids or are interested in the subject themselves. Check out a comparison between houses for sale and apartments for rent in this Michigan property as well.

    2. Availability of Many Top School Choices

    If you plan on settling down with your children, it’s always best to choose a property with easy access to good schools. Fortunately, this Cass Lake property offers just that.

    With an apartment here, you’re very close to the West Bloomfield Woods, Waterford, and Bloomfield Hills schools.

    All of these institutes are known for their excellent academic records and extracurricular activities for a well-rounded education. Overall, you can do much worse than settle in Cass Lake, for the sake of a great school, for the youngsters in your family.

    Within the Keego property, there are all the instructions you need for quality education, including elementary school, tertiary schools, colleges, and universities. Many of these schools have convenient arrangements regarding transportation, fees, and other points of interest.

    Perhaps, the best educational institute of the lot is West Bloomfield High School. This school has a graduation rate of around 97 percent.

    Keego also boasts several amazing educational opportunities such as the Baker College of Auburn Hills. The Auburn Hills Colleges Drive is also just a short drive away, which is a perfect reason for living at this property.

    3. Nearby Grocery Stores

    Groceries are an essential part of everyday life, no matter where you’re living. So, the availability of grocery stores is a major factor in deciding where to live.

    Luckily, Downtown Keego has the Lakepoint Market located near it. This place offers fresh produce, along with all the groceries you need, on a daily basis.

    There are also some major Kroger grocery stores in nearby properties, which have everything you need in the way of food, household products, etc. There’s no need to drive long distances to get your basic needs because this area has them all.

    4. High Quality of Life

    When you live at these Apartments, you’re almost guaranteed to have a very high quality of lifestyle.

    The property has several nearby conveniences, above average schooling opportunities, and a close-knit community, which are just a few factors that make for a peaceful, idyllic life.

    This is just what the location gives you; the apartment complex itself offers a lot of amenities and enough facilities to stay comfortable.

    Several aspects of life, including laundry, exercise, and maintenance, are very convenient to deal with here. There are also quality social services in the area, along with gorgeous scenery, and several choices for dining out or ordering in.

    5. Useful Apartment Features and Amenities

    These Keego Harbor apartments are equipped with a modern galley kitchen, including updated fixtures and other features for your convenience. These include a large fridge, modern appliances, granite countertops, custom cabinetry, and much more.

    Cons of Living in Cass Lake Front Apartments

    Where there are so many advantages, there are probably certain disadvantages to consider as well. Take a look at the cons of living on this property:

    1. High Rental Rates

    Since these apartments offer such a high quality of life and many amenities, the rental rates are inflated accordingly. While the property rates might still be reasonable, as compared to other apartment complexes in the area, they might still be out of reach for many small families.

    2. A Problematic Pet Policy

    This apartment complex doesn’t really have a flexible pet policy.

    In spite of the natural surroundings and on-site outdoor areas, the apartments here usually don’t have a pet policy or only allow residents to keep pets. Naturally, this presents a problem for those who have pet dogs or some other animal.

    You can compare Cass Lake Front to Cass Lake Shore Apartments and see which one has the better policy.

    The Takeaway

    While Bloomfield Lakes and Cass Lake Front Apartments might be around the same location, their offerings are very different.

    Overall, though, it does seem like the Cass Lake Front property is by far the better option.

    It has got a more modern style, more amenities, and better policies for potential tenants. On top of that, you have the great schools nearby to consider for your children. Make sure to compare houses versus apartments in Keego Harbor as well.

    When you’re looking for a likely apartment to live in, there’s a lot of information for each relevant choice out there. You can check out property websites, real estate websites, apartment sites, online rental reviews, and online private listings for Keego Harbor, MI 48320, or any other zip code.

    Before making any decisions or even going on a tour of an apartment, make sure to check out all the details online or through a call. Your dream apartment in Cass Lake Front Apartments might be waiting; so start checking out the listings today!

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