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    What to Look for When Searching Best Apartments in Michigan

    May 10, 2021 at 1:12 pm · · Comments Off on What to Look for When Searching Best Apartments in Michigan

    What to Look for When Searching Best Apartments in Michigan


    Justin Becker

    Updated: May 17, 2021

    Whether you’re thinking about apartments for rent or for sale, there’s a lot of choice within the state of Michigan. Apartments are available in all shapes and sizes, though it might be best if you check the last updated results of map data 2021 Google. Just make sure to select ‘save search’ as soon as possible.

    There are several conditions and considerations to keep in mind when you’re looking at apartment homes in Michigan, or anywhere else. It might be best to have a look at each of them in turn so that the search doesn’t seem too overwhelming.

    Best Apartments in Michigan

    What to Consider

    There are several factors that any potential apartment owner or tenant would have to consider before signing their lease for an apartment having 2 beds or 3 beds. Michigan itself is a large region, with that unique Midwest charm combined with a strong will. You’ll have to be ready for harsh winters, still summers, and the grit one finds in any motor city.

    Overall, living in Michigan itself is an adventure that will also have you adapting and developing as time goes by. While life here can definitely teach you a thing or two, it will also mellow you out in other ways with the untouched stretches of nature here and there.

    Looking at Michigan Apartments

    Moving to Michigan might be daunting. But keep in mind that the real estate is already done by the professional folk. These are also the people in charge of the apartments and should easily be able to find you the perfect apartment.

    The Size and Rooms

    If you want 2 beds, 3 beds, or a humble studio apartment, there’s something out there for everyone. Studio 2 or studio 3 apartments might also be available but you’d have to check the last updated information on the relevant websites.

    Having Some Form of Transport

    If you have your own car (whether rented or owned), this is the best way to go around searching for the perfect apartments. Many homeowners go for renting without the help of agents. In such cases, then, your best bet is to call the number on the ad, listing, or actual sign around the apartment complex.

    Fulfilling the Requirements

    If you want to settle down in a decent place like Ann Arbor in Michigan, you’d have to fulfill certain criteria in order to get the best apartments. For instance, you’d need to make a certain amount of money each month or year. You should also have enough for the deposit as well as the monthly rent without struggling too much.

    The managers of some apartment complexes might require that you get references from previous landlords or else have a cosigner that can serve as a backup if your credit score isn’t perfect.

    The Options

    There are several opinions open to you when it comes to apartment units in Michigan. Here are some of the best cities that might have your new dream home:

    Ann Arbor

    This area has a cultured community while the city center is pretty diverse. You get clean walking trails and seasonal markets all in one place. Most places will be within walking distance but the rent might be very high. Rent in Michigan goes up when we get to the centers of activity. So, be warned.

    If you want more affordable rates, try looking some distance away from the city centers in the area. You can probably commute to your workplace quite easily with the bus lines and other transportation modes available here.

    Royal Oak

    This is usually described as being a lively suburb that has impressed Michigan residents and visitors for several years. Here’s where you want to think about renting if adventures are your main goals.

    You also have fine dining here. Exotic animals are also an option when you visit the Detroit Zoo while the landscaped lawn and streets provide a beautiful background at all times. There’s even a welcoming committee that stays ready for greeting the new residents, whether they have 2 beds, 3 beds, or a studio apartment on rent.

    Other attractive features here include an ice arena, several parks, and a farmer’s market. There are also some decent salons. So, getting your hair and nails done should be no problem.

    Rent might also be steep here but Amber Park does include lower cost options that are still considered luxury. The apartments might be humble but they boast hardwood flooring, updated amenities, and safe fireplaces among others.

    Traverse City

    This region is dubbed ‘Tranquil Town’, which should tell us a lot about life here. Basically, this place offers an escape from normal, traditional, everyday life. It’s located on the north side of Michigan and is more like a small town. The beauty here is something else; you get a lot of wildlife, green trees that change color in the fall, and the sparkling lakes.

    For more urban entertainment, there are dining spots available in several places – these include the Jolly Pumpkin Beet, Stella, and Cook’s House, along with a nice coffeehouse for having coffee.

    Overall, this is a pretty impressive place to live. You get access to large properties, which give off a home-like vibe. There won’t be many embellishments but the price and space might make it the most enjoyable and comfortable place to rent.

    However, keep in mind that a car is a necessity here. If you love the outdoors, a short drive out of town will give you access to nature’s beauty.


    The media stories might have given Detroit a bad reputation but the town is an expensive one with a lot to offer. The rental rates are some of the best one can find these days. The residents have their own sense of pride. The historical aspect is also nothing to sneeze at.

    When in this region, it’s best to avoid anything that looks abandoned. It’s better to go for the downtown area, which has a lot of restaurants and even a ballpark.

    Other areas within Michigan are also worth considering, especially places like Keego Harbor, Bloomfield, Cass Lake, and Oakland County.

    The Pet Policy

    Once they’re all done with selecting the region to live in, pet lovers would probably want to know if the apartment complex allows pets. This might be an especially challenging task, as many complexes have a no-pets policy.

    In all cases, anyone who wants to keep a pet should be aware of the pet policy in place. This detail might seem small but it could mean a lot to those who have pets or are planning to keep one. Some landlords might charge a special deposit for keeping a pet; this could be refundable or not. So, find out beforehand.

    Even if the policy states that pets are allowed, delve a bit deeper. Some apartment complexes or condominium buildings may allow pets but only up to a certain weight limit. They might also limit the kind of breeds you can keep. Even if the place seems dog friendly, it might not regard all dogs as the same.

    Utility Costs and Responsibilities

    The monthly rent will be a major expense but paying for the utilities is another huge consideration. Water, air conditioning, garbage disposal, electricity, gas, and sewerage costs can really add up. Some places might include all utilities in the monthly rent while most of them would keep at least the electricity as the tenant’s responsibility.

    Make sure your lease contract clearly states which utilities you have to cover. When in doubt, ask your potential landlord and get everything in writing.

    Amenities within the Building and the Surrounding Area

    The amenities in the area go a long way in influencing what apartment you choose to rent. See if the amenities fit according to your lifestyles; for instance, a single mother might place considerable importance on extra security features. An elderly or disabled person might require an elevator while other tenants may want a gym, dishwasher, laundry room, and several other options.

    The places near your potential apartment are also important. Many people would require several restaurants, shops, or a short work commute. You might have to compromise a bit, such as opting to walk a little more in order to get to your destinations. Make sure such compromises are possible in the long run, or you might regret signing that lease too soon. However, if you’ve gone to the trouble of getting an apartment that’s dog friendly, there should be a walking track or dog park nearby.

    Location of the Apartment

    The location of your new apartment is crucial before signing any kind of lease. First, ponder upon what you want from the location of the parent and shortlist the ones available. If you absolutely need to be within a short distance from any public transport, don’t compromise on this factor.

    Other location factors include whether your work commute is manageable, whether restaurants are close, and whether there’s a place around where one can be close to nature.

    The building or complex itself is important but you also need to gauge the surrounding area. The place should be safe enough so that one can walk alone after dark. Grocery stores and other necessities should also be nearby.

    When you manage to find a likely listing according to your needs, it’s best to actually go to the physical location beforehand. There may also be 3D tours available but there’s nothing like getting a feel of the real thing. Walk around a bit, see if the stores there appeal to you and whether the place feels fine or not. Even if everything seems all right, trust your instinct in case it says something is off.

    Finally, check if the hallways seem clean and well-maintained. If you can get a peek into some of the apartments that are occupied, that could be the best way to gauge the general environment. This way, you can see whether the place has proper air conditioning and is dog friendly.

    The Takeaway

    On average, it seems like Michigan renters are generally satisfied with their lot. The commute time is especially appreciated, with public transport making more places accessible. There’s also quality education on offer for those who go for public schooling.

    While the weather might be problematic at times, the recreational activities and affordability are positive factors in favor of living in Michigan. On the other hand, job and career opportunities are a bit limited for now. But a bit of effort in this department will hopefully pay off.

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