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    Top 5 Keego Harbor Schools

    July 27, 2020 at 12:50 pm · · Comments Off on Top 5 Keego Harbor Schools

    Top 5 Keego Harbor Schools

    The state of Michigan is known for its excellent public school systems, which is just one of the reasons why so many people are moving there. The ample job opportunities, the beautiful lakes, and the friendly communities are some of the other perks of moving to Michigan.

    Within this state, the city of Keego Harbor seems to be among the most promising and thriving areas. With increasing employment opportunities and a welcoming neighborhood, this could very well be the place where you make your forever home. While you are wondering whether Michigan is a good state to live in, take a good look at Keego Harbor, MI for settling down.

    What is Life Like in Keego Harbor, MI?

    Everyone has their own requirements and priorities when they are thinking about moving to a new place to live (see: how to find an apartment in a new city). If you are considering Keego Harbor, though, you are probably on a safe track. The area is a fairly safe one, with a tightly-knit community. There are several Keego Harbor, MI shopping opportunities, recreational venues, and interesting activities happening in or near Keego Harbor. You can also easily visit a lot of beautiful Keego Harbor parks and rec areas, participate in water activities at some of the best lakes in Michigan, and be assured of the best education systems in the nation.

    There are many things that everyone in Keego Harbor, MI knows to be true. One of them is that you can find an amazing high school, middle school, preschool, or elementary school for your child nearby. Let’s have a look at the options available and see what they offer.

    Keego Harbor Schools

    Keego Harbor Student School

    Whether you are thinking about moving to Keego Harbor, MI or are already a resident here, your growing children need a good place to get their education. Since Keego Harbor, MI is a smallish city, it has a limited selection of schools within its boundaries. However, the West Bloomfield region is just next door and includes its school system in the Keego Harbor area. West Bloomfield has a wide range of schools, so you won’t be disappointed when searching for top-notch schools here.

    The choice might even seem overwhelming at times. So, here are some top choices for elementary schools and other levels around Keego Harbor, MI:

    1.  Roosevelt Elementary School

    This might be the only elementary school in Keego Harbor right now, but it is second to none in the West Bloomfield School District. It has grades K to 5, and has a record of above-average scores for standardized tests. Its students are especially proficient in mathematics and English, so consider this option if you are settled in Keego Harbor, MI.

    Other Elementary School Options

    If you are looking for something different, though, there are no less than 10 elementary schools in nearby West Bloomfield. These offer a wide range of subjects and programs, allowing parents and students to choose what they think is best.

    The top name among the West Bloomfield schools is Keith Elementary School. This offers K to the eighth grade, with above-average test scores for several major subjects, such as English, social studies, and mathematics. Its teaching approach, qualified staff, and docs on equity are what make this school get highly positive feedback from parents. You can also try out the comparable Pleasant Lake Elementary School in the same district.

    2. West Bloomfield KinderCare

    Looking for a great preschool that will adequately prepare your child for elementary school and above? This institution might be within the West Bloomfield School District, but it is a great option for residents of Keego Harbor, MI.

    This accredited preschool has several educational programs designed especially for children. The ages here can start from as low as six weeks, which should be perfect for parents who need to go to work each day.

    KinderCare is also a great option if you are not sure about settling down in the area yet. This learning center has several branches scattered all over Michigan, with some more locations out of state as well.

    Why We Recommend West Bloomfield KinderCare

    This institution has a well-structured approach when it comes to educating young children. They have customized their programs for toddlers and even infants. Not only this, but they have several enrichment programs for all age ranges. Your child can get a firm grip on the basics here, which include cooking, phonics, and many aspects of STEM education.

    With so much to offer, the spots at KinderCare fill up pretty fast. Make sure to take quick action if you are interested in giving your child an amazing well-rounded start at life.

    3. West Hills Middle School

    A good middle school is an important step when you seek quality education. Unfortunately, you won’t find any proper middle schools within the limits of Keego Harbor just yet. Not to worry, West Bloomfield has around four educational institutions that focus on grades 6 to 8 and beyond.

    The best middle school in this area is West Hills Middle School. It is on Lone Pine Road and offers grades 3 to 8. At this point, there are more than 600 students in this school, with the testing results being exceptionally good. The teaching staff is full of highly experienced teachers as well, so your child should be in good hands. For similar provisions in a grade 6 to 8 organization, you can take a look at Walnut Creek Middle School.

    4. West Bloomfield High

    West Bloomfield and Keego Harbor share a school district, so it makes sense that they should share a couple of high schools as well. One of the top options is West Bloomfield High.

    For those who want the very best high school in Keego Harbor, West Bloomfield High is probably the best option. It boasts almost 2,000 students and has received the College Success Award for several consecutive years. It is also one of the best places you can send your child if the aim is to prepare for a good college. The 97% graduation rate is also an impressive factor. In a nutshell, this high school is one that seems to tick all the boxes for a good solid education and bright prospects for the future.

    5. Taylor International Academy

    The school district for Keego Harbor has around 24 charter schools. There are several perks of sending a child to charter schools; you get access to a diverse group of students, have more input from parents, smaller classes (leading to a good ratio of teachers and students), and the option to focus on a student’s education within a certain field.

    With so many charter schools to choose from, we suggest that you check out Taylor International Academy first of all. It offers high-quality education that will rate well on an international level. The institution also offers advanced STEM courses for students who want to prepare themselves for quality higher education.

    The Importance of Choosing a Good School

    When you are moving, there are a lot of factors influencing how to choose an apartment to rent. If you are a parent, one major factor here is the school your children will attend. In Keego Harbor, this should not be a challenge. When you are researching everything you need to know about the city of Keego Harbor, you should take a look at the various educational options available. While there are a lot of schools here, you have to search a little to find just the right one.

    The selection of a school has a major influence on the path your child will take in the future. It is important to find a supportive and empathetic teaching staff, a reasonable curriculum, and a helpful environment, along with high test scores. Remember, your child will spend a lot of time in school, so choose the experience that will shape and guide them in the best possible manner.

    The Takeaway

    When you live in Keego Harbor, MI, finding the best school for your kid should not be a problem. Parents of children with special needs or requirements should definitely inquire about the provisions for their child beforehand. With such an updated and thriving school system in Keego Harbor and the West Bloomfield School District, it should be easy to find the right fit.

    Whether you are looking for an elementary school or have some other educational level in mind, Keego Harbor should have the perfect option within or near its limits. Remember, it is not always about studying; make sure to check out some of the best summer activities in Keego Harbor as well! Once you have selected the right school for your child, you can definitely help them choose the summer activities they will enjoy the most in Keego Harbor!

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    Top 10 Things To Do in Keego Harbor, MI

    July 20, 2020 at 1:06 pm · · Comments Off on Top 10 Things To Do in Keego Harbor, MI

    Top 10 Things To Do in Keego Harbor, MI

    Discovering your city after settling into your new apartment home is typically par for the course. However, that does not mean that you cannot make it a fun or enjoyable experience. In fact, in cities like Keego Harbor, in Oakland County, it is nearly impossible not to have fun while exploring this lake town.

    If this is your first time really experiencing or delving into all that is Keego Harbor, MI, that is okay — there is no time like the present. Therefore, to help you in your exploration, here are at least ten things to see and do in Keego Harbor now that you are a bona fide resident.

    Things To Do in Keego Harbor, MI

    things to do in keego harbor mi

    Explore the City’s Parks

    One of the best things to do in this city is to explore the many Keego Harbor parks and rec areas. Here, every park seems to offer something different; so, don’t do yourself a disservice by thinking because you have seen one you have seen them all.

    Marshbank Park should be on your list of must-see outdoor spaces near the city of Keego Harbor, MI. This beautiful outdoor space is located less than three miles away from Keego Harbor and has large playgrounds, two ballfields, a soccer field, a fishing pier, a canoe/kayak launch, sand volleyball courts, and more.

    Another nearby park worth a visit is Dodge State Park. This park is located right on Cass Lake for easy boat launching and ample watersports.

    Relax at the Lake

    Speaking of Cass lake, if you do nothing else, make sure you carve out some you-time and relax at the lake. This large body of water is both refreshing and serene.

    Keego Harbor also has access to more than just Cass Lake, Michigan. There are actually several lakes in Oakland County, MI around this city, including Dow Lake, Orchard Lake, Hess Lake, Sylvan Lake, and Elizabeth Lake — just to name a few. Thus, there is no reason you cannot kick back and enjoy yourself at any of these wonderful lakes.

    Get to Know the Culture

    Keego Harbor also has a wealth of historical sites, nearby museums, and a rich culture — all worth taking a gander at. If you are interested in the Keego Harbor, MI history and how this little lake town got its name, then a trip down to the Orchard Lake Museum will do wonders.

    There is also the Polish Home Army Museum, the Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society, the Henry Ford Museum, and the Old Indian Trail Historical Landmark. All four of these historical sites offer a unique glimpse into the past. That said, these are just a few places in the city that provide some semblance of early Keego Harbor, MI.

    Check Out Local Top Attractions

    Along those same lines, several notable top attractions in Keego Harbor are historical sites and landmarks, but much of what makes this city is its boat/lake living. Here, people come from all over to enjoy the beach, take a stroll downtown by the water, go paddleboarding, get out the pontoon boat, or grab a 5-star meal at the nearby waterfront Keego Harbor restaurants. Ultimately, with the abundance of city parks and swim sites, it is hard not to fall in love with life at the lake.

    Of course, if you would like to enjoy a little land-based adventure, then you should head out to the Adventure Park in West Bloomfield Township for “hours of fun in the trees.”

    Experience Wildlife and Nature

    Since Keego Harbor, Michigan has a wealth of state parks, it is nearly impossible not to see wildlife around these parts. Take any cycling route or nature trail in the area, and you are bound to come across rare birds, deer, groundhogs, and more. So, if you are an animal or nature lover, you have come to the right place.

    Plus, many apartment homes allow their residents to have pets, like Cass Lake Front Apartments. As a result, there are ample open spaces designated for pets or dogs — so you can keep it simple and spend an afternoon playing with the family pet.

    Play Golf

    Though Keego Harbor, MI is known for its lakes and parks, there are over a dozen golf courses in the vicinity. So, if you are an avid golfer, it only makes sense that you would like to spend your free time golfing.

    The good news is you have a variety of choices to choose from, and many courses offer clubhouses, ranges, pro-shops, and on-site restaurants. Even if you are more of a novel golfer, there are golf courses in the area that can accommodate your skillset.

    Visit an Art Gallery

    Keego Harbor is a smaller city, but that does not mean it lacks when it comes to entertainment or cultured activities. Thus, an amazing thing to do in this city is to visit its downtown art galleries.

    One gallery, in particular, to stop by is the Winterset Galleries. This local art collection has it all and then some. Here, you can find beautiful pieces for your home, or even larger items like custom made furniture. This gallery also hosts several exhibits featuring local artists throughout the year.

    Other art spots to visit include the Fine Art Warehouse, Picture Talk Gallery, and more.

    Taste the Local Favs

    If you have not worked up an appetite by now, you will in a second when you hear all about the local restaurants in Keego Harbor. There are a handful of restaurants that should be on your to-do list, like the Lodge Grill & Bar. This American-style eatery has delicious favorites, like fish and chips, mouthwatering ribs, homestyle fried chicken, and several to-die-for salads.

    Alternatively, if you are looking for a fine dining experience, then the Harbor Steak House is for you. Here, you will find a welcoming yet relaxed atmosphere, seafood, gluten-free options, Jambalaya, and prime ribeye.

    Hit the Bar Scene

    Besides delicious American-style cuisine, Keego Harbor also has a number of bars and taverns. Thus, it is highly recommended, after spending the day at the lake, that you come on down for a drink and maybe a late-night snack. A few notable bars/taverns to check out include Brewhaus Bar & Grill, Mary Donnelly’s Public House, B1 Tavern, and El Camino. These bars will surely hit the spot and often have live music or some other form of entertainment.

    Kick Back and Relax at Your Apartment Community

    If you prefer to finish settling into your new apartment, that is always an option too. Or maybe you just want to Netflix and chill with friends. Regardless of the desired at-home activity, you can still kick back and relax at home, if that is what you need.

    So, sit out on your patio or balcony and enjoy a peaceful night at home. You can also enjoy daytime activities at your apartment complex, like having a picnic or reading a book as you lounge in your community’s open green spaces.

    A handful of apartment homes have nearby beach access, and management hosted events to boot. So even if you are a homebody, Keego Harbor still has you covered.

    Final Thoughts

    At the end of the day, there are plenty of things for you to do in Keego Harbor, especially during the warmer months. Therefore, if you are new to the area and want to live it up, then try out these activities mentioned above — we promise you will not regret it.

    Finally, if you are curious about wintertime activities, there are a whole host of things to do in the winter in Keego Harbor as well. A few notable activities include ice-skating, hockey, ice-fishing, cross-country skiing, holiday festivities, and much more.

    Ultimately, no matter what you get into in Keego Harbor — it is nearly impossible to be bored. So, welcome home.

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    Free Summer Activities for Kids near Keego Harbor, MI

    July 6, 2020 at 1:01 pm · · Comments Off on Free Summer Activities for Kids near Keego Harbor, MI

    Free Summer Activities for Kids near Keego Harbor, MI

    If you live in Keego Harbor, chances are that the place might seem a little too small and quiet at times. Do not get us wrong; the place is great for settling down and raising a family. There are also quite a few chances for some family fun on the weekend or holidays.

    The Summer Vacation Challenge

    When the long summer vacation comes along, it is time to take these kids’ activities up a notch. You can spend lazy Sunday afternoons with some board games and dine out at the Keego Harbor restaurants for a treat, but what about the rest of those neverending summer days?

    No matter what age group your kids are – high school students or younger, it is important to get a fun environment for them. Keego Harbor might have various locations where you have family activities and summer long academic camps. These can get a bit repetitive after some time, though. So, let’s start looking at the places a bit further from Keego Harbor.

    Riding on a Budget?

    If you are already on a tight budget or have a lot of kids to consider, chances are that some fun activities may be out of reach. The good news is that this does not exclude you or the kids from having the time of your lives this summer! Around and near Keego Harbor, in Oakland County, there are several places and events that offer free family fun. If that upscale summer camp is just not possible this year, there are plenty of alternatives in this part of the world.

    Free Summer Activities for Kids near Keego Harbor, MI

    Summer activities in Keego Harbor do not have to be expensive. Check out these free events and activities that are available in this little city, or somewhere near Oakland County at least:

    1. Visit a Park

    Michigan may be known as the Great Lakes State, but it also offers a lot of choice when it comes to enjoying nature. If you feel more comfortable with land activities, try the good old formula of taking the kids to the park. In Michigan, however, there is a variety of parks you can choose based on your mood and preferences.

    Wondering which park

    Wondering which park will be best for the whole family or outdoor games? Let’s have a look at some of the top options near Keego Harbor today:

    Heritage Park

    This famous park is within an hours drive from Keego Harbor and is accessible from Farmington Hills, Ann Arbor, and Royal Oak as well. Here, people can enjoy several ways to connect with nature. You can bike on the nature trails, go hiking, or simply unwind while relaxing on a bench.

    There might even be a free day camp for the kids here during the summer. Even without it, Heritage Park offers a slew of activities for children who love to explore, get creative, and stay active. They can join the treasure hunt and also interact with other children from nearby areas, such as Farmington Hills, MI.

    Central Park

    This park on Washington Avenue is a traditional sort of public green. There are many features to check out, including two memorials and a fountain.

    This place is also the venue for several events and activities for adults and children alike. You can get a feeling of summer camps with all the holiday events and art fairs. Food trucks may also be available for when you want a bite to eat.

    Clara Miller Park

    This park spans 28.7 acres and is just a 17minute drive from the city of Farmington Hills, MI. It is located in Walled Lake and provides a great place for enjoying a picnic, a quiet stroll, jogging, or running.

    This park is not just beautiful, but also a convenient place to experience by yourself or with your social circle. There is plenty of seating, with wide green areas for playing all kinds of outdoor games.

    Belle Isle Park

    Belle Isle Park

    Belle Isle Park in the Detroit River is free for those who come on foot or on a cycle. For those who want to drive up and park their cars, though, a recreation passport is required. If you can wrangle a free deal, then this whole experience of family fun will not be a burden on your pocket at all.

    Along with a huge, gorgeous fountain, the visitors here can also enjoy seeing several beautiful, rare species of flowers. There is even a zoo close by, along with a beach, playgrounds, and an aquarium (the oldest one in the U.S. that is under continuous operation).

    If you are in the mood for some education along with family fun, the statuary here provides an interesting Keego Harbor, MI history lesson as well. The geography, buildings, and Metro Detroit will also provide a memorable experience.

    2. Visit a Museum

    A lot of the museums in Metro Detroit, Farmington Hills, and other areas in Oakland County are free of charge. Some may have a small blanket admission fee, but the value one gets from it is priceless. Along with providing everything you need to know about the city of Keego Harbor and Oakland County, these museums can be a fun alternative to traditional summer camps.

    Whether you are in Royal Oak, West Bloomfield Township, Michigan Ave., Bloomfield Hills, or Farmington Hills, MI, you can probably find a decent museum nearby. There are several in Metro Detroit, of course, but you can also find some hidden gems in Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, and other areas in Oakland County. Here are some of them:

    Michigan Science Center

    This is just a couple of minutes’ walk away from the Detroit Institute of Arts. Here, the childrens curious minds can learn, discover, and appreciate STEM in the best way possible. You might have to visit their official website to find out when the programs begin.

    The techniques here are fairly informal. There is emphasis on handson learning, interactivity, and interesting exhibits. At times, we may also expect a setup like a musical theater.

    If this place is too crowded, you may consider the Cranbrook Science Center in Bloomfield Hills.

    Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

    Even if there is occasionally a small admission fee to some museums, it is worth the investment. In this particular venue, kids can learn about diversity and history. They might not get this experience in the usual summer camps.

    Getting out and soaking in the wonders of these museums can be very refreshing. Incidentally, it is also a nice way to keep utility bills low in an apartment.

    3. Detroit Zoo

    There might be a lot of other zoos in Oakland County, with summer camps and local Keego Harbor schools providing frequent trips for children. Oak Park, another great natural spot, is just six minutes away.

    The zoo is best for children ages four and above. With the food trucks around, no one will go hungry! After that, you can always go to Oak Park for a relaxing time. However, children in middle school and above might need a more exciting experience.

    Detroit Zoo

    4. The MSU Gardens

    Located in East Lansing, these Botanical Gardens are a way for children to enjoy plants and learn about them. It has several species, along with complicated mazes as well as structures for interactive play.

    5. Go Down to Traverse City

    This area is full of free and fun activities. The National Cherry Festival takes place in July, with activities for every age group.

    Additionally, there are several parades, food vendors, exciting rides, and so much more. You may also be able to play lawn games along with other interesting activities.

    6. Visit Cider Mills

    There are several cider mills around Farmington Hills, MI. While buying the pies and other products will cost money, there is no one stopping you from enjoying the sights, fragrances, sounds, and scenes of the historic cider mills in Oakland County.

    The Yates Cider Mill is located in Rochester Hills, which is not too far away from Keego Harbor.

    7. Hike Along the Wollam Nature Preserve

    This hike is like going to the Land of Narnia, as it is called by the locals. The floors are laden with wildflowers, the boulders covered with moss, and the amazing view of Lake Huron is worth all the effort.

    For more amazing adventures, consider a trip to the Skull Island Camp. With places like these, you will not be asking whether Michigan is a good state to live in!

    The Takeaway

    Knowing how to spend the summer days is essential if you want your kids to have the most wellrounded, enjoyable experience. Summer camps are the usual offering in many places, but these might not always be suitable for your aims and budget.

    With the free activities on offer, you can leave the memory of summer camps far behind and focus on what you think is best for the kids. Of course, there is always the temptation to leave them in a safe place for activities (for older kids) and get your hair done at the top hair salons in Keego Harbor, MI!

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    Keego Harbor, MI History: Everything You Need to Know

    June 22, 2020 at 1:20 pm · · Comments Off on Keego Harbor, MI History: Everything You Need to Know

    Keego Harbor, MI History: Everything You Need to Know

    Maybe you are a history buff, or perhaps you just want to know more about the city you will soon call home? Whatever the case, Keego Harbor has a fascinating history and beautiful city motto “Heart of the Lakes.”

    Where is Keego Harbor, Michigan you ask? Located in Oakland County, Michigan, Keego Harbor is a small town with humble beginnings. Fun fact: this Michigan city is the third-smallest in the entire state. With that being said, Keego Harbor, MI actually has a lot to offer its residents and visitors.

    For starters, this small city’s motto, attributed to several nearby lakes, makes it clear that boat life is more than just a fun phrase. Here, residents take full advantage of Cass Lake, Union Lake, and Upper Straits Lake. Moreover, this city is not far away from Sylvan Lake and Dollar Lake.

    Keego Harbor, MI History

    Of course, this amazing city was not always an outdoor recreation and watersports mecca. In fact, life in Keego Harbor in the early 1800s was more focused on farming, fishery, domestic work, merchants, and trade skills. Nevertheless, there were a few well-off individuals who frequented these parts strictly for a little R&R. That being said, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Let us start at the beginning.

    Early 1800s

    Like most of the country, Keego Harbor was first settled by Native Americans. However, the non-native residents first began settling here in the mid-1820s. As briefly mentioned, these settlers were your typical working class of the time and made a living on their newly acquired land.

    It was not until the late 1890s that there was an influx of employment opportunities and people. Thanks to the Detroit Urban Railway building, a trolley line that connected Detroit to Pontiac by way of Keego Harbor in the 1890s, the Heart of the Lakes went from a small working-class town, with some Cass Lake, Michigan vacation rentals for the affluent, to a more accessible area for businesses and residential communities. Though things were beginning to look up for this area of Michigan, Keego Harbor had yet to be declared its own official city until the early 1900s.

    1900s to 1950s

    One of the pivotal moments for this area of Michigan came in 1912 when a lawyer and real estate investor named Joseph E. Sawyer bought a substantial amount of property here. Sawyer then proceeded to develop his land and carve out a canal from Cass Lake to Dollar Lake, which later he referred to as the Harbor. Sawyer then took the Ojibwa word for fish “keego” (from The Song of Hiawatha by Longfellow) and named the entire area Keego Harbor.

    With big plans in mind, this future city was going to be a major Oakland County resort/vacation spot. However, these ambitious plans were put on hold indefinitely. Yet, another blow to the area was that despite having the name of Keego Harbor in 1912, this particular spot remained a part of West Bloomfield Township until 1955. On March 25, 1995, Keego Harbor finally became a city.

    1960s to 2000s

    Now an official city, Keego Harbor made a name for itself as not only a tourist attraction and vacation spot, but also as a wonderful place to live. Single-family homes, small lakefront cottages, and amazing apartment complexes steadily increased in numbers.

    Consequently, the population grew; and in the early 2000s, roughly 3,000 people called Keego Harbor home. This overall growth led to more businesses, Keego Harbor parks and rec areas, Keego Harbor restaurants, and an abundance of recreational facilities. What is more, two beach accent points and a boat launch took beach and boat life to the next level.

    In terms of the demographic of Keego Harbor, as time went on, this small town/lake area of Michigan became more diverse. Furthermore, this laidback community also began having a mix of both white-collar and blue-collar workers. Learn more about the history of Cass Lake, Michigan here.

    2001 to Present Day

    Now, this fabulous beach town is home to almost 3,500 people. Nevertheless, present-day Keego Harbor continues to offer a welcoming and close-knit community with almost endless recreational activities.  Thus, if you are moving to a brand new apartment in this city, you will feel at home here in no time at all (learn how to find an apartment in a new city here).

    Moreover, now that you have a better understanding of this lake town’s roots, you will become one of the locals with ease. In the meantime, get ready for life at the lakes and probably the best summers of your life. Checkout all of the free summer activities for kids near Keego Harbor, MI.

    Everyday Life in Keego Harbor

    A quick look at daily life in Keego Harbor will show you a family-friendly community of hard-working individuals who love a good bonfire by the lake. Residents here also do not mind spending their downtime enjoying this city’s sleepy resort-like downtown area. Nights are often spent at fantastic lakefront restaurants and bars. Weekends are spent exploring nature trails, biking paths, museums, local markets, and annual festivals. You can even try your hand at learning to stand-up paddleboard (speaking from experience, it is definitely not as easy as it looks). Of course, if you still need a few more reasons to look forward to apartment living in Keego Harbor, then come out to Cass Lake Front Apartments and see for yourself.

    Exploring Your Community

    By now, you may have noticed that Keego Harbor is quite the place to live. So, take your time moving into your new apartment (here are some tips for moving into an apartment), and when you are ready, hit the town.

    Whether you are about that boat life or not, there is still a wealth of fun waiting just around the corner from your new apartment. For starters, you can take a stroll down memory lane and check out the Orchard Lake Museum. This particular museum allows you to get a close-up to what once was.

    Historical Sites

    Moreover, the Orchard Lake Museum itself is a historical site. Built in 1854, this museum was once the Orchard Lake House, and later the Orchard Lake Hotel. The hotel operated until roughly the late 1930s. At that time, the Orchard Lake City Hall was constructed in place of the 1850’s hotel and is the current structure that houses the museum. As you may recall, West Bloomfield Township and Keego Harbor were once the same; thus, even though this museum is in West Bloomfield, it still highlights the past of this lovely area. Another historical site in the area worth checking out is the Old Indian Trail Historical Landmark.

    Outdoor Recreation & Fitness

    Of course, you can go to the beach and go sailing through the lakes if you so desire, but don’t forget there is more to Keego Harbor’s outdoor recreation than its many lakes. For instance, there are gorgeous outdoor parks, like Fran Leaf Park, Sunset Park, Baxter-Morgan Park, Firefighters Park, and Hester Park. Choose any of these incredible outdoor spaces for a picnic by the pond, a leisurely bike ride, a soccer game, a refreshing swim, or to watch your children play outside for once. Likewise, if you want to maximize your fitness potential on the days you are not outside living your best life, then stop into Bloomfield Fitness for a personal training session or two.


    Finally, if you are a foodie or you have currently been surviving on carry-outs, Keego Harbor has got you covered. There are several restaurants and bars that will satisfy any and all cravings, like the Brewhaus Bar and Grill, The Lodge, Harbor Steak House, Gino’s Restaurant, and Indo. Embrace Nutrition is also a lovely smoothie and energizing tea spot if you are health-conscious with a sweet tooth. Plus, you can drive a few miles towards Orchard Lake Road and dine at J. Alexander’s or grab some freshly prepared goodness from Whole Foods Market.

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    5 Tips for Moving into an Apartment During Summer

    June 15, 2020 at 12:46 pm · · Comments Off on 5 Tips for Moving into an Apartment During Summer

    5 Tips for Moving into an Apartment During Summer

    The summer months are full of activities. While for some people, it is time to relax on the beach, plan outdoor activities, or get together for a barbecue with friends, for others, it is time to ditch the old apartment, find a new one, and start the moving process.

    Whether for a change of scenery or it is your first apartment, moving into a new apartment building brings a fresh surge of excitement. If you are relocating for the first time during the summer, you should know the apartment tips and tricks of moving to your new home during this time.

    Generally, there are fewer work obligations during the summer, particularly for teachers. In addition, there is less impact on kids and their school schedule.

    Moving into an Apartment

    Apartment Couple with Dog

    If it is your first apartment, you should know that there are some similarities moving in the summer compared to moving in the winter. For both, you must plan and ensure everything is in order before the moving day. For instance, since more people move during the summer, finding a truck can be difficult, so make a reservation as soon as possible.

    In a period when more people are relocating, how can you ensure that your move is as seamless as possible? Here are five tips you need to know, along with the Dos and Don’ts of summer relocation.

    Before the Move

    Before the apartment move, here is what you should do:

    • Create a moving budget
    • Create your first apartment moving checklist to help you with the whole process
    • Create an inventory for your items to avoid misplacing or losing any
    • Make sure you have renters insurance for your first apartment.
    • Buy packaging items, such as boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap, among other things
    • Is the apartment ready? Make sure your new place has smoke detectors and the utilities are in your name (perhaps items you should look for while visiting potential apartments during apartment tours). Here is a ‘what to look for when renting an apartment checklist’ for you.

    After the Move

    Here is what you need to do after moving in:

    Plan in Advance: Reserve Your Truck

    If you are confident you will be moving into your first apartment in the summer, reserve your moving truck 3060 days ahead of time to avoid the lastminute rush, which will almost certainly cost you extra money.

    Many leases expire over the summer months due to many people relocating during this time, which means there will be a significant demand for moving trucks, raising the cost of leasing one. When you book ahead of time, you can get a better bargain and save money.

    Consider Hiring Movers

    If you don’t have friends or relatives to help you pack and load your belongings into a truck, consider hiring movers who can get the job done quickly. Most movers charge around $25 to $50 per mover per hour.

    There are a number of logistics companies that provide moving services; choose one that is trustworthy and confident in their ability to deliver your belongings safely. Request recommendations from friends, your current apartment landlord/property manager, and family members who have already used the company’s services.

    Although you are recommended to hire a reputable moving company, do not neglect newer companies; they may offer better discounts while still safely delivering your belongings.

    Always get multiple quotes, compare them, and choose the best company based on pricing and service quality.

    Start Packing Early

    Starting your packing early allows you to properly organize your belongings and wrap delicate items so they do not break (use bubble wrap to secure them from breakage). Besides, you do not want to start late in the day when the temperatures are extremely high; you will become exhausted quickly and lose a lot of fluid.

    Furthermore, if the truck arrives and you have not begun packing your belongings, the truck drivers will be less than pleased with you. Although you pay them for their services, no one wants to work in a stressful environment. Try to make things simpler for everyone by playing your part.

    Be Safe in the Heat

    If you are moving into your first apartment, you should know that moving entails various tasks, which is why you must keep yourself hydrated; not only for you, but also for your truck guys. If it is water bottles that you are offering, ensure you have enough on hand because you will need them.

    Take Special Care of Kids and Pets

    There will be a lot to cope with on moving day, so consider leaving your children with friends or relatives. In addition, to give you more time to focus on packing and loading the stuff into the truck, you may want to consider a pet daycare.

    The DOs and DON’Ts of Summer Moving

    If you are moving during the summer months, here are the DOs and DON’Ts you need to know:


    Do Expect to Pay More

    Since more individuals relocate in the summer compared to the winter, logistics costs are usually greater. In addition, hiring movers to help you with packing and unpacking will cost you more per hour due to high demand.

    The distance usually determines the cost of relocating to your new location, along with the size of your belongings. That said, the higher the number of items, the more money you are likely to pay.

    Do Start the Move Early in the Day

    Start early in the morning while the weather is still cool, and try to finish before the sun wreaks havoc. If you finish early, you stand a chance to beat the traffic and reach your destination. Of course, not everyone is ready in the morning or has other obligations; if this is the case, packing in the evening may be a better option. Temperatures are also cooler in the evenings than they are during the day.

    Do Turn the A/C on in Your New Home

    What would it be like to move into an uncomfortably hot apartment? With the home scorching hot, it is much harder to be productive, so you will need to lower the temperatures by turning on the A/C.

    If you are going a short distance, turn on the air conditioning the day before, but if you are moving a long distance, turn it on as soon as you get there.

    Cooling down your home will allow you to accomplish a lot more in less time, making the entire process easier.

    Do Keep Electronics Cool

    Keeping your electronics in a heated atmosphere is not a good idea. Electronics can quickly overheat in the summer, so store them in an air-conditioned place to avoid damage. That said, to reduce overheating, these items should always be loaded last aboard the vehicle. Also, other items you should consider loading up last are:

    • Cleaning Supplies
    • Coffee Maker
    • First Aid Kit
    • Toilet Paper
    • Shower Curtain

    Do Bring a Portable Fan

    When moving, bring portable fans to lower the temperature and stay cool. If you do not have one, go to a local store and buy a few. Portable fans are less expensive, which is a plus.

    Do Apply a Quality Sunscreen

    Moving in the summer means you will be spending more time moving in and out of your home while the heat is blistering hot. That said, you can protect your skin by applying sunscreen before heading out of your house.


    Don’t Forget to put Perishables in Coolers

    Do you have perishables in your fridge, and your move-in date is approaching? Instead of getting rid of them, look for coolers to keep them fresh until you reach your new neighborhood.

    Don’t Wear Heavy Fabrics and Inappropriate Clothing

    This is not the time to dress as if you are preparing to conquer Mount Everest. To avoid accumulating a lot of heat and sweating, wear something light. Furthermore, wearing black clothing absorbs a lot of heat and should be avoided. Consider wearing white clothing to reflect the sun’s rays and limit the amount of heat to accumulate.

    Also, remember that you will be lifting items to load and unload them, so dress in attire that will make these chores simpler for you.

    Don’t Move During a Holiday Weekend

    Moving during a holiday weekend is never a good decision; not only will you have a difficult time finding movers, but you will also pay a premium to compensate movers who skip their holiday to assist you with your relocation.

    The possibility of traffic is another reason you should not consider a holiday weekend as your move-in day. Moving on a non-holiday weekend will save you time and allow you to arrive at your destination/preferred neighborhood quickly.

    Don’t Forget Water Bottles for Yourself and the Movers

    Due to the intense move-in activity, you will be losing a lot of fluids while you complete your relocation. That said, ensure you and the movers have plenty of water bottles. This will assist you in keeping your body hydrated and cool.

    Don’t Underestimate the Amount of Prep Time

    Moving might be difficult if you do not plan ahead of time. It can appear to be an easy chore, but it is not. It is a huge task to pack your valuables, rent a truck, hire hourly movers, arrive at your destination, and unload your belongings.

    If you are moving to your first apartment, underestimating the prep time can lead to a variety of issues, including omitting to properly pack delicate objects to minimize damage, among other things.

    Is it Good to Move in the Summer?

    Summer is a popular time to relocate because of the warm weather and that school is out. On the other hand, many people dread winter because of the harsh weather, which makes driving difficult for trucks and increases the risk of water damage (here are five tips for moving into an apartment during winter).

    What Month is the Cheapest to Move?

    If you want to save money, consider moving during late fall, winter, or early spring. During these months, fewer people are likely to move because of weather and other obligations such as school going children and work, among other things (learn what is the best month to look for an apartment here).

    Since there is a low demand for housing/apartment buildings, the landlords are willing to negotiate a lower rent to fill the vacancy. Furthermore, the logistics companies lower their prices or offer discounts and add services to compete for clients.

    Moving involves a lot of expenses, such as what is a security deposit for an apartment, the first month’s rent, pet deposit (if applicable), parking fees, and renters insurance (find out if everyone in an apartment needs renters insurance here). That said, you will be looking for every opportunity to save money. If you already have vehicle insurance, see if they provide renters insurance to qualify for discounts and save even more money. Read more on what bills to expect when renting an apartment here.

    What Day is Cheapest to Hire Professional Movers?

    The short answer is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This is because most businesses have a limited number of bookings, which is why they give incentives in the form of discounts to attract more clients during these times.

    Final Thought

    Moving to your first apartment in the summer necessitates meticulous planning to ensure a smooth transition. That said, creating your first apartment checklist will certainly aid you from common pitfalls that many first-time renters face. Here is what to know for first-time apartment renters.

    After moving to your new apartment, remember to change your address. Go to your local post office and request the Mover’s Guide packet. Fill out the paperwork, and within five working days you should receive a confirmation about your new address.

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    Key Features to Look For in an Apartment

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    Key Features to Look For in an Apartment

    Whether you are experienced or not, expect apartment hunting to be a tedious process. Your aim should be to find an apartment that fits your lifestyle and needs at an affordable monthly rent. This, therefore, means that you must focus on certain features that make an apartment stand out from the rest.

    For instance, most people love apartments with the best amenities and quality appliances, but what are the features that you need to focus on?

    Here, we will consider the important features you need to look for in a perfect apartment.

    Features to Look For in an Apartment

    Kitchen Feature

    What features should you consider while looking for a new apartment? If you don’t know yet, we will take you through the important considerations below:

    Layout and Floor Plan

    During your apartment hunt, do not just focus on the individual room’s square footage. Rather, you should also consider how the spaces are used and organized.

    The spaces between windows, doors, and other physical features make a huge difference in how apartments are set up. For this reason, you need to pay attention to your apartment’s floor plan and layout. This will affect the type of furniture you buy and the decorations to keep.

    Below are tips for selecting the best floor plans:

    Location Importance

    Is a corner unit with a good view important? Is a top-floor unit a must? Or maybe an east-facing balcony for a perfect sun-rising view?

    Determine how critical the location is on the layout and floor plan and how it can help you narrow down the available options.

    Bedroom Placement

    Would you like to have similar bedroom styles to your current place? Or do you have a roommate and would like to be on the opposite side of the unit?

    Consider a rental unit that separates the bedroom and the living room for privacy. Always determine where you want the bedroom to be located in advance.

    Visualize How You Will Arrange Belongings

    You need to visualize how you would like to arrange decorations and furniture in the layout or floor plans. Consider a floor plan with a larger living space if you possess oversized couches. If you are into cooking, consider a spacious kitchen so it can adequately accommodate all of your items.

    Consider Your Daily Needs

    Consider how you will employ the space to meet your specific needs. If you work from home, for example, go for a floor plan with an office space.

    If you plan on storing many things, consider a floor plan with a detached or attached garage for extra storage.

    Consider the Design Scheme

    Consider how the floor plan will look with the interior design color scheme that you desire. We recommend that you trust your instincts on this.

    Excellent Amenities

    This includes in-unit and community amenities. In-unit amenities involve things inside the unit, while community amenities are those you share with your neighbors.

    Modern Appliances

    Before renting an apartment, you should consider the available appliances. They should be not only fully functional, but also have smart features.

    Look for possible wear and tear and compare the appliances to what you used in your previous unit.

    If utility bills concern you, pay attention to the model of the appliances and determine whether they have energy-saving features. Learn how to keep utility bills in an apartment here.

    Apartment appliances to consider include:

    • Washing Machine: This means that you will have an easy time washing your clothes. However, consider apartments with energy-saving models if you seek to reduce your energy bills.
    • Microwave: Microwaves offer time-saving and convenient heating that you will fall in love with. You can, at times, use them in place of an oven.
    • Refrigerator: This might be the most expensive appliance in any apartment. Go for an apartment with modern fridges since they consume less power.
    • Air Conditioning Systems: With hot summers and ever-rising temperatures, having an air conditioner in your apartment is a plus. Most air conditioning systems are compact and offer sufficient cooling.
    • Clothes Dryer: Not many apartments offer an outdoor space for drying clothes. Therefore, you should consider an apartment building with a dryer to keep your clothes and beddings clean.
    • Dishwasher: This is another luxury appliance that you will appreciate having in your apartment. However, consider energy and water-saving dishwashers.
    • Vacuum Cleaner: This will help you maintain the cleanliness of your rental unit. Modern vacuum cleaners are easy to use and lightweight, but it is rare that this supplied to you in your apartment.
    • Television: Having a flat-screen TV offers your rental unit a luxurious feel. You will also save money since you won’t have to buy your own TV, though this is another rare one that is offered.

    Parking Space

    If you have a car, it will help to find an apartment with spacious parking space. Street parking leaves your car exposed to damage and theft, but with on-site parking, you can come home at night and still have a secured space to park your car.

    Security Features

    Communities with high-security measures usually charge higher rent. With that said, you will be guaranteed to live in a safe environment with reduced theft. Consider features such as security cameras, triple or double-door locks, on-site security staff, and carded apartment community entry.

    Internet Connection

    You would not want to settle in an apartment that makes it difficult to communicate. So, you should find an apartment with a reliable and strong internet connection.

    For some communities, internet access charges are included in rent, but you will be forced to pay a monthly fee for others. Either way, go for a rental unit with a reliable service provider.

    Fitness Center

    If fitness is among your top priorities, you should consider an apartment with a fitness center. This will prevent you from walking long distances or driving around looking for a gym.

    Swimming Pool

    A swimming pool offers an excellent avenue for enjoyment and leisure. It also presents you with a chance to exercise. With that said, keep in mind that apartments with swimming pools are typically priced higher.


    You might ignore the importance of an elevator if you have always occupied the ground floor, but what if your apartment unit is on, say the 10th floor? In such a case, walking up and down the stairs isn’t easy. Elevators present an easier option for moving to and from the higher apartment floors.

    Pet-Friendly Features

    Consider how friendly the community is to your pet. In order to be considered pet-friendly, the apartment should have on-site pet amenities, such as a cleaning station, grassy play area, and pet potty area. You can also consider the presence of a dog park where your pet can exercise. Be sure to review the apartment pet policy before committing.


    Noise will be a nuisance, especially if you are one that works from home. While looking for your next apartment, you should get a very quiet unit that is free from interference.

    Try opening the window or front door to the apartment and getting a sense of the neighborhood’s sounds. Avoid renting the apartment if you can hear sounds from people talking or from nearby traffic and businesses.

    Enough Storage

    Having enough storage space in your apartment will go a long way in making your life easy. You need to focus on closets in your apartment and consider how much stuff you would like to store. You should have some storage space remaining even after keeping bathroom stuff and towels in the bathroom closet, coats in the coat closet, and shoes and clothes in the bedroom closet.

    Access to Social Features

    You would not want to settle in a remote area where you won’t have access to grocery stores and shopping centers; or in places where you will have to walk for long distances before accessing a reliable transport network.

    Some of the social features you must consider include proximity to hospitals, schools, churches, grocery stores, malls, playing grounds, and a good transport network. These are things that will make your life easier. Common services being easily accessible to your family is essential. We recommend that you rent an apartment in an urban setup if you want to access quality services.

    Water and Electricity

    It will only make sense if you move into an apartment with a constant water flow. Settling in a unit with a poor water supply means spending more money buying water. To get the right information regarding the water supply in the apartment, ask the current tenants (your potential neighbors) in the complex.

    You should also ensure that you stay in an area where you will never stay in the dark due to lack of electricity. Check whether the unit’s lighting system is properly installed.


    As you can see, there are several features to consider while hunting for the best apartment. The type of features valued by renters depends on different factors, including their lifestyle and age. For instance, retirees, college students, and new couples don’t look out for the same features in an apartment.

    It is also rare to come across apartment units with all the features that we have highlighted above. Therefore, you should prioritize features that are very important to you. Some amenities might translate into an additional fee and more money for a security deposit for the apartment. You should always confirm everything with your landlord or property manager before committing. Learn more about how to read an apartment lease here.

    When looking for your next apartment, you will, more often than not, get a better deal if you consider the above features.

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