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    The History Of Cass Lake, Michigan

    March 17, 2021 at 12:13 am · · Comments Off on The History Of Cass Lake, Michigan

    The History Of Cass Lake, Michigan


    Justin Becker

    Updated: May 21, 2021

    Michigan happens to be a popular destination for fishing and water sports due to the presence of many freshwater lakes, such as Cass Lake in Waterford Township West Bloomfield.

    Cass Lake MI is one of the freshwater lakes in Michigan that is just 30 miles from Detroit. Cass Lake is strategically located in the affluent Oakland County, which is the reason why there are a lot of activities at Cass Lake in West Bloomfield.

    Fishing enthusiasts and water sports lovers have made Cass Lake the great destination it is today.

    While there is a lot of information out there about Cass Lake, what many people don’t know is that Cass Lake has a rich history and some of the most exciting facts, compared to other lakes in the Metro Detroit area.

    So what is so amazing about Cass Lake in Waterford Township West Bloomfield that would make you wish to visit the area and even participate in some recreational activities that take place at Cass Lake Front?

    Cass Lake Was Named After Michigan Governor Lewis Cass

    Cass Lake in Oakland County is named after former Michigan Governor Lewis Cass, who once served in the military before joining politics to become the governor of Michigan.

    The Former Michigan Governor Lewis Cass also served as a member in the cabinet of two former presidents.

    Cass was very active in US politics, which is perhaps the reason why he had a lake named Cass Lake in his honor.

    After being elected governor in 1813, he is remembered not just in Oakland County and areas around Cass Lake in Waterford Township West Bloomfield, but the entire state of Michigan as having negotiated treaties for the establishment of American settlement for the Native Americans.

    He also contributed towards survey expeditions that took place in the northwestern parts of the state, and areas around Cass Lake.

    There are many other commemorations other than Cass Lake that were done in honor of Michigan Governor Lewis Cass, such as Cass Avenue in Detroit Michigan, Cass City and Cass River.

    Cass Lake Was Where The First Michigan Explorers Toured

    The first explorers in Michigan first explored West Bloomfield before heading East, with the blessing of the then governor Lewis Cass, after whom Cass Lake is named after.

    They then entered the eastern parts of Waterford Township through Long Lake road, leading to Cass Lake, first experiencing Orchard Lake Village and Keego Harbor.

    After Orchard Lake Village and Keego Harbor, they then travelled North towards the shores of Orchard Lake and Cass Lake Waterfront. They also explored other lakes in Michigan such as Union Lake and Pine Lake.

    The name West Bloomfield in Oakland County was inspired by the wild flowers that the first settlers found in the greater West Bloomfield area where Cass Lake is located.

    This area of West Bloomfield in Oakland County was also attractive to early settlers because of its large field and farms around Cass Lake Front.

    However, many people are of the view that the main giveaway of West Bloomfield to settlers was the lakes, such as Cass Lake, the sparkling pond, canal front and waterways.

    To date, the greater Oakland County, and specifically Waterford, West Bloomfield and Cass Lake in Oakland County, Orchard Lake Village and Keego Harbor, still remains one of the most affluent areas to settle.

    Cass Lake Michigan 1st

    Cass Lake Was Formed Through Glacier Activity

    Cass Lake in Waterford is a glacial lake that was formed as a result of glacier activity. A glacier lake is formed when ice erodes the land creating some form of depression, and when the ice melts a water body is created, which is how Cass Lake was formed.

    It is believed that Waterford and Bloomfield in Oakland County, as well as the larger Michigan area, could have been glaciated – something that led to the formation of many glacier lakes and canal front including, Cass Lake.

    This is the reason why Cass Lake waterfront, in Orchard Lake Village and Keego Harbor, is home to numerous watersports activities.

    It is estimated that almost 50% of all lakes across the world, including Cass Lake, are glacier lakes, which implies that during the last Ice Age, almost half of the water bodies we have today could have been formed as a result of glacier activity.

    Cass Lake Front borders Waterford Township West Bloomfield, Orchard Lake Village and Keego Harbor.

    Cass Lake Inspired Early Industrial Growth

    Some of the lakes in Michigan, such as Cass Lake in West Bloomfield Township, are the reason why Detroit, and the state of Michigan, attracted some top industrialists during the Industrial Revolution.

    Most of the people were attracted to Cass Lake Front area for fresh water and the availability of mill power that was in the area.

    Powered by the water from nearby rivers and Cass Lake, Orchard Lake Village and Keego Harbor, the milling industries set the stage for what is one of Henry Ford’s village industries.

    Ford’s strategy was to set up small auto plants in areas where people could have easy access and decentralize operations from the main industrial location.

    Since most of the early industries were powered by hydroelectricity, they were strategically built along waterways, such as Cass Lake canal front.

    To date, there are still signs of the significant role played by waterways and lakes, such as Cass Lake waterfront, in developing modern day Oakland County in Michigan.

    Cass Lake Boosted Property Value

    Most people cannot deny that there exists a relationship between property value and waterways around Cass Lake in Oakland County.

    In West Bloomfield and Waterford, for example, property along Cass Lake tends to cost higher than in surrounding areas. There are people willing to pay top dollar just to own a lakefront home on Cass Lake.

    Even if there are building regulations regarding construction of property near waterways and lakes, such as Cass Lake in West Bloomfield Township Oakland County, existing property is in high demand, which might explain why it is valued higher than in neighboring areas around Cass Lake Front.

    Oakland County and Cass Lake are also regarded as one of the most affluent areas in Michigan, a situation that is attributed to the presence of many lakes and waterways, including Cass Lake, in the area.

    Sales data has established that waterfront homes and the Canal Front around Cass Lake are likely to sell almost double the price of a property located more than a hundred meters away. Cass Lake Front and Orchard Lake, therefore, are the reasons why properties around them have a higher sales value.

    The presence of parks, such as State Park, for recreation has also boosted property value in the area. State Park is critical to the local economy of the area.

    State Park is also part of the many parks in the area that attract people to the Cass Lake area.

    These Lakes Were Once The “Up North”

    There were times when people in Metro Detroit viewed the lakes in Oakland County, such as Cass Lake Waterfront in West Bloomfield and Orchard Lake areas, as the “Up North.”

    This phrase was meant to portray the canal front of Cass Lake, Orchard Lake Village and Keego Harbor as reserved for the affluent.

    During early years, people scrambled for property in Oakland County, especially around Cass Lake in West Bloomfield Township and Orchard Lake.

    Housing companies also established cottage rentals for people who needed privacy around Cass Lake and Orchard Lake.

    Today, those cottage rentals are permanent dwellings at Cass Lake in Waterford Oakland County and Orchard Lake.

    You can still see some of these cottages along the Cass Lake and Orchard Lake shorelines in Waterford, West Bloomfield and Keego Harbor in Oakland County.

    For most people, lake view dwellings around Cass Lake and Orchard Lake makes them feel like they are on vacation on a daily basis. The beautiful sunsets and bonding with nature is what drive people to the North.

    Cass Lake Michigan

    Cass Lake and Keego Harbor Orchard Lake still attract a lot of interest. Boating activities, fishing, watersports and the swans are some of the activities that take place at Cass Lake and Orchard Lake.

    During winter, Cass Lake is a popular destination for a fleet of iceboats. Due to the lake’s close proximity to several other areas in Oakland County, boat traffic, especially during the peak seasons, is usually very high at Cass Lake in West Bloomfield.

    Cass Lake Michigan

    There is no doubt that Cass Lake Michigan is an amazing and very critical lake, not just to the people of West Bloomfield and Waterford, but the larger Oakland County.

    It is not just fishermen that are likely to enjoy a visit to Cass Lake. During summer, sunbathers flock to Cass Lake, Orchard Lake Village and Keego Harbor to enjoy along the sandy beach with an estimated shoreline of one mile at Cass Lake.

    Once you decide to cool off from your busy schedule, you can rent a pontoon boat at Cass Lake in Oakland County, and go canoeing, or simply enjoy a good swim on a hot sunny day.

    The activities at the lake are not limited to fishing and swimming, as there is always something for everyone at Cass Lake Waterfront in West Bloomfield to enjoy.

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