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Cass Lake Front Apartments offers 1 and 2-bedroom units. We have the most affordable apartments for rent in the area.

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    Cass Lake Apartments: Everything You Need To Know

    February 22, 2021 at 1:23 pm · · Comments Off on Cass Lake Apartments: Everything You Need To Know

    Cass Lake Apartments: Everything You Need To Know


    Justin Becker

    Updated: May 21, 2021

    Cass Lake apartment homes are idyllic for people that enjoy lake living being that it’s the largest lake in all of Oakland County, Michigan. The location provides a resident with easy access to the US-24 and I-75, and Detroit is only approximately a 35-minute drive away. Cass Lake, Keego Harbor, is a bustling and vibrant place to live in and blessed with many places to go out to eat in, local museums to visit, beautiful green parks, many watersports and sailing activities are on offer at Cass Lake. Fortunately, all of these activities and local amenities are right on your doorstep when renting an apartment on Cass Lake.

    Let’s talk about the best apartment communities to rent an apartment in the Cass Lake area, and the benefits of living in the Cass Lake neighborhood with its variety of local amenities.

    Overview of the history of the Cass Lake, Keego Harbor, neighborhood

    Keego Harbor MI has a rich local history and is known as the ‘heart of the lakes.’ Located in Oakland County, Michigan, Keego Harbor is a small community with humble roots.

    Today, Keego Harbor is widely known as a hub for outdoor recreation and water sports. At Cass Lake, you will find a range of water sports being practiced, from sailing, to rowing boats, to jet skiing, to canoeing, and so on.

    In the early 1800s, Keego Harbor as a community was more focused on the farming, fishing, and trade industries.

    One key historical moment for Keego Harbor came in 1912, when lawyer and real estate investor Joseph E. Sawyer bought a lot of property in the area. Sawyer then went on to develop his land and build a canal from Cass Lake to Dollar Lake. Sawyer took the Ojibwa word for fish ‘keego’ and named the whole area Keego Harbor.

    In March 1995, Keego Harbor officially became a city.

    Gradually over the years, Cass Lake has become a landmark Oakland County vacation spot, which holidaymakers flock to year after year as their go-to destination.

    Why should I move to the Cass Lake neighborhood?

    What are the major pulls attracting people to rent an apartment in the area?

    Best local restaurants and places to go out to eat in Cass Lake and the surrounding area


    Ellen’s bakery and café at 2495 Orchard Lake Road is our top pick of places near to Cass Lake to go out to eat in and enjoy a top quality breakfast.  This dine-in restaurant has vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free breakfast items on its menu, therefore vegans fear not, you will not be left out at this café! Ellen’s is known locally for their breakfast specials, they also offer lunch, dinner, dessert, and catering options.

    Family Restaurants

    Are you a big fan of pizza and Italian food and looking for a spot to enjoy a meal out at with your close ones? Look no further than Gino’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant! Not only are the pizzas at Gino’s top tier quality in terms of their deliciousness, other types of food such as pasta, barbecued ribs, fried chicken are also on offer on the menu.

    Local Sports Bars

    Do you enjoy watching sports whilst enjoying a cold beer in a cosy traditional sports bar? Thankfully, in and around the Cass Lake area in Keego Harbor you will find a range of sports bars.

    Our two top picks for the best sports bars available in the area are the Lodge Grill & Bar, 2812 Orchard Lake Road, and the Brewhaus Sports Bar 3128 Orchard Lake Road.

    Both bars are located on Orchard Lake Road near to Cass Lake, a very much vibrant part of the Keego Harbor neighborhood lined with lively popular bars and restaurants.

    The food served at the Lodge Grill & Bar is delectable. You will find that lunch, dinner and late-night snacks are all available. The venue is kitted out with multiple TVs positioned around the bar, allowing you to watch and enjoy the game whilst having a drink in a relaxed setting.

    Take advantage of the wonderful parks in Cass Lake

    One great outdoor activity to do in the Cass Lake area is to explore one of its many parks. Marshbank Park, located in West Bloomfield Township 4 miles away from downtown Keego Harbor, is a top park to visit and is situated on the banks of Cass Lake. Marshbank Park has many activities on offer and things to explore and enjoy, such as large playgrounds, a soccer field, a fishing pier, volleyball courts, canoeing/kayaking on Cass Lake and so on. Check it out!

    Scenic lakeside views found in apartments in Cass Lake, Keego Harbor

    Beautiful lakeside views are one of the major attractions of renting an apartment in and around the Cass Lake neighborhood. Therefore, we strongly recommend choosing to rent an apartment that offers residents splendid views of the lake all year round! There are a range of apartment communities with stunning lakeside views in and around Cass Lake.

    Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments, located at 3530 Denise Ct Waterford MI 48328, is an apartment community which offers great lakeside views of Cass Lake. However, it is definitely a more expensive option, rent for 2 bedroom apartments at Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments can set you back up to $1,380 per month.

    The Cass Lake Front Apartments complex is fortuitously located on the Cass Lake lakefront, and undeniably provides its residents with splendid views of Cass Lake and its surrounding wildlife and natural open green spaces. Renting 2-bedroom apartments at Cass Lake Front Apartments is also affordable, costing $950 per month to rent a 950 sq ft size apartment.

    For boating enthusiasts, you may be excited to learn that Cass Lake is home to the Pontiac Yacht Club, a club run by volunteers which has single hander and lightning class sailboats on offer. The Yacht Club has a clubhouse and offers additional activities such as Junior Sailing lessons, social events and regattas.

    If you are an outdoors sporty type of person, Cass Lake is definitely a superb location to live in and to enjoy the fresh Cass Lake air.

    Which apartment community should I pick to rent an apartment in Cass Lake and the surrounding area?

    What do the apartment complexes in and around Cass Lake, Keego Harbor MI, have to offer?

    There are many choices on offer when it comes to choosing an apartment community to rent an apartment in the Cass Lake area. We recommend that at first you carry out a significant amount of research, visit apartment communities’ web property sites, read reviews, and generally weigh up the pros and cons of moving into a rented apartment in an apartment community in the area.

    Cass Lake Front Apartments

    Our number one recommendation when it comes to renting in an apartment complex is the Cass Lake Front Apartments, located at 1751 Cass Lake Front Street, Keego Harbor.

    Cass Lake Front Apartments offers its residents reasonably priced 1-2 beds apartments with 1 large en suite bathroom. The apartments have recently undergone renovation in the last two years. The living space available at Cass Lake Front Apartments is impressive, the spacious 2-bedroom apartments are an ideal place to rent an apartment for growing families.

    Cass Lake Front Apartments boasts easy available Cass Lake access to the dockside and the beach. In addition, when living in the Cass Lake Front Apartments community, you are located two minutes away from the bustling downtown Keego Harbor.

    To find out more about the Cass Lake Front Apartments, visit their web property and go and view the online 3D tours and detailed floor plan of the apartments.

    Cass Lake Apartments 2

    Bloomfield Lakes Apartments

    Bloomfield Lakes Apartments, at 2920 Schroeder Boulevard, 48320, is a small and friendly close-knit apartment community. There is only a small number of residents living in this apartment community, with 28 units in total at the property.

    The on site facilities available for residents include laundry facilities, bike storage, an outdoor picnic area and more.

    The 1 and 2 bedroom apartments come with modern household amenities such as air conditioning, heating and high speed internet access.

    However, one drawback of living at Bloomfield Lakes Apartment is that dogs are not permitted, only cats are allowed to live with tenants in the apartments.

    Pine Lake Manor Apartments

    Pine Lake Manor Apartments are situated in a fantastic location at 3211 Christopher Lane, Keego Harbor, in close proximity to Orchard Lake, Pine Lake, and Cass Lake. As well as being in a convenient location surrounded by sumptuous lakeside scenery, Pine Lake Manor Apartments are located in the West Bloomfield School District, a highly reputable school district with lots of schools with good ratings.

    The Pine Lake Manor Apartments are home to a range of attractive amenities such as a large swimming pool, a community courtyard, well-maintained grounds, and designated car parking spaces for residents.

    The 1- and 2-bedroom apartments at Pine Lake Manor come with key household appliances such as units washer dryer connections, alongside modern amenities such as garbage disposals, dishwashers, and extra storage. High speed internet access is also available, and each unit is cable ready.

    Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments

    The Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments are located in a prime location on the Cass Lake lakeside.

    Being located on the Cass Lake lakefront, boat docks are available to rent. You can relax in the swimming pool or burn calories in the fitness center. The staff will take care of on site maintenance and your daily needs.

    Key services and amenities available when renting an apartment at Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments also include laundry facilities on site, renters insurance program and a volleyball court.

    Cass Lake Shore Club has both one and two bedroom apartments. The apartments have fantastic essential features such as wash dryers, air conditioning, cable TV ready and high speed internet access.

    Essential apartment features on offer when renting  apartments in the Cass Lake area

    Outdoor Space

    Living in an apartment community located with public access to Cass Lake’s beach area and the boat dock space, will enable residents to soak in and relish the stunning Cass Lake views and indulge in the great outdoors scenery the local area has to offer.

    All of the 1 and 2 bed apartments at Cass Lake Front Apartments come with lake access, large balconies for tenants, open lawns and picnic areas dotted around the local neighborhood.


    Do you fancy yourself as a chef at home? A true food fanatic?

    Then fear not, the kitchens on offer at Cass Lake Front Apartments are sublime in their design and are large enough to meet you and your close ones’ needs.

    The modern open-plan kitchens at Cass Lake Front Apartments have been designed in a way to incorporate both the living and dining area. The kitchen area at Cass Lake Front Apartments provides the ideal space for human people in the household to socialise together in.

    The kitchens in both the 1 and 2 bed apartments at Cass Lake Front come equipped with granite countertops, tile vinyl flooring, air-conditioning, domestic appliances such as ovens, cooktops, brand name refrigerators, dishwashers, and custom cabinetry. The kitchens at Cass Lake Front Apartments are definitely suitably well-designed as a space for residents to practice their best cooking skills.

    Cass Lake Apartments Kitchen


    An important feature to keep an eye out for when searching for an apartment to rent near Cass Lake is of course the quality of the bedrooms in an apartment

    1 Bedroom apartments available for rent

    Are you after a King, or Queen-sized Master Suite bedroom with a comfortable modern feel? We suggest in this case looking no further than Cass Lake Front Apartments!

    Cass Lake Front Apartments 1 bedroom apartments’ floor plan offers contemporary master suite bedrooms (10’11 x 11’1) with walk-in closets (7’1 x 4’1) with enough space for a couple to share.

    2 Bedroom apartments available for rent

    Are you a growing family? A retired couple wanting to have the family round, or are you simply in need of some more living space in your apartment? Then the newly renovated 2-bedroom apartments available to rent at Cass Lake Front Apartments would be a great choice.

    The 2 bedroom apartments on offer at Cass Lake Front Apartments include a larger sized sq ft modern master suite bedroom (10’11 x 11’1) and a second bedroom (10’8 x 10’3).

    The Master Suite bedroom offers large sized windows, good quality carpeting, and a walk-in closet large enough for two to use. The master suite in the two-bedroom apartment is the perfect size for a large King or Queen bed set.

    The second bedroom comes with a closet and a hanging space for your clothes, the bedroom may also be transformed into a home office or studying space.

    Affordability of apartments in the Cass Lake area

    One of the main factors when looking to rent an apartment on Cass Lake is whether the monthly rental price is affordable and within your budget or not.

    In terms of renting an affordable apartment at Cass Lake, at the top of our list to save yourself money is Cass Lake Front Apartments. The complex offers apartments of up to 2 beds for rent. The complex also has a large number of amenities available on site to make you feel even more comfortable and at home in your apartment.

    Pets: Can I live with my cat or dog when renting an apartment in Keego Harbor?

    Where can I find an apartment community on Cass Lake with a landlord that operates a friendly pet policy?

    Can my furry friend(s) come and live with me?

    Without a doubt, understandably you may ask yourself the question whether or not you will be able to rent an apartment in the Keego Harbor area and live with your pet.

    You are in luck! Thankfully, whether it be a canine or a kitty, your pet will be able to live together with you in your apartment at the Cass Lake Front Apartments complex. However, please be aware that there is a limit of two pets maximum per apartment. In terms of ‘dog / cat rent,’ Cass Lake Front Apartments is fairly reasonably priced and monthly pet / dog rent is priced at $25 per pet.

    Cass Lake Front Apartments care about you being able to live with your beloved furry friends, and therefore the pet charge is kept at a low affordable rate and a pet-friendly policy is in place.

    Cass Lake Apartments 3

    At Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments down the road however, you will have to fork out a $200 one-off pet fee, as well as having to pay $20 monthly pet rent. So do not waste your money, and bring your pet/s along with you over to the pet friendly Cass Lake Front Apartments, a pet friendly complex.

    Explaining the paperwork involved in the application process for renting an apartment in the Cass Lake, Keego Harbor neighborhood

    Credit Application

    You are firstly required to have your credit application approved by the property manager in the leasing office you are looking to rent the apartment from. You will be required to bring in a valid driving license or an Identification card, along with two recent paychecks or another form of proof of income, a social security card and also pay a $40 application fee to cover the administrative process of the application.

    If you have been evicted by a former or present landlord, or are unable to provide any proof of income, you may have your credit application rejected and you may be unable to rent an apartment in an apartment community in Cass Lake.

    Rental Application

    In the rental application form, you have to fill in your own personal details, as well as the personal details of the other additional occupants that will be living with you in the apartment. In the rental application form, you must provide details relating your previous rental history, which must be signed by your former landlord or landlords.

    Security Deposit

    If your credit application is approved without any objections, the Security Deposit will be equal to one month’s rent.

    However, if your credit rating in the past has been damaged or is poor, the security deposit will instead be equal to one and a half month’s rent.

    As long as you take care of your apartment, keeping it well maintained and sufficiently clean, you get your deposit refunded at the end of your lease.

    Security Check

    A security check is important at all apartment communities in Cass Lake to make residents feel safe and secure in their rented properties.

    The management and maintenance team at Cass Lake Front Apartments work hard to ensure that residents in the apartment complex feel safe and secure living in their apartments. As a result, controlled access to the apartments is available for residents at Cass Lake Front Apartments.

    At Cass Lake Front Apartments, background checks are run on those attempting to rent apartments in the complex and their history as tenants is looked into, all in an effort to ensure potential tenants are the right fit for renting an apartment in the complex.

    Cass Lake Apartments


    In conclusion, our advice when looking for affordable apartments on Cass Lake to rent with great utilities and amenities, is to choose to rent from one of Oakland County’s best kept secrets; come home to Cass Lake Front Apartments.

    For availability please contact community leasing office staff now and schedule yourself an appointment to go and view one of their sought after apartments in person.

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