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    Websites to Search Apartments for Rent: Top 5

    January 3, 2022 at 11:40 am · · Comments Off on Websites to Search Apartments for Rent: Top 5

    Websites to Search Apartments for Rent: Top 5

    Justin Becker

    Updated: January 10, 2022

     Living in an apartment is usually the most convenient and cost-effective option for those who are searching for a new home. Apartment seekers do have to go through a lot though as the search isn’t an easy one.

    The apartment listings can be confusing or leave out details. That’s why it’s important to know about the top websites that can help you find your dream apartment.

    Whether it is your first time hunting for an apartment or you’re used to this process, there is no doubt that the best apartment rental sites can help out. These have several rental listings according to your needs, keyword search options, and can even tell you how much rent to plan for. Many large management companies even post listings directly on rental websites and their mobile apps, if any.

    What do Apartment Rental Sites do for Apartment Seekers?

    An apartment search may have many requirements. You may need close proximity to grocery stores, air conditioning, affordable student housing, or income restricted housing in the rentals you’re considering.

    To save time, the apartment search should ideally not have duplicate listings, have similar apartments to the keywords you typed in, and a lot of other criteria. Fortunately, there are quite a few apartment search sites that can fit the bill.

    Let’s have a look at these now:

    Best Websites to Search Apartments for Rent

    There are a lot of online resources and tools available for every single need, and an apartment search is no different.

    However, one does have to be careful about what kind of resources they use. Not all apartment finders or apartment search sites are reliable or even safe.

    looking at apartments for rent

    When you’re looking at apartments for rent, you need to know a lot of details. Specific information, such as how long an apartment tour takes or the unique rules of an apartment complex, is usually not available on a listing page in the newspaper.

    While we don’t have to rely on apartments for rent listings in the paper anymore, there is the issue of an information bombardment.

    Wondering how to streamline your apartment search so you can find the best rentals? Start off with these apartment search sites before anything else:

    1. Rent Jungle: A Unique Comparison Tool

    The prices and rates for most rentals seem to be quite random at times. What seems like a good deal in your apartment search today might be a dud after waiting for some time.

    This is where this website comes in. It offers a reliable Rent Comparison tool to clear up such confusions.

    When you enter the information on specific rentals here, you get a quick and fairly accurate analysis on whether the deal is a beneficial one or not. It will also let you know if the deal is at least fair.

    With these results, you can make a more informed decision about signing the lease or moving on with your apartment search.

    Of course, apartment hunters will have to get some basic knowledge about renting a place in order to use this tool to its full potential. They’ll have to know what a security deposit is and other similar information. This might be a good time to read up on such information.

    What else does Rent Jungle Offer?

    Another great feature of this site is the distinguishing between multiple and single occupancy rentals. The graphics are straightforward and easy to read, with the icons turning gray after the user clicks them.

    The search options are quite varied and even include the choice to search for any military housing in a certain area.

    Overall, this website provides all that you need in a usual apartment search. The comparison tool sets it apart from the rest.

    2. Zillow Rentals: Taking Over Other Apartment Finder Sites

    Zillow is a giant apartment finder site that has several branches. It probably has more listings and data about apartments for rent than any other known real estate sites.

    You can technically use Zillow for renting, selling, or even buying apartments and other forms of housing. What makes it work so well is the algorithm that takes your interests and preferences into account.

    We even have the option of the Zestimate tool here. This tool allows users to compare different apartment rentals.

    At present, Zillow is a brand that should be in your apartment search. It provides data in no less than 110 million homes.

    If you type in a certain zip code, Zestimate will give you an estimated rent rate, selling price, and other information about apartments in that area. Other than this, there are other tools that allow users to apply for several apartments using just one application.

    The iOS and Android apps for Zillow both have 4+ star ratings, which is quite impressive.

    What Sites has Zillow Taken Over?

    Zillow has bought several other real estate or apartment search sites, with two of the most notable names being Trulia Rentals and Hotpads.

    Trulia has some highly useful guides for both renters and buyers. One of the most striking features here is the partnership with SpotCrime, CrimeReports, and other tools that help to determine the safety of an area.

    Other Informational results include details about local schools, commute times, and various amenities. The intuitive interface allows users to get their search results in the form of a map, list, or grid.

    Hotpads is a dynamic type of search engine, which could be very useful when searching apartments for rent. It has an easy-to-use map, with overlays for showing how close an apartment is to bike lanes, public transport spots, etc. This makes it a worthwhile website, especially for those who prefer cost-effective commuting options.

    If an apartment hunter wants photos in their listings, Hotpads is where they go. This platform will let you set a filter that only allows listings with several photos.

    3. Could Help You Save Money has a relatively smaller selection of listings than larger names, like Zillow. However, it does have several extra resources.

    To be more specific, these resources could come in handy if you’re looking to save some money along the way.

    One of the money-saving tools is the Moving Center. With this, renters can get moving quotes free of charge. You’ll have to enter your apartment size, location, and your destination. The results will save you a lot of time as well. That’s because the only other option is to get in touch with different companies in turn.

    There’s also a useful blog on that gives you precious insights on the housing market trends.

    Moving is a hassle anyway, and the expenses are major, no matter what you do. With, you might be able to save money in at least a few ways. There may even be a virtual tour option for a likely apartment, which will save on travel costs.

    It’s essential to keep in mind here that most of the listings are for apartment buildings that have several units. Individual apartments or rooms are a rare sight here, but you can always try your luck with a filter.

    The Android app for has four stars, while the iOS app has 4.7. Both of these ratings are decent, but it seems like their app may work better on an iPhone.

    4. A Trusted Resource for Rentals

    This resource is under the management of the National Association of Realtors. It will only have listings from property managers and owners, so one can be fairly sure of having a safe experience.

    The best thing about is the great filter range. The renters can curate their searches and give results according to the amenities, prices, and neighborhoods that will suit your needs.

    The listing page here is also useful for details about the various neighborhoods, school data, and comparison of prices.

    Relator is also a fast resource, so you can get a personalized search in a short period of time. There’s even a map that shows various coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores in different places.

    Both the Android and iOS apps linked to this site have around 4.5 stars ratings. This is good news for those who prefer using mobile apps for their apartment search.

    5. The Go-To for Apartment Renters

    This site is known for offering millions of great listings. It also has a wide selection of filters and quite a trustworthy standing in the housing market.

    It’s not just first-time renters who love this platform; anyone who is on an apartment search will probably do well to utilize its tools and resources.

    The handy tool on is the one that allows users to draw borders for searching specific areas. You can also go with the more conventional way of entering keywords to get the best apartment listings.

    The Local Guide on tells renters some useful details about the areas they’re interested in. That way, you can get to know about the top schools in the vicinity, along with the latest trend in the nearby markets and the most popular apartment complexes.

    What does this Site Tell Us About the Apartments Themselves?

    When you find a likely listing on this platform, you get full details about all that it offers. There’s the usual information on the number of beds and baths, of course, but you can also get to know the kind of neighborhood to expect, public transport options, etc.

    Overall, this site offers a comprehensive sort of search engine. There are even the more uncommon filters available, such as searching for income restricted housing, military housing, etc.

    The default view of is laid out like a map, and you can map out the borders according to your needs. You can also search for 3D or video tour options. There’s even a filter for different commute times using various transportation modes.

    Both the iOS and Android app for this site have great ratings, which means they are quite useful. We will especially recommend this website and its apps for those who will be new to the city or neighborhood.

    Bonus Option: Facebook Groups

    While obviously not a site that’s specific for locating apartments for rent, Facebook is still a valuable tool for those seeking such rentals.

    Facebook Marketplace does have apartments for rent listings, but this particular service doesn’t offer much more than what you get with regular apartment finder sites. With that said, Facebook Groups is what will take your apartment search to the next level.

    In the Groups tab on Facebook, conduct a search for the groups that are specific to rentals in your desired area. You may also want to conduct a more specific search for cheap rentals.

    The best perk, though, is that you get to talk directly to real people who might be subletting a room, renting out a property, or are in need of a roommate. First-time apartment seekers can also ask burning questions here. For instance, they might ask what exactly is prorated rent, amongst similar questions.

    In case you already have a certain apartment in mind, you can ask when apartment hunting about that peculiar apartment complex or the property manager in charge of it. Chances are that you can locate someone who is already living in that area or has lived there at some point. They could also know someone who can give you firsthand feedback. This is one invaluable benefit that you may not find on any of the established apartment finder sites.

    The Takeaway

    Many people are of the opinion that apartments are better than houses in several ways. While that may not be true for everyone, you can make apartment living comfortable and convenient by making the right choices.

    Finding the perfect apartments for rent online has many hurdles, with technology sometimes contributing to these issues instead of helping with them. On the bright side, the apartment finder sites above could be the best answer to your struggles.

    Go on and utilize the various tools, filters, and other resources in these sites to find your next dream home.

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