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    How to Make an Apartment Feel Like Home

    July 18, 2022 at 10:41 am · · Comments Off on How to Make an Apartment Feel Like Home

    How to Make an Apartment Feel Like Home

    Justin Becker

    Updated: July 25, 2022

    Do you know how to make an apartment feel like home? Many dream of living in a new apartment they can call their new home. Somewhere to lay their head at night after a long and tedious day getting food to the table. After all, a peaceful night gives us energy and zeal to face the next day.

    Your new apartment can feel like a home with a few tweaks of housing equipment. Of course, you do not want the apartment to have a rental feel. That will ruin the whole concept of hominess.

    To avoid feeling a disconnection with your apartment, there are decorative items that can be distributed across the space to create the illusion of home. So, how do you make an apartment a haven of peace and relaxation?

    How to Make an Apartment Feel Like Home

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    1. Check the Space First

    2. Proper Planning and Research Before Moving into the Apartment

    3. Feeling Secure in Your Apartment

    4. Cleaning Your Apartment

    5. Accentuating Each Room

    6. Adding Your Personal Touch

    7. Look into Getting a Roommate

    1.   Check the Space First

    One of the factors to consider and know about moving into an apartment is the size. Sometimes your apartment may be small, which can be an obstacle in making your apartment feel like home.

    Having adequate room and maximizing space in an apartment can provide a lot of area for personal touches, and decorative items can be added that have sentimental value to you. A little creativity can make all the difference in making your apartment feel comfy.

    Stylish scandinavian living room interior with design sofa, furniture, tropical plants and decoration. Grey wall. Neutral concept. Template.

    Some people are very excited to have small spaces for themselves that they can decorate and transform into something appealing. Others prefer a large space where they can move about with ease.

    Settling for your preferred option is crucial. It makes your apartment feel like it is a home and not just a place that you live.

    2.   Proper Planning and Research before Moving into the Apartment

    This will take a lot of time and consideration. There are a number of factors that come into play, but they will help when deciding the type of impression you give when you have company.

    Making the space yours is important. Putting out sentimental items and adding a few personal touches here and there will make the place feel homey. Putting them in common areas, like the living room, can give your new apartment quite the personality.

    3.   Feeling Secure in Your Apartment

    Safety comes first! One of the first things to consider before renting or staying somewhere will always be security. The location of your apartment will do a lot of good or bad. We all want a sense of peace, and having a good fence or gate can sometimes do the trick.

    Some people would prefer to know that everything that happens around the premises they are staying in is recorded. They believe if recorded by security cameras, it can be used to obtain justice if there are any mishaps.

    Depending on how large an apartment or community is, sometimes security guards are necessary to continuously check the cameras, and also to aid visitors in the case of emergencies. A sense of security should be felt when renting an apartment, and it is up to you on what level of security will create that comfort.

    4.   Cleaning Your Apartment

    Giving your new space a deep cleaning is the best first move to make your apartment come to life. You can use this time to observe and determine the amount of storage space needed to pack away unnecessary items. Learn more on how to reduce dust in an apartment here.

    A happy smiling mixed race woman cleaning the floor of her apartment. One Asian woman using a broom and a bucket of cleaning supplies to clean the floor

    5.   Accentuating Each Room

    Every room within your apartment can be brought to life. See each room as a person with a fashion sense. This differentiates each room from looking similar. So many things can be done to each room, even a tiny space. For example, adding end tables beside your sofa can allow for comfort and style!

    All you need is time and patience, along with a lot of budgeting to spread the feeling of home throughout. Colors also determine the mood of each room, whether it be a somber beige or vibrant yellow.

    6.   Adding Your Personal Touch

    People want somewhere that screams their name or presence without them even being present. Personalizing your apartment is one of the most amazing ways to make it feel like home.

    The color or pattern used on the walls of your small apartment does a lot for the aura. It will shock you how the simplest of things can greatly impact the way you feel when entering your apartment.

    Portrait of beautiful Mixed-Race woman stretching sitting in bed lit by sunlight, copy space

    You can accessorize your living room furniture by adding a few cushions. Accessorizing furniture gives each piece a personality for itself. It enhances the room that it sits in.

    Decorating your small apartment can be a hobby that you seek to entertain from time to time. Others believe it to be so important that they even hire or seek the professional assistance of decorators.

    7.   Look into Getting a Roommate

    One hand washes the other. Getting a roommate might also make your apartment feel comfier, especially if you are new to these streets. Liking an apartment and being able to afford the cost of living in it by yourself are two different things.

    Many apartment renters are renting to be closer to their workplace. There are several people in that same situation, so finding a roommate should not be difficult. However, you do not want to be stuck with someone that is unpleasant to live with. Therefore, finding someone with the same goals and mindset as you may be quite a task.

    Once you find a roommate, everything that you originally had to pay for is now split 50/50 amongst the both of you. Wherever you fall short to make ends meet, your roommate is there to assist and vice versa. Above all, you have company! It is even better if the roommate is a friend.

    Where to Start when Decorating Your Apartment

    There are many great ideas that can be thought of to modify your new apartment and still be within your budget. A little unique thinking will go far in helping make that apartment feel like a reflection of yourself. With a fresh start and a new apartment, there is no limit to how homey you can make your apartment feel.

    Couple Use Smartphone Device, while Sitting on a Couch in the Cozy Apartment. Boyfriend and Girlfriend Talk, do e-Shopping on Internet, Watching Funny Videos, Use Social Media, Streaming Service.


    The first thing to determine is how much it costs to furnish an apartment. Everyone knows what they like. However, seeing something without rationalizing the prices can become an issue when shopping.

    This is why places like a dollar store or thrift store exist. These places are much cheaper than your regular store; the prices are sometimes half or less of the original price. These items are typically second-hand pieces, but they are in great condition most of the time.

    Finding Places to Shop

    Thrift stores are great places to start when thinking of transforming your small apartment into a home. There is no telling what you will find when exploring a thrift store. You will find antique cups or glassware that can create quite a modest look for that coffee table you love. It is not always about just buying furniture, they too can be accessorized.

    How to Shop to Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

    When you are about to shop for your new apartment your mind is filled with great ideas. Ideas like how to have each room looking when you are finished, which is not something to be taken lightly. Furniture is usually one of the first things that comes to mind when moving into an apartment. Then the rest follows!

    Furniture is quite crucial to any space you hope to make into a home, and it differs from room to room. It is up to you to thoroughly search through different stores to find the most suitable pieces for your new apartment.

    Creating the perfect environment for yourself seems fun, until it isn’t. You may be shopping and having fun purchasing things you like, but the hard part is putting it together to achieve that dream you had the day you got your small apartment.

    Picture it beforehand! When shopping, you should already have that image in mind that you wish to achieve. Shopping carelessly will cause you to overspend and be in possession of a bunch of items you never really wanted.

    Ideas on How to Design Each Room in Your New Apartment

    Every room has its purpose and, as such, needs to be decorated with that in mind. Also, the correct furniture is needed in order to really accomplish a home in this small space.

    Inventive thinking can leave a warm and satisfying feeling in your chest when you are through decorating. You may even shock yourself at how creative you are at the end of decorating your small apartment.

    How to Transform Your Living Room

    Living room furniture are the easiest pieces to purchase. In most cases, you have already planned out the entire space and where to put what before going out to buy.

    The decor is key! To make this space feel relaxing, you can consider purchasing a simple end table to accompany your new couch’s side. Even getting a coffee table in front of your couch to rest your drinks while lounging in this area can not only help set the mood, but the functionality of the space as well.

    Tranquil pretty woman in casual home clothes put hands behind head leaned on couch resting in living room looking away smiling feeling serenity. Take break, keep calm, mood and free lazy time concept

    To accentuate your living room space even more, add a throw blanket. One from grandma’s house or that mom knitted can be used to be fashionable, sentimental, and protect the couch from spillage stains.

    A few area rugs are also great when putting together a room. These are just some of many options that you may have not realized.

    How to Decorate Your Bedroom

    Your bedroom is another room that is meant for relaxation. Texturize! Keep this word in mind. The brain responds to textures. You can use textures to aid in setting the right atmosphere when entering your bedroom. Get sheet sets, blankets, and rugs in the texture that you love to build your mood and make you feel good.

    When it comes to the walls, using removable wallpaper is a great idea if you are an indecisive person. This is great for when you no longer feel the color is not making the space feel like it should, and it will not put your security deposit at risk by ruining the walls (learn what is a security deposit for an apartment here).

    Young couple standing in their apartment while woman holding blueprint and man showing to her new ideas.

    Lighting and Privacy

    Window coverings, like hanging curtains, are always a great way to allow natural light into your new space, and they are a must for privacy. However, if hanging curtains does not seem like the best way to cover your window, there are also mini blinds you could consider.

    How to Adorn Your Kitchen

    Your kitchen is where a lot of delicious magic takes place. The kitchen is one room that is vibrant and exciting to be in, especially when something is cooking.

    Color and Mood

    Imagine a kitchen with the most spectacular of colors and natural light. Uniform-colored appliances are marvelous when embellishing your new space. Using a contrasting color to enhance cupboards and counters would be the cherry on top for your kitchen.

    Some people are very private, while others prefer to have all the light they can get through the windows. No matter which describes you, the goal should be to make the most magnificent place to be when trying to quench their hunger. Choose what suits you!

    Overjoyed young family having fun in modern kitchen, dancing and laughing, happy young wife and husband moving to favorite music, enjoying leisure time, cooking dinner together, romantic date

    How to Enhance Your Bathroom

    Every time you exit your bathroom you should feel at least a tad bit cleaner than when you entered. There are many things that can be implemented to gratify this feeling.

    From simple automatic air fresheners to keep a pleasant smelling environment to the best shower head you can find, the choices are endless. Using cobblestone as flooring for your shower adds a great touch; it gives a feeling of showering in nature.

    Lamps can be added to both sides of a mirror on the walls to give better lighting. They can also add a nice touch of modernity to your bathroom, thus serving multiple purposes.

    Using Life to Add Life

    Enhance Life with a Pet!

    Pets are great at adding life to your apartment. Pets are proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and loneliness. They make you feel you have something to look forward to going home to. They are also a great way to keep your home secured when you are not there, just be sure to review the apartment pet policy of your community.

    Selecting the Perfect Location for Renting an Apartment

    There are many factors to consider when selecting the perfect location for your apartment.

    Most prefer to live somewhere that is convenient for them. When you are deciding where to live, one of the most important factors is that your apartment is close to your workplace or school. Such apartments are difficult to find and when you do come across one, the prices can be really steep. You also do not want to be too far from loved ones. No one wants that!

    happy family multiethnic mother, father and son laughing, playing,and tickles on floor in cozy kitchen at home

    Sometimes having a preference for the type of scenery around your apartment can pose multiple problems. Ultimately, ensure the location meets your needs. Checkout our guide on how to find an apartment in a new city here.

    Difficulties in Making Your Apartment Feel Like Home

    Most landlords and tenants sign contracts that are called leases.  Leases are normally filled with restrictions on what you are and are not allowed to do while staying in that unit. Some landlords do not want anything altered in their units, limiting how much decorating you are able to do. Just be sure to review the lease so you know exactly what limitations you have to work with. Learn how to read an apartment lease here.


    There are a number of things that can be done in a new space to get you feeling like you are home, and your decorations to adorn your apartment do not have to be too expensive.

    What matters in the end is that it feels complete to you; being comfortable that the space feels like yours is crucial to your overall apartment living experience. Never stop until you have a feeling of accomplishment when you enter your apartment. It never matters what anyone else likes, just you!

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