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    Top Five Pet Friendly Apartments in Michigan

    October 19, 2020 at 1:16 pm · · Comments Off on Top Five Pet Friendly Apartments in Michigan

    Top Five Pet Friendly Apartments in Michigan

    When you fall in love with a particular city, such as Keego Harbor, finding the best apartment home can be difficult with all the amazing options. What’s more, when you are apartment shopping with a pet, things get even trickier. You want to find an amazing apartment home at a great price that also allows pets, but maybe you do not have the time to find out which apartments allow pets. Well, the good news is now you do not have to. Here are the top five pet friendly apartments for rent in and around Keego Harbor, Michigan.

    Pet Friendly Apartments in Michigan

    Cass Lake Front Apartments

    At the top of the list of pet friendly apartments for rent is none other than Cass Lake Front Apartments. This affordable luxury apartment community is not only pet friendly, but it also offers a wealth of high-end amenities. Here, their pet policy is pretty straight forward. A few key things to keep in mind, in regard to their pet rules and regulations, are that there is a non-refundable pet fee of $250 for pets under 30 lbs. or a $500 non-refundable fee for dogs over 30 lbs. There are also breed restrictions, a limit of two pets, and monthly pet rent ($25 for one pet, $50 for two pets).

    Of course, there are a couple of stipulations, but overall, you should not have too much trouble bringing your furry best friend along for this apartment living experience. That said, available apartment homes at Cass Lake Front Apartments are contemporary and reasonably priced with 1-bedroom apartments starting at $825 a month and 2-bedroom apartments starting at $950 a month. The units are located in Keego Harbor.

    Pine Lake Manor Apartments

    The runner-up on our list of pet friendly apartment is Pine Lake Manor Apartments. This inexpensive apartment community also allows pets, or rather is pet friendly. However, their pet policy states that they typically only allow cats with a $200 deposit and $20 a month pet rent. Furthermore, there is a limit of two cats per unit. That being said, their pet policy is apparently flexible, as long as you do not have any pet bears (yes, bears). Here, the actual apartment homes start at $850 (one-bedroom unit) and go up to $1000 (two-bedroom unit). Pine Lake Manor Apartments are also in the city of Keego Harbor.

    Schroeder Blvd Apartments

    Number three on the list of top pet friendly apartment in and around Keego Harbor is Schroeder Blvd Apartments. Located in Keego Harbor, this particular apartment community offers a comparable pet policy to Pine Lake Manor. However, they appear to be a little less flexible in what kinds of animals or pets they will allow. Nonetheless, Schroeder Blvd Apartments comes in at third because it has a prime location, decent apartment homes, and most pets are permitted. Here, there are mainly two-bedroom units available that start at $850 a month. Note, if you would like to know more about their particular pet policy, then you can contact their leasing office for more information.

    Elizabeth Lake Estates Apartments

    Located in Waterford, Elizabeth Lake Estates is yet another top rentals option for you and your pet. This pet friendly apartments for rent pet policy is not too different from Cass Lake Front Apartments. That said, a notable difference is that monthly pet rent for cats is $25, and for dogs, it is $30 a month. Moreover, regardless of your dog’s weight, Elizabeth Lake Estates Apartments requires a $300 non-refundable fee. Other than that, there are breed restrictions, a two pet limit, and cats and dogs are clearly allowed. Here, available apartment homes range from the mid $800s to $1,400s. So, if you do not mind the price or drive (Waterford is further out from Keego Harbor), then you may want to consider this place.

    Crystal Lake Apartments

    Lastly, Crystal Lake Apartments is located in Pontiac and is our final or fifth recommendation of rentals. This pet friendly apartment home community only allows cats and requires a $150 pet deposit plus $25 monthly pet rent. Here, apartment homes start in the $900s and offer a well-maintained appearance. The communal amenities are what really attracts most people to these particular apartments. A few notable perks then include a pool, a sundeck, free covered parking and controlled access. Overall, Crystal Lake Apartments comes in at number five on our list because it only allows cats, and its units could do with an update.

    Bonus High-End – Bloomfield Place Apartments

    If you are looking for an upscale apartment that allows pets, then check out our bonus high-end apartment suggestion. Bloomfield Place Apartments, located in Bloomfield Hills, has a fairly standard pet policy. Both dogs and cats are permitted, however dogs must go through a pet interview. Here, there is also a non-refundable $250 fee, $35 a month pet rent, and a pet limit of two per unit. Available apartment homes here start in the low $1,000 and come with first-rate amenities. Bloomfield Place Apartments did not make it to the top five list because it is a little pricey for you and your pet to live here. Plus, it also has one of the higher monthly pet rents, and your dog needs to pass an interview.

    Bonus Affordable – Embassy West Apartments

    Embassy West Apartments is a more affordable bonus option on our list of pet friendly apartment, which is a good choice for those looking for an inexpensive apartment home. Here, a one-bedroom apartment will only cost you $715 a month. However, Embassy West Apartments has one of the strictest pet policies around, though they do allow cats and dogs. Do not get excited just yet, there is also a required pet interview for both cats and dogs, and the non-refundable deposit is $200 for one pet or $300 for two pets. The monthly pet rent also fluctuates depending on the number of pets—$30 a month for one pet and $35 a month per pet for two. Other policies include breed restrictions, declawing of your cat, and your pet must be spayed/neutered. Thus, you can see why this affordable bonus apartment did not make the list. Note, They are located in Waterford.

    How to Choose

    So, now that you have the top options laid out in front of you, you are probably wondering how exactly do you choose? Well, Cass Lake Front Apartments is the obvious winner here for several reasons. For instance, overall, Cass Lake Front has the best pet policy. Moreover, you and your pet can call a contemporary apartment unit home. Thus, if you want to be located in the city of Keego Harbor and have an updated luxury unit with a reasonable pet policy—all for a rather affordable price—then the decision pretty much makes itself. So, you should probably schedule a walkthrough at Cass Lake Front.

    Final Note

    Ultimately, finding your future apartment home in Keego Harbor can be made simple by being clear on your must-haves. Obviously, your pet is a must-have, and you should not have to compromise or overpay just to have your furry friend in your apartment. The reality is that your pet is more than a furry friend; he or she is a member of the family. Thus, knowing upfront which apartment communities are furry friendly can help narrow down your search, or at least point you in the right direction. That said, if you would like to learn more about our clear winner and their pet policies, then reach out to a Cass Lake Front Apartments team member today—they should be able to answer any questions you have. You can also check our virtual tour or 3d tour.

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