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    How To Rent A One Bedroom Apartment In Oakland County

    April 26, 2021 at 12:07 pm · · Comments Off on How To Rent A One Bedroom Apartment In Oakland County

    How To Rent A One Bedroom Apartment In Oakland County

    With a county like Oakland, you’ll never run out of options whenever looking for a 1 bed apartment to rent. There are tons of options to pick from in Oakland County, MI and you can be certain at the end, you’ll find a nice place to call home.

    Of course, whenever you’re thinking of relocating, you always have an imaginary picture of what your next apartment could look like. And bringing that into life is so satisfying. You could have that goal fulfilled in Oakland County, MI by searching for 1 bed for rent that matches your taste.

    However, for a person looking to rent for the first-time in Oakland County, locating the right place can be intimidating. That’s why an article like this is perfect to guide you on how to rent a 1 bed apartment in Oakland County, MI.

    Now, you want to search for your next 1 bed apartment to rent, but what exactly are you looking for? How big should the room be? Do you want one that can fit 1 bed or 2 beds? Establishing the kind of 1 bed apartment for rent that you want will only make your work easier. Begin by coming with a checklist to highlight the most important aspect of the next apartment for rent that you want.

    Writing a checklist isn’t that hard, but if you don’t know how to draft one, begin by highlighting what you like and what you don’t about your current apartment that you rent. What would you like to change for the next apartment that you rent?

    Whether you want a room that can fit 2 beds or more, make your wishes part of the checklist.

    Where to Look For an Apartment?

    It’ll be ridiculous if you choose to walk around one apartment for rent after the other searching in Oakland County, MI. Ask some of your close friends residing in Oakland County, MI, they’ll gladly chip in their honest views and suggestions of where you could target. Besides, family is always a pillar, why not use their network to locate your next 1 bed apartment?

    In an era where technology rules, you don’t have to struggle over searching for renovated 1 bedroom apartments near me for rent in Oakland County, MI. With the internet, a quick walk-through on data 2021 Google map search will help you find several 1 bed houses. Using data 2021 Google map is one of the easiest ways to locate a 1 bed apartment for rent. With your phone, you can take a 3D tour in the comfort of your home. You may want to check out these sites for your next 1 bed apartment search:






    Searching online can be easier, but also you should be cautious about giving out your personal information. Online scams are real and you don’t want to get caught up and be a victim. If you’re satisfied with the details listed online about the apartment available in Oakland County, MI, visit the apartment physically to confirm and know the management in place for further details.

    The Search for a

    One Bedroom Apartment in Oakland County

    Rochester Hills, a beautiful city in Oakland County, MI offers ideal places where you could settle together with your family. Rochester Hills is ranked among the top 100 safest cities in the USA. Discover apartments for rent in Rochester Hills, MI, search for that luxurious house that aligns with your demands.

    Among the top tourist attractions in Rochester Hills, MI is Rochester Hills Theatre, Rochester Municipal Park, and many more. Living around  Rochester Hills, MI will give you options to spend time with family. 1 bed units in Rochester Hills, MI are spacious enough to fit 2 beds, and they are affordable, making it easier for anyone to live on a budget. On average, the cost of rent for a 1 bed in Rochester Hills, MI 48309 is $1110.

    It’s in Rochester Hills, MI 48309 that you’ll find Oakland University, according to map data 2021 Google, which can be great for your grown-up child. If you want luxury in Rochester Hills, MI 48309, there is a range of choices to pick from. For instance, while searching on map data 2021 Google, you will find River Oaks Apartments of Rochester Hills for rent.

    3200 River Oaks Blvd, Rochester Hills, MI 48309 offers some of the best luxurious 1 bed units you might get interested in. Luxury offers you more than the value of money, from interior design to the size of the room that can fit even more than 2 beds. Use keywords like apartments for rent with washer/dryer, and filter based on location and other sets of preferences. Rochester Hills, MI  boasts several apartments for rent in Oakland County, MI.

    Rent in Oakland County, MI shouldn’t scare you, it’s pretty much affordable. Rent in Oakland County, MI varies and with a budget ranging between $1000-$2500, you could find a nice place to settle. If you have a family then a room that can accommodate 2 beds is necessary. While searching, make sure the room is big enough and has both a storage room and a washer dryer.

    Another exciting city in Oakland County is Royal Oak, MI. A city with a population of 57,236, considered one of the safest cities with a low crime rate. In Royal Oak, MI, you’ll find a lot of coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and parks that you can spend your free time in. If you are living alone, a room for 1 bed is okay but in the case of a companion, you may need a room big for 2 beds.

    With a quick search on the internet via map data 2021 Google, you could uncover 1 bed apartments that are for rent in Oakland County that are spacious enough for 2 beds within Royal Oak, MI 48073. Woodward North Apartments, Marlen Apartments, and Rochester House Apartments are some of the 1 bed apartments that are for rent in Oakland County, according to map data 2021 Google, that are under $1000, which you’ll find within Royal Oak, MI 48073. In Royal Oak, MI 48073, both luxury and affordability are easily found.

    Besides, you’ll find many professional millennials living within Royal Oak, MI. The place offers a suburban feel. Rent in Royal Oak, MI 48073 has a median of around $1000 meaning you can find your next apartment to rent around the place comfortably. With that amount, you can find an apartment spacious to fit  2 beds for your family.

    Get a glimpse of Royal Oak, MI 48073 online and check the apartments in Oakland County, you’d love this to be your next home. Oak Park on the other hand isn’t short of options when it comes to 1 bed units. Whether it’s a room that can fit 1 bed or 2 beds, Oak Park, MI 48237 can offer you a variety to choose from for rent.

    Southfield, MI is another great city to consider when you’re planning to relocate to Oakland County. 1 bed apartments for rent in Oakland County are all over and you can easily be overwhelmed. You can find a room big enough for 2 beds if you want. In Southfield, MI, you can find both affordable and luxurious apartments with storage rooms and a washer dryer. Southfield, MI is also among the safest cities to live in.

    Auburn Hills, MI is also another great place to search for a 1 bed apartment. You’ll find plenty of apartments in Auburn Hills, MI 48326 that come with a storage room and washer dryer. A room big to accommodate 2 beds is possible to find and live on a budget.

    Lastly, Farmington Hills, MI, a city with tons of historical places, can be your next home. Search for 1 bed apartment in Farmington Hills, MI 48335 on the internet and filter the result to locate the perfect house for rent. Whether a small room for 1 bed or big enough for 2 beds, you won’t go short of options while in Farmington Hills, MI 48335. One great complex to consider here is Botsford Place Terrace Apartments for rent, located off of Middlebelt Rd., Farmington Hills, MI.

    One more notable city to consider is Pontiac, MI.

    What to Consider When Choosing a 1 Bed Apartment

    Now is the time to cross all the items on your checklist. Where you choose to live next can affect your life socially and financially. Make sober choices of where to live next by careful consideration of all important factors. Here is what you might want to look out for when picking a 1 bed apartment:

    Is the Neighborhood Right Fit for You?

    There’s never one shoe fits all in Oakland County, MI, it happens sometimes that the apartment can be great but the neighborhood isn’t what you envisioned. Find out early enough if the neighborhood is warm for you. A city is defined by several aspects and among them are parks, historical places among other things, Farmington Hills boasts beautiful scenery, a city you might want to consider.

    Would you rather live near a park? Or where exactly do you figure your life at? Establish your primary living environment, a place with all essentials you need for your day-to-day life. For example, you may want to consider living within walking distance of your workplace.

    How about the school for your kids? Do you think the place best suits students? Learning goes beyond the school premises, the environment can have effects on your child’s education. Consider the viability of the neighborhood supporting your child’s education. Oakland County, MI has some of the best schools both public and private.

    Can you confirm the neighborhood doesn’t have a high crime rate? Safety is important and you don’t want to spend years worrying about being attacked. Besides, check the reviews online and determine whether the apartment has ever experienced burglary in the last 3 years.

    Is the place pet friendly? You should find out before choosing to relocate.

    Know Your Budget

    Finding a 1 bed apartment depends on the budget set aside. How much are you looking to spend? Setting your budget will help break down location and other search parameters and locate the right apartment that fits your financial situation.

    You can tell how much to spend based on the monthly income. If you’re finding it hard to get the right figure, why not take advantage of the rent calculator which will give you an estimate of what you should be spending on your rent based on the income stream.

    Find Out About the Property Management

    The property manager will be someone important to your living arrangement while at the apartment premises. You’ll need your issues addressed whenever it comes up and one of those in the picture is the landlord. Even though they may not always be living around the place, getting to know who will handle you is important.

    Check their ratings online and establish if they strike a resemblance to a landlord you want to deal with. It’s daunting having no access to your property manager when you need their attention.

    Does the Room Condition Satisfy You?

    You’d want a spacious 1 bed room that can fit 2 beds with a sleek interior design, something that shouts class from far, right? Does the room have air conditioning system functions efficiently? Find out and cross-check and affirm it’s up in the right shape. You don’t want to live in a unit with air conditioning constantly breaking down, right? Seek how often they perform maintenance on the air conditioning. Such will help you have a good stay with trouble with the air conditioning system.

    How about the kitchen appliances? This is the time to check all these before you consider joining the community. Besides, you might want to make sure the dishwashers are functional too.

    If you’re satisfied with the appliances, take a step to check the door locks and lights. Open and close them to see it for yourself. Also, make sure the windows are in shape, take no chance when doing all these assessments of the room.

    Make Your Application

    If you’re satisfied with the details of the room, ask the management to help you with the application. You will be required to provide personal details. People are competing for better rooms and you don’t want to waste time, complete the paperwork as soon as possible.

    Here’s a list of what you’re likely to be asked to provide:

    ●      Bank statements

    ●      Driver’s license

    ●      Social security card

    ●      Employment history

    ●      Rent history

    Often, the landlord would give a green light to the application if you prove to be reliable in rent payment. Besides, they will be concerned about your character and that is why a background check will be done thoroughly and even a further step to contact your previous landlords.

    The Approval Stage

    Once the landlord is satisfied with the details provided, he or she will typically call you to inform you of the decision. The next step is to secure the apartment by providing a security deposit. Typically, it’s one month’s worth of rent, however, that figure may be determined by the management policies.

    Why a Security Deposit?

    Usually, it’s some form of insurance in case of any damaged property during your stay in the apartment. You don’t have to be worried so long as you are a responsible person you’ll have it back when you move out.

    Signing the Lease Agreement/Rent Agreement

    In the end, before moving in you’ll be presented with a lease agreement or what others refer to as the rent agreement. With the contract, a list of items will be provided, or let’s say the terms in precise. It sums up the relationship between you and the landlord.

    What to look for in the Lease Agreement

    Rent Rate

    Here you’ll be notified of all the charges such as the deposit and monthly rate. Also, any cost in the form of contract violation will be addressed such as delay in rent payment.

    Apartment Rules

    Maintenance Responsibilities

    You should be aware of what part the management will take when it comes to the maintenance of your unit. Defining the responsibilities will evade both parties from possible conflict associated with maintenance roles. For example, who is responsible for air conditioning repair?


    In some places, it’s not in their nature to allow pets to be part of the community, inquire about pets before signing the agreement. It can be expensive to terminate your contract because you failed to realize pets ain’t allowed.


    The lease agreement will define which utilities will be included in your monthly rent. Make sure to check out the details.

    Rules/Regulations of the Apartment

    Every apartment that is available for rent has its own set of rules, be sure to understand items. For example, smoking may not be allowed and maybe a smoking zone has been set aside, check out for clarity.

    Generally, aligning yourself to the rules formulated will distant you from constant confrontation with the management. You’ll have a peaceful time during your stay at the apartment.

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