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    The Pros and Cons of Apartments in Taylor, MI

    June 7, 2021 at 1:38 pm · · Comments Off on The Pros and Cons of Apartments in Taylor, MI

    The Pros and Cons of Apartments in Taylor, MI

    Planning to live in any new place is always challenging. You don’t know exactly what will happen when you start living there, but some research beforehand can be very beneficial. After all, we have several resources to see whether life in a certain area will be good or not.

    If you are out of state, you might wonder whether Michigan is a good state to live in. The statistics show that there are a lot of people moving to this state every year. With some great public schools, reasonable average rent, and decent job opportunities, this phenomenon is no surprise.

    Within the state of Michigan, though, there are a lot of areas to consider and choose from. Along with looking up any apartment related info, you should think about the pros and cons of living in Taylor Township.

    Apartments in Taylor, MI

    So, what are Taylor apartments all about? Is the average rent rate acceptable for these difficult times? What are the Taylor residents like? The answers to these questions might influence the decision to move to Taylor, MI.

    An apartment in Taylor, MI might offer high-quality living, but the city of Keego Harbor is just nearby. This means that you have the ability to choose one option among these. To see whether Taylor, MI is a viable decision for your new home, you should know the pros and cons of its apartments in detail. Let’s have a look at each one.

    Pros of Apartments in Taylor, MI

    1. Location and Population

    The population of Taylor, MI is around 61,000, making it a fairly popular place. It is located in Wayne County and is near some big cities as well.

    The population here mostly consists of young adults who are ready to start their own family. With the median age being around 38, one may expect a fairly active and driven atmosphere in this town. The population is quite diverse, which means that people of different cultures and ethnicities should not have much trouble fitting in.

    Moving to Taylor, MI can be a great opportunity for you if you are comfortable in interacting with people of a different ethnicity.

    2. Reasonable Cost of Living and Low Crime Rate

    At present, Taylor, MI is among the most affordable towns in the state of Michigan. The median home value is about $96,300 – quite a bit below the national average. The median rent is almost $900 in Taylor, MI, which is again lower than the country’s average. Since rent is such a big part of our monthly expenses, these rent rates make the cost of living very affordable in this town.

    The crime rate in Taylor is also quite low. Residents say that they have little qualms about walking outside after dark. While there are some worrisome incidents, it is relatively safe in the Taylor neighborhood.

    3. Choice of Apartments and a Decent School System

    Taylor also offers a reasonable choice in the kind of housing you want. There are several studio apartments to choose from if that is what suits you. Finding a two bedroom apartment is also possible, even if you have specific requirements such as hardwood floors.

    Taylor has quite a few schools – both public and private. These include Trillium Academy and Allen Academy. The Taylor school district is known for its quality education, though the same can be said of most areas within Michigan. However, you might also want to consider these top Keego Harbor schools which might also conclude that Keego Harbor can be an ideal place to move to as well. Learn how to find an apartment in a new city here.

    4. A lot of Entertainment Options, including Parks

    In Taylor, you do not need to be bored or at a loose end. Most apartment complexes will have an office or shared network if you don’t have your own Wi-Fi. However, always make sure that you are not using any misconfigured or infected devices. An office or shared network can easily result in infected devices, so always be on your guard. Ask the network administrator about the proper settings and conduct a regular anti-virus scan.

    If you have had enough of the internet, there are several parks to enjoy in the vicinity. You can go to Allen Park or Lincoln Park to relax or form a personal connection with the regulars there. Some places might only give you temporary access, so make sure to check out their availability beforehand.

    There are also a few coffee shops and eateries scattered around the area. Again, many of them offer an office or shared network for their patrons. You may ask the network administrator for the password to gain temporary access, if required. Again, though, make sure not to use any misconfigured or infected devices.

    Cons of Apartments in Taylor, MI

    Living in Taylor, MI might be nice, but there are some downsides to consider. Let’s have a look at these now.

    There might be a lot of Rules, a lot of Rentals, and Unemployment in some Areas

    The apartments here may come with a lot of rules, such as no pets allowed, curfews, or only temporary access to communal areas. The limitations might make many tenants rethink their decision to live here.

    Some residents complain that most of the housing here is now just for rent, not for sale. This could be problematic if we want to invest in some property nearby or buy a rental they have a personal connection with.

    While there are several decent job opportunities in Michigan, some spots in Taylor might not be too accommodating. Some companies are laying off employees and some plants have also closed, which has resulted in a lot of financial trouble. All in all, this makes it difficult to form a personal connection with any job.

    If you are using an office or shared network, it is important to avoid any infected devices. There may not always be a network administrator to sort things out, so you may end up with infected devices despite conducting an anti-virus scan.

    Comparing Apartments in Taylor to Keego Harbor

    If living around the same area is possible, you might want to consider Keego Harbor instead. Along with this, here are some reasons that make us consider Keego Harbor above all:

    1. Low maintenance costs – most apartments in Keego Harbor, MI will not require payment for repairs and maintenance. All this is usually included in the rental fees. Learn what is considered emergency maintenance in an apartment here.

    2. You have to pay less money upfront – everyone needs to pay a security deposit. Other than that, you can move in without any additional fees. Some places might even offer discounts on the deposit. Learn what is a security deposit for an apartment here.

    3. Amazing events occurring at no extra cost – conduct an anti-virus scan, and then use your device to look up activities and events in the area. If none come up, ask the network administrator or property manager.

    4. Provides access to great amenities – in Keego Harbor, most apartments have exciting amenities that you can access 24/7. These include shopping centers, swimming pools, fitness centers, Keego Harbor parks and rec, etc.

    The Takeaway

    When you decide to move to Taylor, MI, make sure to start preparing well in advance. Keep in mind how many bedrooms you need and check out the middle schools your children will be attending. As always, make sure to conduct an anti-virus scan when using any public network or possibly infected devices. Misconfigured or infected devices can cause many losses, so be careful with your temporary access networks.

    When all is said and done, we might conclude that Taylor, MI is a great place to live in. You can settle down here, develop a personal connection with the residents, and have a lovely rental home as well. However, it does seem like Keego Harbor is a better choice. With some excellent schools, more facilities, and an overall enviable lifestyle, Keego Harbor residents seem to have it all! If you are looking for more information, do check out the top rentals in Keego Harbor, MI today, starting with Cass Lake Front Apartments.

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