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    Apartments In Taylor, MI vs. Keego Harbor, Michigan

    June 7, 2021 at 1:38 pm · · Comments Off on Apartments In Taylor, MI vs. Keego Harbor, Michigan

    Apartments In Taylor, MI vs. Keego Harbor, Michigan

    Are you planning on moving to Michigan, but aren’t sure exactly where to look for an apartment? There is no need to worry since you can find a home in Keego Harbor or locate top-quality apartments in Taylor, MI.

    With that said, a question might arise on which between Taylor, MI and Keego Harbor offers the best apartments for rent. What should you consider while choosing apartments in the cities? This article will explore the differences between the two cities when it comes to apartment living.

    Apartments in Taylor, MI

    Taylor is located in Wayne County and is one of the most popular towns in Michigan, with a population of approximately 61,379. To find the best and cheaper apartment, you can use ‘map data 2021 Google.’

    The Cost of Living in Taylor, MI

    Taylor, MI, was established a long time ago and has since developed into one of the most affordable towns in Michigan. The median home value in the town is $96,300, which is below the national average. The median monthly rent in Taylor, MI stands at $880, which is also below the national average. Generally, the cost of living in Taylor is more affordable than most cities in Michigan.

    Social Amenities and Other Facilities

    It’s important to state that the crime rate in Taylor, MI is also lower than the national average. This means that it’s safer to settle in Taylor, MI.

    It’s also easier to get a job in Taylor, however the town’s median household income of $50,053 is below the national average of $62,843. In case you are worried about your children’s education, Taylor offers a variety of public and private schools, including Allen Elementary and Trillium Academy.

    Taylor also has parks where you can go for enjoyment and include Hazel Park and Lincoln Park. The town also has a lot of coffee shops and restaurants.

    Parkview-Taylor Apartments: 22091 Parkview Dr., Taylor, MI 48180

    The Parkview-Taylor Apartments, located at 22091 Parkview Dr., Taylor, MI, was built about 16 years ago with 3 beds apartments, 2 car garages, and 2.5 bathrooms. The apartments are among the best in Taylor and are developed with an excellent floor plan. However, no pets are allowed there.

    The homes have quality features and amenities, including a washer/dryer, dishwasher, hardwood floors, and air conditioning. The balconies for these apartments are also spacious. Available utilities include water, sewer, and trash removal.

    Parkview Dr. is just a few minutes from Wayne County Community College. It’s also closer to the University of Michigan and Baker College of Allen Park.

    Alternatively, it’ll cost you $1,400 per month for a studio 1 bed, $1,650 per month for 2 beds, and $1,900 per month for 3 beds, if you decide to rent nearby apartments such as Southgate, MI. Use Google Map Data 2021 to locate 1 bedroom apartments in Southgate, MI, for as low as $690 per month.

    Apartments in Keego Harbor, MI

    You can also take your time to look for an apartment in Keego Harbor, MI, which is located in Oakland County. The 2021 Google Map Data can help you find the best apartment here.

    There are various reasons why you should consider renting an apartment in Keego Harbor. For instance, at Cass Lake Front Apartments, you have 24/7 maintenance service and free public lake access.

    Here are reasons that make Keego Harbor the best place to stay:

    There is Zero Maintenance Cost

    For most apartments in Keego Harbor, you won’t pay anything for maintenance and repairs. If you would like something to be repaired in your apartment, inform your landlord or property manager. In most cases, maintenance and repair cost is included in your rental fee.

    Less Money is Paid Upfront

    Renting an apartment in this location won’t require you to pay a lot of money before moving in. All you are required to pay is the security deposit, and then you’re good to go. Sometimes there are even better offers, including discounts on the security deposit or no move-in fees, especially if you have excellent credit.

    You’ll Enjoy Fun Events at No Cost

    When you choose to settle in Keego Harbor, you should be ready to participate in various activities and events throughout the year, and at no extra cost. For instance, at Cass Lake apartments, there are activities for parents and kids.

    Access to the Best Amenities

    In most apartments, there are exciting amenities that are available 24/7. Some apartments offer swimming pools and fitness centers. There are also exciting parks and shopping centers where you can spend quality time.

    Cass Lake Front Apartments: 1754 Cass Lake Front, Keego Harbor, MI 48320

    Although these apartments were developed several years ago, they’re the best units in all of Keego Harbor. Apart from being well-designed, they are also affordable. You’ll have access to Cass Lake and other recreational and hiking spots, including Webb Park and Sunset Park.

    Whether you are looking for a studio 1 bed or 2 beds, this is the place for you. The only downside here is that they do not offer 3 beds.

    The Cass Lake area has a collection of boutiques, museums, art galleries, restaurants, and other conveniences that you might find helpful. The units are designed with luxury in mind, and include:

    ●     High-end appliances
    ●     Granite countertops
    ●     Modern and contemporary cabinetry
    ●     Master walk-in closet

    Whether it’s a 1 bed or 2 beds unit, each is spacious enough to make you feel at home. There are several community amenities, including on-site laundry, covered carport parking, and a comfortable outdoor area.

    Final Verdict

    If you decide to settle in Michigan and are looking for an apartment to rent, you can consider either Taylor, MI, or Keego Harbor. However, we recommend that you go to Keego Harbor.

    Keego Harbor will offer you quality housing features including at an affordable rate. The average rent in Keego Harbor is also lower than the national average.

    With all of this said, don’t just take our word for it. If you want to access the best apartments for rent in either Taylor, MI or Keego Harbor, MI, go through the Data 2021 Google Map, such as zip codes, to locate top apartments.

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