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    1-Bedroom Apartment vs. Studio: Which is Better for You?

    September 12, 2022 at 12:18 pm · · Comments Off on 1-Bedroom Apartment vs. Studio: Which is Better for You?

    1-Bedroom Apartment vs. Studio: Which is Better for You?

    Justin Becker

    Updated: September 26, 2022

    There are times when a small space is perfectly fine for your living needs. Whether you have a tiny family, are part of a couple, or living alone, a one bedroom apartment or studio apartment could be viable choices. They are also among the most cost-effective living options, making them a popular choice when you have to live in the city center.

    A regular apartment building today will likely have both studio apartments and one bedroom apartments within its structure. The question is; which one is better for your needs and requirements? While considering in-unit laundry hookups and square footage, there is a lot to know about moving into an apartment.

    What Exactly is a Studio Apartment?

    A studio apartment mostly consists of just one room. This will not be a bedroom apartment since there are no separate rooms. The cooking space, sleeping space, dining space, and living space are all within one large room.

    Most units usually have a separate bathroom, but a laundry room is a rare occurrence in studio apartments. However, you may expect the same square footage or even more than a one bedroom apartment.

    Alcove Studio Apartments

    An alcove studio apartment offers a nook for the bed. While this is not a whole separate bedroom, it gives a sense of the privacy you get in a one bedroom apartment. This separate space usually has a curtain, but obviously won’t shield any sounds from other occupants in the studio apartment. If you prefer a noise-free apartment, it is wise to look for 1-bedroom apartments for rent.

    Junior One Bedroom Apartments

    These are actually a type of studio apartment. Such apartments have a proper wall between the bedroom and the rest of the unit. While this results in a smaller space for non-bedroom life, it gives a nice sense of privacy. As this is just a single room, you should know that it is still a studio apartment and not a proper one bedroom apartment.

    What Exactly is a One Bedroom Apartment?

    One bedroom apartments are those that offer at least one separate bedroom. There might also be separate rooms for the kitchen, laundry, etc. Studio and one bedroom apartments might have similar square footage depending on where you are looking. You might want to read up on what is a good size for a one bedroom apartment before signing any leases.

    1-Bedroom Apartment vs. Studio

    Cozy studio apartment design with bedroom and living space. Hotel room panoramic window, double bed, sofa and coffee table. Urban apartment concept

    If your perfect apartment location has both a studio and a one bedroom apartment available, the choice can be tough. Both studios and one bedroom apartments come with their pros and cons. Wondering what these are?

    Let’s have a look now:

    The Pros of Living in a Studio Apartment

    Here are the most major pros of living in a studio vs. one bedrooms apartments:

    A Lower Expected Cost and Easy Furnishing

    If your aim is to get more space for the same price, a studio vs. one bedroom decision will usually be in the former’s favor. Of course, this is considering that you are looking at studios and one bedroom apartments in the same area.

    When you consider the expenses when moving into an apartment, one of the most major ones is the moving cost. A studio apartment can help cut this cost, since it does not require much furniture in any case. Plus, it is pretty easy to fit any large or oversized pieces you have picked up along the way.

    Great for Living Alone

    Are you an introvert, happily single, or just value your independence a lot? If so, a studio will be the right apartment for your daily living. You can make the space your own, come and go as you like, and pay less rent than those in a one bedroom apartment. Plus, you will probably get more space without all those pesky walls. Learn how to find a studio apartment that is right for you here.

    The Cons of Living in a Studio Apartment

    Here are the cons you should consider before signing off on a studio apartment:

    Limited Space

    Yes, you have more space overall, but a lot less space for having a home routine. A lot of times, your living area things might spill into your ‘bedroom’ and vice versa. Learn how to arrange furniture in a small living room apartment here.

    Not every piece of furniture will fit perfectly into a studio apartment. While large pieces, like a dining table, might fit easily, it will take up a lot of room. If it is a very small apartment to begin with, you may have to look for loft beds or do with sofa beds for some time.

    The Pros of Living in One Bedroom Apartments

    Here are the top pros of living in one bedrooms:

    A Great Choice for Couples and Small Families

    If you are a couple or a family with just one child, a one bedroom could be the perfect and most economical choice. Such a unit allows family members to have their space when they feel like it. However, it will not be a viable living situation for you when the child grows up or you have more kids. In that situation, it will be time to search for a more spacious apartment with an additional bedroom.

    A Little Flexibility

    If your apartment building allows it, you can even look at how to turn an apartment living room into a bedroom. It will require some sacrifices if you want to make this a permanent thing, but will be a cost-effective solution to a growing family or more roommates. That is when you should search for some unique bedroom ideas online.

    More Control Over Space

    If you are considering living with a roommate, a one bedroom is preferable to a studio. This way, you get to have some space that is your own. It can be as messy, weird, or squeaky clean as you like. Everyone can live with their own quirks and still interact whenever they want. With a little more rent, you get to have a bit more freedom and independence when starting out in life.

    The Cons of Living in One Bedroom Apartments

    A thorough apartment search also requires that you look at the cons of each apartment. For one bedroom units, these are the possible downsides:

    A Higher Cost and More Cleaning

    It is evident that a one bedroom will be more costly than studios. However, they are also likely to offer more privacy and amenities. The exact difference in cost will depend on where you are looking, but you can expect an average of a $250 increase.

    Apartment maintenance can get difficult, especially if you have a career and family to consider. With a studio, you have a more wide open space that makes for easier cleaning. With one bedroom units, you will have more rooms to clean and maintain. Checkout these maintenance tips for apartments.

    The Takeaway

    A studio apartment will be perfect for someone who does not have much furniture and will not be spending the whole day there. Before moving in, you may want to look up how to declutter your apartment to make the most of a studio apartment space.

    However, one bedroom apartments are better for those who want to have a proper living space to entertain guests. They are also best if you just prefer designated and private spaces for watching TV, cooking, dining, etc. Those who work from home will also prefer one bedroom units so that they can separate their living and working spaces.

    The pros and cons above can be important points for some and negligible for others. All in all, it boils down to your unique lifestyle, goals, and the area you live in. Make sure to consider it all before deciding where you want to live. Book an apartment tour today and see what jumps out!

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