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    How to Deep Clean an Apartment

    October 31, 2022 at 10:31 am · · Comments Off on How to Deep Clean an Apartment

    How to Deep Clean an Apartment

    Justin Becker

    Updated: November 14, 2022

    Even though renting is not technically ownership of a property, one can argue that apartments are still significant investments and are not cheap.

    I think we can all agree that we want to keep our apartments clean and tidy.

    There are some unique advantages of renting an apartment, but that does not mean they don’t need a good deep cleaning from time to time.

    Whether it is time for spring cleaning or you just need to get more organized, it’s time to use a little elbow grease and get down to business.

    Having a deep cleaning checklist is a great start if you want to deep clean your apartment. A checklist will help you break down all the deep cleaning tasks that need to be completed.

    Most of us take the time to at least stay relatively organized and tidy up, but it’s rarer to see a true deep clean performed. One in which you target several key areas. We are talking about a deep clean that requires a deep clean checklist and the right cleaning supplies to get the job done.

    Not to worry. Today, we intend to cover not only what cleaning supplies you can use to complete a deep clean of your apartment, but we will also cover some of the areas to focus on when deep cleaning the apartment.

    In short, we want to cover some essential deep cleaning tips.

    Before diving into the cleaning supplies you will need to use when deep cleaning your apartment and what to focus on, let’s cover some basics.

    How to Deep Clean an Apartment

    Cleaning Supplies

    Deep cleaning an apartment may seem easy, but, in all reality, not many likely know how to clean an apartment in the essential areas where it matters most.

    The amount of work involved with deep cleaning will also depend on the size of an apartment.

    Some of you may have different reasons for wanting to perform a deep clean. Maybe you plan to sublease your apartment and want the best chance of impressing a potential subletter. Maybe you are a long-term renter and want to perform a deep clean for your own satisfaction.

    Regardless of the reason, it is essential to have the right supplies and a plan. Not only will you save time, but you will also perform the deep clean quickly and with great results.

    To clean your apartment, you have a few checklist items you should get in order before beginning. Ultimately, this will help you clean your apartment more efficiently and effectively.

    You can clean your apartment faster and better if you prepare before kick starting the process.

    Standard Cleaning Materials that You May or May Not Need

    When you embark on the deep cleaning process, you might be overwhelmed before you even begin.

    Part of this is because you don’t know which cleaning supplies are best or which cleaning supplies you may or may not need.

    Due to this, we decided to start with a quick list of some of the basic supplies that will make the deep clean much more straightforward.

    Depending on what exactly needs the deep clean, you may or may not need some of these supplies.

    Additionally, you may decide to swap some supplies with more modern cleaning tools. For example, with hard surface floors, some may prefer to use a steam mop or a Swiffer-wet jet.

    While this is a viable approach and will get the job done, we wanted to keep the list as basic as possible.

    You can find or purchase most of the items below at any store.

    A good majority of the things you may already have sitting around in the apartment under a kitchen sink or stored away in a storage closet.

    Let’s look at that list:

    ●       Rubber Gloves

    ●       Old Toothbrush

    ●       Lemon Juice

    ●       Distilled White Vinegar

    ●       Disinfecting Wipes

    ●       Hot Water or Warm Water

    ●       White Vinegar

    ●       Wood Cleaner

    ●       Damp Cloth

    ●       Scrub Brush

    ●       Microfiber Cloth

    ●       Paper Towels

    ●       Other Home Remedies or Cleaning Solutions

    ●       Dish Soap

    ●       Glass Cleaner

    ●       Baking Soda

    Common Spots to Clean Inside Your Apartment

    Now that we know what supplies will help us the most during the deep cleaning process, we need to move to the next step in the deep cleaning checklist.

    You have your supplies gathered, but now you need an easy checklist of the areas inside the apartment where you need to focus the most time and effort. Especially for those genuinely trying to get the job done the right way.

    deep cleaning checklist

    These areas of the deep cleaning process are also for those trying to do a complete job with your deep cleaning and who want to hit the spots that most often get neglected.

    None of the areas of the apartment we will cover below are listed in any order, and everything listed in this discussion should be considered and cleaned if it applies to you.

    Let’s get down to business.

    Garbage Disposal

    Garbage disposals need some love, too. One of the best ways to clean a garbage disposal is to sprinkle ½ cup of baking soda into the drain. Then, add white vinegar and allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes. Next, power the garbage disposal with hot water running to drain the baking soda and white vinegar mix.

    The baking soda and distilled white vinegar mix would have worked its magic during this timeframe, leaving the garbage disposal smelling and looking clean.

    Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

    When cleaning cabinets, the main thing you want to do is to make sure you clean all the dust off the surface. This is relatively easy, assuming it doesn’t require any potent chemicals.

    Typically, a Pledge surface cleaner spray bottle and a damp microfiber cloth can quickly get the job done.

    Shower, Shower Curtains, and Showerhead

    Showers and toilets always tend to be the least favorite cleaning spots, and it is common for people to wait too long in between cleanings.

    Nevertheless, it needs to be done. The good news is that deep cleaning a shower is not overly complicated.

    Use a scrub brush and a cleaning solution, such as warm water and hydrogen peroxide. This mixture will do a great job cleaning mildew and mold, which is common in wet areas such as the shower.

    Make sure to clean all the shower walls, grout lines, and tiles as well. It is also best to check the areas where the floor seals to the base of the shower. If a shower door is present, such as a glass in-and-out door, clean the edges and seal spots where water tends to build up.

    It would help if you also used some white vinegar to clean your shower heads. This will aid in unclogging the showerhead and re-open the water flow, while removing the soap and water scum.

    Lastly, be sure to wash your shower curtain per the directions provided by the manufacturer.

    Ceiling Fans

    Ceiling fans are one of the most common areas to neglect inside an apartment.

    Out of sight and out of mind. Dust and dirt debris can easily begin to collect on the fan blades, so it is best to take the time to clean them during a deep clean.

    A microfiber towel with some warm water will do the trick. Or, if you choose, you can use paper towels and pledge to clean the blades.

    Hit both sides of the blades for the best results and clean the inside of the light fixture attached to the ceiling fan. Learn how to reduce dust in an apartment here.

    Clean Windows, Mirrors, and Window Treatments

    Glass cleaner and paper towels will be needed to complete this job, but this is one of the most satisfying parts of the deep cleaning process. It is very noticeable to see clean mirrors and windows in an apartment clear of smudge and smears.

    If you have window treatments, it is also worth cleaning them during the deep clean. This will depend on the kind of window treatments you have, so be sure to follow the guidelines for your specific window treatments.

    Toilet and Toilet Seat

    Deep cleaning a toilet seat and toilet is another relatively easy deep cleaning task to complete.

    Use some rubber gloves, paper towels, and white vinegar. The vinegar will help disinfect the toilet, while also removing any stains.

    Light Fixtures

    We touched on how cleaning ceiling fans is essential during the deep cleaning process because of how often they are neglected. Light fixtures also apply.

    Light fixtures are typically straightforward to clean, as they require light dusting and an easy wipe-down with some warm dishwater and a little dish soap. Go around the apartment and hit each light fixture.

    Garbage Cans and Recycling Bins

    Depending on which floor of the apartment building you occupy, you may or may not have garbage cans to worry about cleaning.

    With that said, deep cleaning your garbage cans is another super easy job. Make sure the garbage cans are entirely empty. Begin by rinsing the garbage can with warm water and dish soap. You can also use a mixture with some lemon juice to help with odor control.

    Once the garbage can is rinsed, give it a good scrub with a scrub brush and rinse the garbage cans one more time.

    Allow the garbage cans to dry, and you are good to go.

    Wood Furniture

    Wood furniture is easy to deep clean. In most scenarios, you must complete a thorough dusting job on all wood furniture throughout the apartment.

    Other smell-good and feel-good cleaners, such as pledge, can leave the apartment smelling and looking great to add the finishing touches. Learn more on how to get your apartment to smell good here.

    Hardwood Floors

    Deep cleaning hardwood floors only takes a few simple steps.

    Begin by using a dry mop or broom, and remove all dirt and debris visible on the floors.

    Next, you can use a wet mop or a mop equipped with a microfiber towel to avoid causing any harm to the hard-surfaced floors and scratching.

    If a mop doesn’t quite get the job done when cleaning the hardwood floors, you can use a plastic putty knife to remove additional debris or scum buildup on the floors.

    Once complete, you can use store-purchased hardwood shining products to add a nice layer of shine and give your hardwood the finishing touches.

    Overall, depending on how much flooring you need to cover in your apartment, this should be one of the most straightforward deep cleaning tasks to complete.

    Primary Living Space

    When deep cleaning your primary living space in an apartment, you have some variables. It will depend on factors such as the flooring type and your furnishings.

    For starters, you can either shampoo carpets or deep clean hard-surfaced floors by mopping or using a more advanced and modern tool, such as a Swiffer wet jet or steam mop.

    Be sure to move items off shelves, coffee tables, and TV stands for furnishings. Dust all the furnishings and wipe down all your surfaces.

    For furniture such as couches, chairs, and even your bed, you can begin by washing all your blankets and removable pillowcases.

    For the furniture itself, it is going to depend on the material used. Some couches will be easy to shampoo and steam clean. In contrast, others may be better served by vacuuming, removing cushions, and cleaning beneath.

    Be sure to check the material on your specific furniture to ensure you are using the right approach with your deep cleaning in an effort to avoid causing any damage or tearing to your table. Learn how much it costs to furnish an apartment here, if you are interested.

    The Takeaway: Deep Cleaning is Time-Consuming, but Worth the Effort

    We can all admit at least one thing when it comes to deep cleaning; once it  is complete, it’s a very satisfying feeling.

    It is much more enjoyable to relax in a clean apartment than just tidying up, but knowing in the back of your mind that the true deep clean remains unfinished.

    While it may take some work, deep cleaning should be performed. Not only can it prevent germs and allergens, but it is an excellent way to maintain a property and enjoy your living space.

    The real question is, why not perform a deep clean and maximize the potential of your new space? Here is hoping these tips help you achieve maximum cleanliness.

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