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Cass Lake Front Apartments Pet Policy

October 12, 2020 at 1:51 pm · ·0 comments

Cass Lake Front Apartments Pet Policy

Moving to a new apartment home is exciting, but it is definitely not research-free. In fact, there are a few things you need to read up on when it comes to relocating to a new apartment community or complex.

One item in particular that you need to get better acquainted with is your apartment complex’s pet policy, even if you do not have pets, and here is why. You may want a furry friend in the future, so it helps to know the rules and regulations. That said, if you do have a pet you plan on bringing with you to your new place, then you absolutely need to know what the policies are. Thus, to better assist you, here is a quick rundown of Cass Lake Front Apartments‘ pet policies.


Cass Lake Front Apartments is a pet-friendly establishment and understands that your pet is a member of your family. As a result, you will not be bombarded with fees and additional pet expenses. In fact, all you will be responsible for is a deposit and pet rent. Many other apartment communities in the area require a deposit (per pet), rent per pet, a cleaning fee, and more. Here, at Cass Lake Front Apartments, upon approval, you can expect to pay a one-time non-refundable pet fee of $250. Note, dogs over 30 lbs. require a $500 non-refundable deposit.


In terms of pet rent, Cass Lake Front Apartments has a rather affordable and reasonable monthly pet rent of $25 for one pet. If you have two pets in your apartment home, then your monthly pet rent will only be $50. Again, some places charge twice as much per pet, but here, no one is trying to take you for all you have just because you want to live with your furry best friend.

Additional Fees

As briefly mentioned, there are no additional fees. Obviously, if your puppy or kitten is not housebroken yet, you may have to pay a cleaning fee when your lease is up. Nevertheless, there is a $50 per pet cleaning fee for failure to clean up after your pet on apartment grounds. Other than that, there are no additional or surprise fees here at Cass Lake Front Apartments.


Of course, as much as the community adores pets, Cass Lake Front Apartments cannot allow its residents to have four dogs or a dozen cats. Thus, the limit per unit is two pets. Not only does this make life more manageable for you since you are renting an apartment and not a house, but it also means your pet can have a buddy. Of course, no one wants to say goodbye to their pets in order to go to work or school, but most people have to. Here, you can rest assured that your pets have each other while you are gone.

Breed Restrictions

Similar to other apartment communities, Cass Lake Front Apartments does have breed restrictions. The reality is though we are a pet friendly establishment, there are just certain pets that make better apartment roommates than others. As a result, residents can have dogs and cats. This includes kittens and puppies under the age of one. Note, all breeds of dogs are allowed except the following: Akita, Chow, Alaskan Malamute, Doberman Pinschers, Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Wolf Dog Hybrids, and Saint Bernards. This is not an exhaustive list, and Cass Lake Front Apartments reserves the right to add to this breed restriction list at any time. Note, breed restrictions do not apply for seeing-eye or service dogs (for more information on service animals, see below).

Pet Requirements

In addition to breed restrictions, there are several pet requirements. For instance, dogs need to have a current MI License, and cats must be spayed and neutered. Moreover, you cannot allow your pet to roam the premise freely or without a leash. This also means you cannot leave your pet tied up and unattended. Plus, dogs cannot be taken off the premise for toileting. Thus, even if your furry friend prefers to go in a neighborhood setting, it is not allowed. In fact, private homes, parks, and other areas deemed off the premises are off limits. Note, if you violate these rules, fines, and possible termination of tenancy can be expected.

Approval Process

Obviously, your pet must be approved by management in order for you to have your furry friend in your unit. Here, the approval process is pretty straightforward. Your pet must be a non-restricted breed, be up-to-date with his or her shots, be spayed/neutered and licensed (if applicable). Once your pet is approved, all you have to do is make sure you have the necessary funds for the deposit and pet rent moving forward.

Pet Insurance

A common question that many new tenants have is if they need to have pet insurance? Well, it is not required, and, for the most part, any issues that may arise with your pet are likely covered by your renters insurance. A prime example of this is if your dog bites your guest, then your policy should cover a certain portion of the damages. However, in terms of pet health insurance, that is entirely up to you as the owner.

Renters Pet Insurance Cost and Coverage

If you are wondering what “renters pet insurance” covers and how much it costs, typically, renters insurance will cost you anywhere from $12 to $25 per month. Of course, renters insurance is customizable, and therefore your prices may vary depending on the coverage you want.

That said, for $20 a month, you can have $30,000 to $50,000 worth of damage covered (this will likely include a small or nominal deductible). Ultimately, this will safeguard your personal belongings and give you access to funds for any pet-caused damage. Plus, if you choose a company that does offer pet health insurance, you may be able to bundle your policies.

Service Animals

As briefly mentioned above, seeing-eye dogs for the blind or service animals have their own set of rules and regulations. The most important one is that according to the Fair Housing Act (FHA), service animals are not subject to pet rent, fees, deposits, and restrictions.

Pet Amenities

If you are curious about what pet amenities Cass Lake Front Apartments offers, there are a few. For instance, there are open green spaces, nearby pet parks, walking trails, and designated areas for your pet to do his or her business.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about our pet policies or if you have any questions, then do not hesitate to contact a Cass Lake Front Apartments management team member for assistance.

Policy Recap

Here is a quick overview of Cass Lake Front Apartments’ Pet Policies:

  • Non-Refundable Pet Deposit/Fee: $250 for pets under 30 lbs., $500 for dogs over 30 lbs.
  • Monthly Pet Rent: $25 for one pet, $50 for two pets
  • Failure to Clean Up After Toileting Fee/Fine: $50
  • Straightforward Approval Process
  • Breed Restrictions Apply
  • Limit of 2 Pets
  • Pet Requirements: Spayed/Neutered, current MI license, and leash requirement
  • Pet Insurance: Not required; should still have renters insurance however
  • Service Animals: not subject to pet rent, fees, deposits, and restrictions
  • Pet Amenities Available

Take Away

Ultimately, having a pet can be a great comfort for you and your whole family. Thus, opting to experience apartment living should not mean that you cannot have pets. Here, at Cass Lake Front Apartments, we want our tenants and their pets to feel right at home.

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Top 5 Apartments for Rent in Keego Harbor

July 13, 2020 at 12:29 pm · ·Comments Off on Top 5 Apartments for Rent in Keego Harbor

Top 5 Apartments for Rent in Keego Harbor

Are you considering an apartment in Keego Harbor, but don’t know where to begin? Well, you are not alone. Keego Harbor has a variety of apartment homes available, however narrowing down your options is often where most people struggle.

The good news is that you have already completed one of the crucial steps—you have decided on a location. This is wonderful, but when considering the location of your future apartment home, try mulling over some things you would like to see in your potential neighborhood or community.

For instance, if you want convenient beach access, then add that to the list. That said, after you have fine-tuned your location, it is time to figure out what you actually want in apartment features and what you can afford. Finally, do not forget to factor in your desired amenities.

Once your apartment hunting checklist is created, the real fun begins—also known as the apartment shopping. Nevertheless, no one really has the time to check out every single apartment complex around town. So, to better assist you in your search for the best apartment home in Keego Harbor, here are the top five apartments for rent in and around Keego Harbor right now.

Keego Harbor

Just a quick note about Keego Harbor for any newcomers, this incredible city offers lakeside living at its finest. Though Keego Harbor is a smaller community, it is still one of the best lake towns around with several freshwater lakes such as Cass Lake, Sylvan Lake, and Crystal Lake—to name a few.

For many Michiganders who don’t like making that 3+ hour trek up North, this city is ideal. In fact, Keego Harbor is centrally located, so if you currently live in the Metro-Detroit area, you can get here in less than 30 minutes. All of this makes for a great future here because you are never too far away from major cities like Waterford, Pontiac, and West Bloomfield, plus you get to enjoy the perks of lake life.

That being said, let’s get into the top five apartments for rent in Keego Harbor, from least to greatest.

  1. Cass Lake Shore Club

Number five on our list is Class Lake Shore Club. These apartments are actually located closer to Waterford Township, but they made the list, anyway, for several reasons. The first being that this complex offers affordable lake living. The truth is everyone loves living by the lake, but not everyone has lakefront property money in the bank. Yet, these apartment homes make life at the lake a reality, starting at just $675 a month for a 1-bedroom apartment with 809 square feet of living space.

Cass Lake Shore Club also has two-bedroom apartments available that come in a variety of layouts and styles. These multi-room units range from $770 to $1,140 a month and have a minimum of 964 square feet of living space.

Here you will find great communal amenities like boat dock rentals, a clubhouse, a fitness area, water access, and a volleyball court. The units themselves have open layouts, in-unit washer/dryers, storage, heating and cooling, plus more. Cass Lake Shore Club also allows pets with some conditions (2 pet limit, rent, and deposit).

  1. Crystal Lake Apartments

Crystal Lake Apartments comes in at number four on the list. This apartment community is closer to Pontiac, but still has a lot to offer potential residents. For instance, this quiet apartment complex, as the name implies, is situated right off of Crystal Lake and thus has wonderful waterfront views. In addition to that, this community has an oversized residents swimming pool that overlooks the lake, a sundeck, covered parking, 24-hour emergency maintenance, and more.

Here, the apartment homes are 1 to 2 bedroom units with 900 to 1200 square feet of living space. The one-bedroom units are currently listed for $879, and two-bedroom units are approximately $979 a month.

Regardless of the floor plan, these apartments have up-close water views, spacious layouts, large closets, a full-size washer/dryer, extra storage, and central air conditioning. The pet policy at Crystal Lakes only allows for cats, and there is a $150 deposit plus $25 a month pet rent.

  1. Bloomfield On the River Apartments

Number three on our list is yet another Pontiac adjacent apartment community—Bloomfield On the River Apartments. Just off of Telegraph Road, these apartments are inexpensive and only a few minutes away from Sylvan Lake. Even though there are no lakefront views with this option, Bloomfield On the River is an excellent choice for anyone with a smaller budget.

Currently, these available 1 to 2-bedroom units offer a minimum of 625 square feet of living space and range from $595 to $720 a month. Utilities are also included—water, heat, trash, removal, and sewer. Consequently, this is a great deal.

The community itself offers carports, laundry facilities, a clubhouse, all kitchen appliances, air conditioning, and high-speed internet. Inside the units you will find sizable rooms, large closets, modern bathrooms, and balconies. This complex also allows pets with a two pet limit and a $20 a month pet rent fee.

  1. Orchard Woods Apartments

Orchard Woods Apartments is our runner up and another delightful apartment community near Pontiac. Located almost equidistant between Crystal Lake and Dawson Millpond (a reservoir off of Sylvan Lake), Orchard Wood Apartments is a quaint complex with affordable 1 to 2 bedroom units that are a max of 1,004 square feet of living space. The available units range from $615 – $850 a month and are ideal for college students and young professionals.

A few communal perks here include laundry facilities, air conditioning, possible furnishings, appliances, walk-in closets, and green outdoor spaces. The community itself is welcoming and located near multiple colleges/universities, which gives Orchard Woods a more youthful vibe with ample nearby fun/festivities. Pets are negotiable here, so inquire within.

  1. Cass Lake Front Apartments

Finally, number one of the list is none other than Cass Lake Front Apartments. Not only is this lavish apartment community off Cass Lake, but it is also in the middle of it all—in downtown Keego Harbor.

These apartment homes took the cake because they offer a little bit of everything. For example, you are almost on top of Cass Lake, the most populated recreational body of water in the area.

What’s more, you are only steps away from a lively downtown area that you can walk to, but still close enough to major roads and freeways like I-75 and US-24. The available 1 to 2-bedroom units here have contemporary high-end features, 750+ square feet of living space, great amenities like public lake/beach access, and so much more—all at an affordable price.

One-bedroom apartment homes are currently available for $825 a month, and two-bedroom apartments are $950 a month. Hence, living at Cass Lake Front Apartments is practically a no-brainer.

Take Away

When it comes to affordable waterfront living, it is not easy to find everything you want in an apartment. However, with apartment communities like Cass Lake Front Apartments, you can truly have it all.

Cass Lake Front Apartment units have all the latest home features, brand-name appliances, spacious rooms, upscale bathrooms, and patio/balconies. Furthermore, there is a lively atmosphere here, onsite management, 24-hour emergency maintenance, an online rent payment portal, designated parking, and an abundance of guest parking.

Therefore, if you are intrigued and would like to know more about life in downtown Keego Harbor, don’t delay—amazing luxury apartment homes like these won’t be available for long.

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11 Must See Places in Keego Harbor, Michigan

June 1, 2020 at 2:08 pm · ·Comments Off on 11 Must See Places in Keego Harbor, Michigan

11 Must See Places in Keego Harbor, Michigan

Keego Harbor is located just 30 miles north of Detroit, the largest city in Michigan. Residents enjoy their idyllic suburban town outside of the city. The population of Keego Harbor is just over 3,000 people. The state of Michigan includes thousands of miles of freshwater shoreline and Keego Harbor happens to be located on the shoreline of two large lakes. After being populated by wealthy Detroit residents that wanted lakefront property, Keego Harbor became a city in 1955. The residential community began to grow after gaining a trolley stop on the line that ran from Detroit to Pontiac. In Keego Harbor today, you will be able to enjoy water sports and public parks.

Whether you want to enjoy nature or an indoor educational space, there are plenty of things to do near Keego Harbor as Oakland County is among Michigan’s most populated counties. Enjoy water sports or relax on one of the lakes. Take a stroll through one of several family-friendly public parks. Dive into history at the Polish Home Army Museum. Even learn about art or science at one of the Cranbrook Educational Community’s institutions.

The Great Outdoors

Cass Lake

Keego Harbor is located on the shoreline of the largest and deepest lake in Oakland County. There are two public swim sites on Cass Lake in the city of Keego Harbor, which can be utilized by residents only. Casual lake-goers will enjoy lounging on the sandy beaches or cooling off in the freshwater lake. Around Cass Lake, there are concessions, picnic tables and restrooms for public use. Dodge State Park #4 is located on the northern side of Cass Lake. Cass Lake is an all sports lake but Dollar Lake is connected by a small canal for those who want to enjoy calmer waters. Oakland County residents also fish on Cass Lake throughout the year. There is plenty of space for experienced or laid-back anglers on the 1280 acre lake. It is common to catch Carp, Catfish, Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Sunfish, Walleye and Yellow Perch. Ice fishing off the boat launch is also popular in winter months.

Sylvan Lake

The smaller lake that lies within Keego Harbor is Sylvan Lake. This all sports lake is just 458 acres and is connected to Otter Lake on the north side. Residents can enjoy boating, jet skis, wakeboarding and other watersports on Sylvan Lake. The Oakland County Boat Club is a private, not-for-profit, social club and marina that has been located on Sylvan Lake since 1912. Fly fishing and baitcasting are both popular on the lake. Many fishermen say they catch plenty of fish, including Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Perch, Sunfish and Walleye.

City Parks

Hester Court Park: Access West Bloomfield Trail at Hester Court Park, a nearly seven mile long trail network. There is also room here for gatherings and the park features a picnic shelter, tables, swing set and a large playing field. There is limited parking.

Rose Sortor Park: Just behind City Hall, you will find a pond, trail, gazebo and a fountain. This picturesque spot is perfect for your lunch break or an outdoor space to enjoy a good book. There are parking spaces for about a dozen cars.

Baxter-Morgan Park: This public park has space for large gatherings. Meet with your group for a family reunion or other celebrations at one of the picnic shelters and tables. There is also a soccer field and playground equipment, but limited parking.

Tate-Optimist Park: There is a picnic shelter, tables and playground equipment, plus access to West Bloomfield Trail, the trail network that connects several cities. There is no public parking available at Tate-Optimist Park.

Fran Leaf Park: This park is on a canal, so you can enjoy a quaint natural space on the lake. There is also playground equipment and a picnic shelter. You can even walk to the Willow Beach swim site from the park.

Sunset Park: Enjoy a view of Cass Lake and a resting spot for pedestrians and cyclists. This pocket park helps to break up the streetscape of Cass Lake Road and allows residents a convenient place to relax.

Educational Institutions

Polish Home Army Museum

In Orchard Lake, just a few minutes from Keego Harbor’s city center, is the Polish Home Army Museum. The museum is dedicated to the Polish resistance movement during World War II. Exhibits include several photo displays, examples of arms and uniforms, documents, decorations and some street plans of Warsaw from 1944. The museum was dedicated in 1989, founded by members of the Michigan chapter of the Polish Home Army Association and the Detroit chapter of the Polish Resistance Foundation. Several dedicated members donated time to help make the museum ready for the public. Exhibits were also donated by veterans and their families.

Cranbrook Art Museum

Fifteen minutes from Keego Harbor, you will find modern and contemporary art at the Cranbrook Art Museum. The collections include pieces of art, architecture, craft and design from the 1880s to 2010s. The museum presents original exhibitions and educational programming to foster an appreciation for art. In addition to galleries and outdoor sculptures, Cranbrook has two historic homes from the early 1900s on the campus. Tours behind the scenes and of the historic homes are available regularly but tickets must be purchased in advance.

Cranbrook Institute of Science

The Cranbrook Educational Community comprises several institutions, including the Cranbrook Art Museum and the Cranbrook Institute of Science. The museum is considered a premier history and science museum. There are regular programs for kids and adults as well as summer camps. One highlight of the Institute of Science is the T-Rex skeleton cast. There is also a planetarium and observatory to view stars that may not be seen near large cities. Permanent and changing exhibits allow for a variety of learning opportunities. Children and families are sure to develop a passion for understanding the world around them through a variety of enthusiastic programs and exhibits.

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