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    The Average Keego Harbor Rent Rates

    April 7, 2021 at 1:39 pm · · Comments Off on The Average Keego Harbor Rent Rates

    The Average Keego Harbor Rent Rates

    Keego Harbor MI in Oakland County is a city with a small population of approximately 3,500 inhabitants, situated in an idyllic spot in between the glistening Cass and Sylvan lakes.

    In the early 1900s, Pontiac lawyer Joseph E. Sawyer purchased and built on the land Keego Harbor lies on. Sawyer gave the area the name Keego Harbor, Keego deriving from the Ojibwe word for fish.

    Today, Keego Harbor MI is a fantastic place to choose to live and has plenty of things to offer residents. The average rent in the city of Keego Harbor is $931, and the average size of an apartment is 882 square foot. In comparison to average rent in the city of Ann Arbor, which is considerably higher at $1,595, renting in Keego Harbor MI is quite affordable.

    How to find apartments for rent in Keego Harbor MI

    In order to find apartments to rent in the area which best meet all your needs, it is firstly vital to begin carrying out key research online.

    A good place to start looking for rental apartments in the Keego Harbor MI area is through search portals on real estate property websites such as and Up-to-date map data (such as Google Map data 2021) on real estate websites provides you with data and indicators about important aspects of the local area such as schools, crime rates, local grocery stores, noise levels, rental prices for property in different neighborhoods in Keego Harbor. A data map is a good way to inform yourself about the pros and cons of renting in different parts of Keego Harbor MI, and they help you know where exactly you should look to choose to rent a property.

    Budget considerations will be a key part of your search criteria when looking at apartments in Keego Harbor MI. In order to make sure you avoid paying way over the odds to rent apartments or houses in the local area, it is important to have a grasp of the local rental market and the average Keego Harbor rent rates.

    Keego Harbor Rent Rates

    When searching for an ideal studio apartment, you should make sure the average rent per month fits comfortably within your financial budget. It almost always works out cheaper to rent a studio apartment in Keego Harbor. However, it may well be worth forking out the added expense in rental costs every month for a one-bedroom apartment, given the benefits of the extra living space and privacy that a one-bedroom apartment offers you over studio apartments.

    Average rent for one-bedroom property apartments for rent in Keego Harbor MI

    One-bedroom properties in Keego Harbor come at an affordable price. The average rent for one-bedroom apartments in Keego Harbor MI is $988, which is below the U.S. national average rent for one-bedroom apartments of $1,098 per month.

    There are many splendid affordable one-bedroom property apartments in the Keego Harbor MI area to choose from.

    There are wonderful luxury one-bedroom property apartments on offer in Keego Harbor at Cass Lake Front Apartments 48320 off Cass Lake Front Road and Cass Lake Road. These luxurious one-bedroom homes come with scenic outdoor views, immaculately constructed floor plans, fantastic handy on-site amenities, contemporary interior apartment design features, a safe community environment and a helpful apartment management team who are available to assist residents with any maintenance or repair issues.

    Average rent for two-bedroom property apartments for rent in Keego Harbor MI

    If you need property with extra living space and extra bedrooms, apartments with two beds may be more appropriate for your needs.

    The average rent for apartments with two bedrooms in Keego Harbor is $1,128 per month. For this reasonable extra cost every month, you will be able to reap the benefits of having an extra bedroom and additional living space.

    There are splendid apartment properties with two bedrooms on offer at Cass Lake Front Apartments which come with picturesque views over Cass Lake, and have been designed with high-end comforts and features to meet all your needs.

    Average rent for three-bedroom apartments for rent in Keego Harbor MI

    If you have a growing family and require further living space, you may opt for an apartment with three bedrooms. The average rent for apartments with three beds in the area is a reasonable $1,294 per month.

    Overall cost of living in Keego Harbor MI

    Just how expensive is it to live in Keego Harbor MI? Here we break down how affordable it is to live in Keego Harbor by using the cost of living index indices based on a US average of 100 to compare cost of living factors in Keego Harbor to national averages.

    Housing (the cost of buying or renting a property not including bills or utilities) – Housing in Keego Harbor is 15.7% lower than the U.S. national average cost of housing. Therefore it is significantly cheaper to rent or buy houses or apartments in Keego Harbor.

    Grocery shopping – Grocery shopping is 4.1% lower in Keego Harbor than the national U.S. average.

    Healthcare costs – Costs related to healthcare are a whopping 18.6% lower in Keego Harbor than the U.S. national average cost of healthcare.

    Keego Harbor MI is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities

    Are you a lover of the outdoors?! Then Keego Harbor is a great place for you to choose to rent a property.

    Keego Harbor is a great place for watersports. Whether you choose to enjoy Cass Lake by taking out a kayak, or opting for the thrill seeking option of jet skiing, Cass Lake is the go-to local hotspot for water sports enthusiasts.

    Rental Boat trips across Cass Lake can also provide people magical serene picturesque moments during the summertime where temperatures in Keego Harbor reach up to 90 F.

    If you are looking for ideal outdoor spaces in Keego Harbor MI to practice sports, we suggest going to Baxter Morgan Park! It has amazing soccer fields for the residents of Keego Harbor to enjoy.

    There are also many fabulous bike and walking trails in Keego Harbor for families to explore and take advantage of.

    The wide range of public parks in Keego Harbor

    Keego Harbor is also home to a range of impressively spacious green public parks!

    The City of Keego Harbor Park located just off the water on Willow Beach Street is one our top recommendations for the best parks to relax in during the warmer months.

    Fran Leaf Park and Sunset Park have a splendid range of wildlife. Orchard Lake Nature Sanctuary is another local nature park which boasts native wildlife, trees, and plants.

    The best local restaurants in Keego Harbor

    There are many excellent local dine-in restaurants with scrumptious menus in Keego Harbor.

    If it’s a top quality mouthwatering breakfast you are after, look no further than Ellen’s Bakery & Cafe.  This dine-in restaurant also has vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free breakfast items on the menu. Although Ellen’s is famous locally for their breakfast specials, they offer lunch, dinner, dessert, and catering as well.

    Our top pick for the best dine-in family restaurant in the city is Gino’s Pizzeria, whether you fancy pizza, pasta, barbecued ribs, or fried chicken, Gino’s has dishes to meet all your family’s culinary desires. Gino’s menu even has vegan options too!  Gino’s is located on Cass Lake Road, a few steps away from Cass Lake, their hours of operation are 11:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday through Friday, and 11:00 am to 10:30 pm Saturday and Sunday.


    The average monthly cost of renting houses and apartments of all sizes in Keego Harbor is reasonably affordable. So do your sufficient research, then make sure you invest in renting a property in the friendly Keego Harbor community!

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