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    Top 5 Pet-Friendly Apartments in Michigan

    October 19, 2020 at 1:16 pm · · Comments Off on Top 5 Pet-Friendly Apartments in Michigan

    Top 5 Pet-Friendly Apartments in Michigan

    The state of Michigan is among the best ones to live in within the U.S., especially if you are fond of nature. The Great Lakes State has a lot to offer; an excellent elementary school system, loads of family-friendly areas, and gorgeous natural surroundings.

    If you are looking for a place to stay in Michigan, there are several housing options available. Whether someone is looking for studio apartments for rent, two bedroom apartments, or something larger to house their family, they won’t be disappointed!

    The Need for Pet-Friendly Apartments

    economical option

    An apartment is an economical option for individuals, couples, groups, or even growing families. In Michigan, we are lucky enough to have a lot of petfriendly apartments for those who want to house their furry and feathery friends.

    When you are looking to rent an apartment, it is important to follow the rules of the apartment complex or landlord. You might already be searching online with the phrase “pet-friendly rentals near me.” However, the choices out there may be confusing. With so many pet-friendly apartments, you could have a choice of individual locking bedrooms, pet-friendly townhomes, 2 beds, and more!

    At the end of the day, finding an apartment can be hard when you have different requirements. In addition to being cat-friendly or dog-friendly, that perfect apartment may also be subject to perks, such as:

    ● A study lounge

    ● In-unit washer/dryer

    ● Three bedrooms or two bedroom according to your need

    ● A short walk to campus

    ● Suitable spaces for dog and cat beds

    ● Low pet deposits or fees

    ● Proximity to a good public elementary school

    Woman with selfie-stick wearing hat and sunglasses taking pictures before ruins

    There might be many pet-friendly apartments available in Michigan, but you also have to consider the neighborhoods, schools, nearby transit options, and other factors. Making a place dog-friendly or cat-friendly is not just about allowing pets on the property; you also have to ensure safety, space, and your own peace of mind. It might help to make a checklist of what to look for when renting an apartment.

    Considerations Before Choosing Pet-Friendly Apartments for Rent

    Even if the pricing per unit or pricing per person seems reasonable, you want to find a pet-friendly apartment that is suitable. Before you put in any submissions to participating properties, here are some considerations to take into account:

    The right amount of space: A one bedroom pet-friendly apartment will probably not be enough for a large dog (go for 2 beds or more), but fine for a smaller animal

    Priority to the ground floor: This is especially important for dog owners who want pet-friendly apartments for rent; dogs need to go outside more frequently

    Type of flooring material: If an apartment for rent is truly pet-friendly, it should have tiled, vinyl, or laminate flooring

    A pet-friendly neighborhood: Ask around to see if the vicinity is dog-friendly, cat-friendly, or pet-friendly in general – there should be dog-friendly sidewalks, a dog park, or a veterinary clinic/hospital nearby

    Remember to shop

    Remember to shop around a little before signing off on any pet-friendly apartments for rent. Compare the difference between pet fees, pet policy weight limit, and any other important issues you can think of. Learn how to shop for apartments here.

    Pet-Friendly Apartments in Michigan

    With so much to consider and so many pet-friendly apartments to choose from, the search might get a little difficult. To help out, we have narrowed down some of the best pet-friendly options available today:

    1. Cass Lake Front Apartments

    When it comes to pet-friendly apartments, we have to give priority to the best option. By choosing Cass Lake Front Apartments, you get an affordable apartment community that offers a luxurious life. It is pet-friendly and also gives its residents several high-end amenities that they may not get otherwise. You can easily expect an on-site washer/dryer, proximity to a great elementary school, and luxurious 2 beds options here.

    luxurious 2 beds

    What is the Pet Policy like in Cass Lake Front Apartments?

    These 1 and 2 bedroom apartments are pet-friendly at Cass Lake, but you do have to follow certain regulations. There is a non-refundable pet fee in addition to what is a security deposit for an apartment, a few pet rules (review the apartment pet policy), and additional fees for pets above a certain weight limit. Along with this, residents of any apartment for rent can only keep one or two pets, with some breed restrictions as well. They may check out the studio 2 beds options or find larger bedroom apartments for rent according to their needs.

    With a top-rated public elementary school system in the area, these pet-friendly apartments are probably the best option for families. If anyone is looking for a pet-friendly apartment for rent in Keego Harbor, MI, they won’t have to look any further.

    choose a studio 2 beds

    Whether you choose a studio 2 beds or any other space, make sure you know how to adjust a dog to apartment living.

    2. Botsford Place Terrace Apartments

    Another high rated pet-friendly option is Botsford Place Terrace Apartments in Farmington Hills, MI. There are various floor plans here: 2 beds, studio 2 beds, 1 bed, and even 3 beds. You may expect to pay around $1,000 monthly for an average 2 beds, with a square foot area of about 1,150. While your apartment for rent will not have an in-unit washer/dryer, there is an on-site laundry facility. It is worth the sacrifice, however, to live in these delightful pet-friendly apartments!

    What is the Pet Policy like in Botsford Place Terrace Apartments?

    apartment complex

    This apartment complex is both cat-friendly and dog-friendly. The streets are well-lit, so walking your dog should not be an issue even at night. When you are walking your child to the nearby elementary school or running errands, your furry friend could easily tag along. The official apartment pet policy includes:

    ● A deposit for every pet (whether in a 2 beds unit or otherwise)

    ● Monthly rates and possible additional fees

    ● Breed restrictions

    ● Additional fees for pets over a certain weight

    ● Pet limit of two

    3. Pine Lake Manor Apartments

    This is a relatively inexpensive choice for those who want pet-friendly apartments. However, you may have to forgo certain amenities such as an in-unit washer dryer. The options here include 1 bed and 2 beds, so you are a bit limited in choice there.

    the Pet Policy

    What is the Pet Policy like in Pine Lake Manor Apartments?

    While this community has great pet-friendly apartments, their pet policy is rather limited. If you want an apartment for rent here, keep in mind the following:

    ●        They usually only allow cats, possibly allowing other species as well

    ●        There is an initial pet deposit with a monthly rate per pet

    ●        Limit of two cats in one apartment for rent

    4. Bloomfield Place Apartments

    Whether you want a 2 beds or 1 bed apartment for rent, Bloomfield Place has some great options too. It is in Bloomfield Hills, with varying rent rates according to the amenities. If you want some luxury in your apartment for rent with your pets, this is the place to go. The 1 and 2 beds apartments here have granite-style countertops, wood vinyl flooring, chrome finishing, and white cabinets.

    Bloomfield Place Apartments

    What is the Pet Policy like in Bloomfield Place Apartments?

    The pet policy for the pet-friendly apartments here includes the following:

    ● One-time initial pet fee deposit

    ● A per-month pet fee

    ● A maximum weight limit of 70 pounds

    ● Pet number limit of one cat and one dog or two cats in one apartment for rent

    One unique offering here is the nearby pet playground, where your furry family members can frolic and use up their energy. Since this apartment for rent community is also near some of the top employers in Michigan, you should not have trouble getting a job to provide for your pets.

    5. Meadowood Townhomes

    This is yet another excellent option for those who want a pet-friendly apartment for rent. You have 1 bed, 2 beds, and 3 beds options, and the monthly rent in this apartment for the rent community is quite reasonable as well. The location is a convenient one, with dining areas, shopping centers, and public parks close by.

    Happy young golden retriever dog and cute mixed breed tabby cat under cozy  plaid. Animals warms under gray and white blanket in cold winter weather. Friendship of pets. Pets care concept.

    What is the Pet Policy like in Meadowood Townhomes?

    Whether you have a 2 beds apartment for rent here or some other unit, keep in mind the following points:

    ● There is a non-refundable pet fee upfront

    ● There is a monthly rate per pet

    ● Breed restrictions

    ● A maximum limit to the number of pets in each apartment for rent

    ● Pets are not required to be neutered or spayed

    Overall, this apartment for rent community is also one of the safest you can find in Michigan. Whether you want 2 beds or something larger, make sure to contact the management team for more pet policy details.

    Young girl in sportswear playing with her dog at home - Sporty woman training fitness workout indoor - Animals, sport and recreational concept

    The Takeaway

    It can be challenging to get a pet-friendly apartment that suits all our needs. The good news is that Michigan has many pet-friendly studio apartments, reasonable fees and pet rent, and multi-bedroom pet-friendly apartments as well.

    Of course, the responsibility of knowing how to puppy-proof an apartment or make it more cat-friendly also falls on the pet owner.  Before getting started there, make sure to have a look at the listings and apartment related info on Cass lake Front Apartments!

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    The Best Apartments for Rent in Michigan

    June 29, 2020 at 2:03 pm · · Comments Off on The Best Apartments for Rent in Michigan

    The Best Apartments for Rent in Michigan

    Have you just moved to Michigan and are wondering which is the best apartment for you or your family? Or maybe you have overstayed in one apartment and want to switch, but don’t know where to start. If you are currently in any of the above situations, you are in the right place!

    The best apartments in Michigan have perfect features at the right price. For instance, they have the best amenities, are built in the right location, have reliable management, and are affordable. Learn more about key features to look for in an apartment here.

    So which are these apartments, and how do you get them? Keep reading to land the best apartment for rent in Michigan.

    Apartments for Rent in Michigan

    Before we consider anything else, let’s focus on the best apartment for rent in Michigan.

    Cass Lake Front Apartments

    If you ever find yourself in Michigan looking for an apartment, we highly recommend Cass Lake Front Apartments. These apartments have a perfect location right on Cass Lake Front Rd. From there, you can easily view Cass Lake itself, and you are given public lake access, too.

    This apartment community is located in Keego Harbor, MI and is just a few minutes from the downtown area. You will have access to various galleries, natural Keego Harbor parks and rec, shopping centers, and quality Keego Harbor restaurants in the downtown area.

    Also, if you have school-going children, there is no need to worry. The Keego Harbor schools are within the top-ranking school districts of West Bloomfield, Waterford, and Bloomfield Hills, and all are just a short driving distance from this apartment community.

    What more would you want, if not affordable apartments? Cass Lake Front Apartments promises more since it offers contemporary and quality living at below-average rent rates. You will have a chance to view the floor plan options either in-person or through a virtual apartment tour. Just fill out a tour request application, and you are ready to go.

    There are 1-bed and 2-beds apartments for rent here, and all the Cass Lake Front units have exciting features, including custom cabinetry, air conditioning, an open dining room, name-brand appliances, ample living space, and granite countertops.

    If you have a pet, there is no better pet-friendly apartment for rent. At Cass Lake Front Apartments, you can freely keep cats and dogs. You will encounter quality pet amenities, but make sure you go through the apartment pet policy before you bring your furry friend along.

    Finally, exciting social amenities include health/medical services, reliable public transportation, and top fitness centers throughout Keego Harbor, MI.

    Botsford Place Terrace Apartments

    This is another top apartment for rent community that guarantees luxury at an affordable cost. Botsford Place Terrace Apartments is located in the city of Farmington Hills, MI, one of the safest places to live in the United States. From here, you can easily access other major cities in Michigan, including Detroit.

    These Farmington Hills apartments are designed for all types of people, including retirees and young professionals. Also, if you are into fun activities, you will be in the middle of fine Farmington Hills parks and exciting recreational establishments.

    Your kids will also have quality Farmington Hills schools to call home. One good example is the Clarenceville School District, which provides top middle and elementary schools. In fact, it is among the top-ranked school districts in all of Michigan.

    You will have your choice of five apartment floor plans to select from here, which include:

    ●       Classic 1-bedroom (view)

    ●       Upgraded 1-bedroom (view)

    ●       Classic 2-beds (view)

    ●       Upgraded 2-beds (view)

    ●       Luxury 3-bedroom (view)

    All units have the following exciting features:

    ●       Custom cabinetry

    ●       Air conditioning

    ●       Spa-like bathrooms

    ●       New appliances

    ●       Spacious walk-in closets

    ●       Ample living space

    ●       Beautiful hardwood flooring

    ●       New vanities

    ●       Granite-like countertops

    ●       Laundry access

    For accommodation requests and appointments, fill out the forms on the apartment website to link up with Brookfield Management and see all other apartment related info.

    Grand Rapids Apartments

    What if you find yourself in Grand Rapids and are looking for a 2-beds apartment? Which apartments will be perfect for you?

    There are many quality 1-bed or 2-beds units to choose from. Most 2-beds apartments have quality features, including a balcony, patio, dishwasher, garbage disposal, cable internet, and air conditioning.

    You will also get several community features, such as a swimming pool, laundry facility, and community sponsored events. Also, if you have pets, you can comfortably keep them in a 2-beds unit. Just ensure that you go through the pet policy first.

    Most of the apartments are also spacious and affordable. Some quality 2-beds units to consider include:

    • Lake Forest Apartment Homes
    • Evergreen Townhomes
    • Regency Park Apartments

    If apartments don’t float your boat, there are fantastic mobile homes for rent just outside of Grand Rapids at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates, in Cedar Springs, MI.

    Rochester Hills Apartments

    If you find yourself in Rochester Hills, there are quality apartments that you will come across at affordable rates. Here, you can land a quality one-bedroom unit for under $1,000. Even though 2-beds apartments are slightly more expensive, they are very spacious and a good bang for your buck.

    Apartments here come with exciting features, such as dishwashers and an in-unit washer and dryer. Most units also allow tenants to keep pets.

    Some top apartments we recommend here include:

    • City Flats Apartments
    • Timberlea Village
    • Northridge Apartments

    Selecting the Best Michigan Apartment

    Want to know how to find the perfect apartment? FYI, you will not get the best apartment in Michigan by chance. It requires constant effort and hard work. Therefore, you should be aware of where and how to find such apartments.

    For your information, the ones we have listed above are just a fraction of the top-quality units available throughout the state of Michigan. Follow the tips below to help you land the best deal:

    Apartment Location

    Not all locations have quality apartments. The location you select will also determine the type of amenities you interact with. For instance, most urban locations are closer to social amenities, such as schools, fitness centers, and public parks. We recommend that you have a few locations in mind before looking for an apartment.

    Decide What is Important to You

    You should decide what you would like to have for an apartment. What building type is perfect for you? Do you prefer high-rise elevator apartments or units that you can easily walk into? Is parking space a priority? You should also consider whether you like living near social amenities like highways, places of worship, restaurants, public transportation, stores, schools, parks, or shopping centers. If security is a priority to you, ensuring digital accessibility, security camera, and physical guards availability is critical.

    This is also the time to decide whether you want a 1-bed, 2-beds, or 3-beds unit. Think about the square footage that can accommodate everything you have. Remember, though, the bigger the size, the higher the price.

    Consider Affordability

    It is one thing to want something, but can you afford it? We recommend that you select an apartment that you can afford, if that wasn’t obvious.

    Ensure you do not spend more than 30% of your income on rent. This will enable you to have enough money for other things, such as food and travel. If your preferred apartment is too expensive, but you still want it, you can opt for a roommate.

    Consider Online Reviews

    You are likely to find your preferred apartment online. Therefore, we recommend that you check out the reviews of those apartments. This will help you eliminate communities with noisy apartment neighbors or poor maintenance problems.

    Most reviewers are people who either currently live in the apartment community or have stayed there in the past. Checkout these websites to search apartments for rent.

    If you can’t find reviews on your preferred unit, you can always visit the apartment in-person for inspection. You can also consult agents with real estate licenses. They have more experience with apartments for rent and can advise you better.

    Read the Rental Lease

    Even before renting an apartment, you can go through the lease to see whether it has friendly terms or not. You will get apartment related info in the lease, such as insurance, what is a security deposit for an apartment, renewal information, and how management will handle utilities. Learn more on how to read an apartment lease here.

    You can also ask the landlord more questions before you rent an apartment. Though we highly recommend Cass Lake Front Apartments, there are similar apartments for you in Michigan. Just make sure you do your research first!

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    How Long Does it Take to Rent an Apartment?

    April 7, 2020 at 9:17 am · · Comments Off on How Long Does it Take to Rent an Apartment?

    How Long Does it Take to Rent an Apartment?

    Whether you are moving out in pursuit of a larger apartment, changing jobs, or merely looking for a change of scenery, you will want to know how long it will take to rent your next apartment.

    How long it takes to rent an apartment often depends on the approach you choose. With that said, finding your future apartment might take anywhere from three to six weeks, on average. From there, the landlord and tenant both need to wait on a credit and background check to clear before signing the lease.

    From the moment you begin your search to signing the lease agreement (learn how to read an apartment lease here), planning is key to fastening and streamlining the entire process of renting an apartment. Your level of preparedness will decide whether your apartment hunt runs smoothly from beginning to end.

    How Long Does it Take to Rent an Apartment?

    apartment building with for rent sign

    Typically, the apartment hunting process should start the moment you know you want to move. If you do not begin the process early, your ideal apartment may be taken. The sooner you start looking for your new apartment to live in, the better chance you have at finding a great deal and avoiding any last-minute rush of traffic or competition.

    So, how long will that take before you sign the lease agreement? Let us find out!

    What to do 3+ Months Before Moving In

    If you are planning to move out soon, the first thing you should do is save up money equivalent to about six months worth of rent. (learn how you move-out of an apartment here) This will help cover your basic living expenses and give you some savings to manage emergencies in your new place (learn what is considered emergency maintenance in an apartment here).

    Renting an apartment comes with several costs that you need to be prepared for. The biggest upfront cost typically is the move-in fees, which includes the security deposit, first (and possibly last month’s rent), pet fees (if applicable), and sometimes a broker fee. Read more about how to find an apartment without a broker here.

    After you have sorted out your finances, consider where you want to live and how much it will cost, along with the financial implications of relocating. If the neighborhood you want to move to is prohibitively pricey, you may want to consider renting with a roommate. If you do choose to go this route, you do not want to rush into anything when considering a roommate. You have just one chance at this, since both of your names will go on the lease, and you want it to be the right person. You should start searching early and wait until it feels right before moving forward with any potential roommates.

    What to do 2-3 Months Before Moving In

    The best time to start looking for apartments is roughly two to three months before needing to move-in. This should give you enough time to find your dream apartment, make all the necessary arrangements, and be prepared for your move.

    The most common mistake people make when they start the apartment search process is waiting too long. This typically leads to a less than satisfactory living situation.

    It is much easier to find what you are looking for when you have more time to dedicate to the search process. Perform due diligence on the area you choose to relocate to and verify all relevant information to assist you in finding the perfect apartment.

    This is also a good time to consider how many bedrooms you require and how much rent you are ready to pay for an apartment in your selected location. A great way to find out if the apartment is worth it is by asking questions in public forums. Many communities offer online forums, such as, where you may get useful information about your new potential neighborhood.

    What to do 1-2 Months Before Moving In

    After you have gathered all of the information you need about your target location, filter down your apartment options to the ones that best meet your requirements. Things to consider here include:

    • Commute duration
    • Housing style
    • Room size
    • Pricing

    At this point, you are looking for a place that offers all of the amenities you desire while remaining within your budget. Pick around 5-15 of the best apartments and organize a tour within the next few days. It may be a good idea, however, to start with a virtual apartment tour before seeing them in-person. Many apartment complexes provide 360-degree virtual tours, allowing you to examine the majority of the amenities and decide whether or not to rent the apartment.

    After a successful virtual tour, make a list of the units that have impressed you and make an appointment to see them inperson to learn more about the neighborhood.

    What to do 1 Month Before Moving In

    Now that you have laid the groundwork, it is time to select an option that best suits your needs. If you are satisfied with your findings, the next step is to fill out the rental application forms.

    Rental applications require a lot of personal information, but it’s important. You will need to provide items like:

    • Proof of income, i.e. bank statements and tax returns
    • Driver’s license number
    • Previous landlord references

    Make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork before beginning the apartment rental application process. If everything seems good, finish the rental application, then go over it again to be sure all of the information is correct.

    The good news is that most communities provide online rental applications to make the procedure more convenient. Expect to pay $35 to $75 processing fee for an apartment application fee.

    How Long Does it Take for an Apartment Application to be Approved?

    Most landlords and property managers handle applications within 2 to 3 days (rental application process time). With that said, due to extensive background checks that are frequently required (monthly income, rental history, and credit check/credit report), processing may take longer at times.

    If your application is approved, prepare for the moving day. It is always a good idea to plan ahead, so have all the necessary items and know all of what should happen on that day.

    Tips for Getting Approved for an Apartment Faster

    If you are looking for housing, it can be difficult at times to know if you will be approved or not. The apartment application approval process is more competitive than ever, and so many things can go wrong. Here are a few tips that might help you get approved for an apartment faster:

    Understand the Application Requirements

    You must carefully read the application requirements, including income level/proof of income (current and previous employment), credit score, rent to income ratio, among other requirements. This criteria is used to determine an applicant’s ability to pay rent, along with their ability to pay any potential damages or fees that may arise in the future.

    The best thing you can do is call the leasing office or property management company and inquire if there are any additional documents they need in your apartment application process. The more information you offer to demonstrate that you are a responsible renter who will take care of the rental property and can afford the monthly rent, the better your chances of being approved are.

    Examine Your Current Financial Situation

    Background and credit checks are an essential part of any apartment application process. The landlord or property manager must have a sense of a prospect’s rental history and financial history. For this reason, most applications will require you to submit personal information, like social security number, driver’s license number, and income verification.

    The landlord will investigate any potential red flags, such as complaints filed against you by prior landlords/past landlords and credit history. If any of this shows that you consistently miss payments, your application is likely to be denied.

    Be Ready with a Cosigner if Your Credit Score is Bruised

    When it comes to renting apartments, your credit score is important. Most landlords will require a credit score of at least 620 or above, so if you have anything less than that, you may want to enlist the help of a cosigner.

    A cosigner is someone who agrees to guarantee payment of your rent if you are unable to do so. It could be a family member or a friend who earns more money than you. Learn if cosigning for an apartment affects your credit here

    Always be Reachable

    The potential landlord may call you for a background check, or for some other reason, and if you are unavailable, they may just move on to the next candidate. As a result, make sure you can be reached at all times during your application period.

    Submit a Complete Rental Application

    The fact that the rental application is not completed means that the potential landlord does not have all of the information they need to process it properly. As a result, your apartment application is more likely to be turned down. So, after you have the completed rental application, make sure to look through and double-check that any and all  essential papers are attached.

    Approved or Denied: What Happens Next?

    After the apartment application process is complete, the landlord will call to inform you of their decision, regardless of the outcome. If your application is approved, you will be given instructions on what to do next.

    However, if your application is denied, they will notify you and explain why. It is a common industry practice for landlords to provide feedback after the rental application process is complete.

    Can I Re-Apply for an Apartment if I get Denied?

    If your reason for rejection was related to finances, you could re-apply with a quality cosigner, and your application would most likely be granted. However, if your reason for rejection is something like a lawsuit filed against you by a former landlord or for having a criminal background, your chances are slim.

    Final Thought

    It is possible to find and move into an apartment within three months of knowing when you want to move-out. With that said, without completing the proper due diligence, finding the ideal apartment that meets your needs may take more time.

    Moving out is a difficult undertaking, especially if you are financially unable to do so. So, set aside some time to save for several months worth of rent and the upfront fees. Most landlords will ask for your two recent pay stubs, at a very minimum, so you need to have a solid financial record to stand a chance of getting approved.

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    How to Find an Apartment in a New City

    September 23, 2019 at 10:48 am · · Comments Off on How to Find an Apartment in a New City

    How to Find an Apartment in a New City

    Moving to a new city is a big decision. It is even tougher if you are unfamiliar with the area and don’t have any friends or colleagues to help you. As your first huge task, you’ll need to find an apartment to call home.

    As you take this huge step to start your life in a new city, you will need to find a place to live. That said, you’ll have many decisions that need to be made, from the neighborhoods to the size of the bedrooms.

    Since you have so many decisions to make, it can be difficult to know where to start. With that said, you must find the right place for your needs and budget.

    How to Find an Apartment in a New City

    It’s natural to feel overwhelmed while looking for a home in a new location, but it doesn’t have to be so stressful. Long distance apartment hunting is not something new. As such, you can utilize a variety of websites to search apartments for rent.

    For example, you can look for homes depending on their size, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, or even their closeness to amenities, such as grocery stores and public transportation, simply by apartment hunting online.

    With that said, what factors do you consider when deciding where to live? How much space do you need? What areas are safe? If these questions have been keeping you up at night, we’ve got some tips to help calm your nerves.

    Let’s get started and make your relocation a breeze!

    Research the New City: Know the Highlights

    Before rushing to search for an apartment, do as much research as possible! Neighborhoods can be tricky in big cities, and while they may look nice on the outside, there may be a dark side that waits inside.

    For this reason, you need to know about the neighborhood and its surroundings in order to make an informed decision. The bedroom size and safety levels are not enough; the cost of living in the new city will be a huge factor too. You will need to know things, like what’s the average rent cost? With that in mind, you may want to check for a neighborhood that fits your budget, depending of course on what you are searching for.

    Let’s say, for instance, the average rent in your neighborhood is higher than you expected. In this situation, it’s best to broaden your new apartment hunt and choose a location that meets all of your needs, while remaining within your budget. The cheaper cities’ cost of living might be what you need to look for.

    Choose Your Desired Location

    When you’re hunting for your next home, location matters, you might want to pick a strategic area where you can access everything you need easily. So, check out at least a few neighborhoods. You can also use Google Maps to have an overview of the locations you are looking into.

    It could be work, school, the grocery store, or public transport that is most important to you. When time is limited, it’s easiest to live near what you need. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting out the door to walk to your day job in the morning.

    If you prefer a calmer lifestyle, consider moving to a suburban area. Suburbs are often quieter than areas with heavy traffic and city noise. This can be advantageous if you have a high-stress job or work from home and need to focus.

    Make an Apartment List of Your Desires

    It’s critical to know what you want before searching for a new residence. Are you looking for one bedroom apartments for rent or two bedroom apartments for rent? Is this your primary residence or a getaway property? You don’t want to miss anything, so take your time and do some research before looking for an apartment.

    Calculating the above can also help you figure out how much you’re willing to pay for your next apartment. Also, think about how long you want to stay in an apartment. Most apartment leases are month-to-month, one-year, or two-year agreements, but be sure to choose what works best for you.

    Finalize Your Budget

    Luxury apartments often provide high-end amenities, like a pool, parking space, and gyms. These luxuries can make an apartment worth the extra cost. With that said, high-end available apartments also have a higher monthly cost.

    The truth is that you may have a glamorous dream of living in a luxurious apartment, but the reality is that you want to pick one that is not over your means. If it’s too expensive to enjoy the amenities on offer, it might be worth leasing a more affordable apartment for a year or two, save up some money, and then upgrade to somewhere more luxurious.

    You must establish how much rent you can afford to pay. A variety of factors go into determining the price range you can stomach for your monthly rent. For starters, it is dependent on where you reside and the amenities provided by the apartment, so do your research. For example, if pets are permitted in an apartment that you are interested in, you should be aware that there may be a pet fee to consider, so be sure to review the apartment pet policy and factor it into your budget before committing.

    Also, factor in the security deposit for an apartment, plus the first month’s rent and rental application fee. If you’re having trouble figuring out how much rent to pay, try using a rent calculator. Simply enter your monthly income, location, and some other miscellaneous information to help it calculate where you stand.

    Use Online Tools to Fast Track Your Apartment Search

    One of the easiest ways to find a home is to go online and search through the local market or national listing websites. With online real estate websites, you can search for the perfect home for your family. These sites have a variety of online listings with pictures, descriptions, and prices to help find the ideal apartment.

    In addition, you can even set up email alerts so that you are notified every time new apartments become available in your desired area.

    Here are a few real estate websites where to find apartments for rent online:

    • Craigslist
    • Zillow
    • Rentcafe
    • Realtor
    • Trulia

    Consider Virtual Tours Before Visiting the Apartment in Person

    Do you have any idea how long apartment tours take? A virtual apartment tour allows you to get insights into an apartment in a new city before wasting time by visiting it in-personi. The immersive aspect of these tours can certainly assist you in determining whether or not the apartment is worth visiting in-person.

    Virtual tours can also be used to view properties immediately that have recently been advertised and to preview units before needing to hop in your vehicle and spend time and money getting there. A virtual tour provides panoramic shots of your potential apartment and allows you to explore it with 360-degree views.

    Make a note of the units that meet your apartment search checklist standards, then make an appointment to see them in-person.

    If You’re Doubtful, Use a Real Estate Agent

    A rental agent is a trusted resource for anyone looking to buy, sell, or rent a property. They can help you with every step of the process of renting an apartment, from how to shop for apartments to negotiating on price. When you work with a professional, you can be sure that they are knowledgeable and experienced so that your interests are protected during the rental process.

    Keep in mind that for a good realtor, this is not just a part-time job for them, it’s their livelihood. They are fully dedicated to finding your desired apartment quickly, efficiently, and with as little hassle as possible. The catch is that you will need to pay them a service fee to find you a preferred new place. They will find listings, customize the apartment search, and schedule showings for you.

    Visit if Possible

    For people who want to rent an apartment, there is not enough time to see all that are on the market. Virtual tours and agents will help you find a great apartment, but the best way to find out if it’s the perfect one for you is by going on a tour in-person, preferably with a friend or family member who has similar taste in homes and styles as you do. Physically visiting and viewing apartments will help you make a better choice, especially if you can’t decide what to pick.

    Ask the Landlord as Many Questions as Possible

    It’s important to fully understand the apartment you want to live in and the neighborhood it is in, so it is important to know what to ask when apartment hunting.

    You could be spending an awful lot of time at home, and it’s important to make sure that you like the area. The neighborhoods in a new city can vary so much, with some being safer than others. Some might be great for families, while others are better for singles or couples without children.

    With that said, the best way to know what your neighborhood is like and where you want to live is by speaking not just with the management company, but also with current residents and researching the area. Be sure that’s what you want for an apartment because after signing a lease, there’s no wiggle room for negotiating the terms.

    Tips for Spending Less on Rent

    Renting an apartment in a new city can be expensive, not to mention the moving costs alone. So let’s go over some areas that can help you save:

    Find a Roommate

    There are various ways you can find yourself in a circumstance where you need to split the rent. Finding a roommate is a smart decision if you are a recent graduate who cannot afford your place or if you are searching for an opportunity to meet new people and make acquaintances in your neighborhood.

    Consider Negotiating Rent

    The rent price is not set in stone! This means that just because someone tells you a price at an open house, it doesn’t guarantee how much it will cost in the end. It’s feasible to work out a better arrangement with the property manager. For instance, sometimes paying bigger rent payments upfront can result in a cheaper monthly cost.

    Find Prospective Apartments During Winter

    Want to know what is the best month to look for an apartment? The demand for housing is low during the winter months. With people less willing to move and relocate during this colder time, the demand for housing dips, and prices decrease. Low prices and high availability mean that this is a great time to rent an apartment, buy a home, or even invest in real estate.

    Final Thought

    An apartment hunt can be overwhelming, and needs careful planning. It is important to remember that finding a place that suits your needs takes persistence and patience.

    Research the area where you want to live. Look for apartment listings that are available in your price range on real estate websites, and you should also take into account the neighborhood where the property is located:

    Lastly, make sure you have all of your details during the application, such as bank statements, credit score, and references. If you get accepted and become successfully relocated, also do not forget to change your home address.

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