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    How to Rent a 1-Bedroom Apartment

    June 27, 2022 at 12:06 pm · · Comments Off on How to Rent a 1-Bedroom Apartment

    How to Rent a 1-Bedroom Apartment

    Justin Becker

    Updated: July 4, 2022

    If you are just starting out in apartment hunting or perhaps want to downsize from a larger home, a one bedroom apartment will probably fit your needs. It is slightly bigger and more practical than a studio apartment. The latter is cheaper, but does not offer much in the way of privacy. With just a little upgrade, you can get a one bedroom apartment that is suitable for daily living in the long run.

    When you are in search of a 1-bedroom apartment, there could be several things on your mind. A 1-bed can be quite luxurious too, so you can have a luxurious life in one if that is the goal. On the other hand, some people might be working with a very tight budget. They may only be able to afford a 1-bed, but plan to convert the apartment living room into a bedroom for accommodating the family.

    How to Rent a 1-Bedroom Apartment

    Rent a 1-Bedroom

    Now that you are ready to book your 1-bed apartment home, it might be reasonable to look into the required process.

    Most apartment complexes have rules about how many people and pets can live in a 1-bed unit. Some may allow you to convert one room to a second bedroom if possible, but some may take strict action against such practices. Make sure you know such policies before signing any lease.

    Other than paying the average rent, here are some tips on renting a 1bedroom apartment anywhere:

    1. Benefit from Technology

    2. Always take a Tour

    1. Benefit from Technology

    With the internet at the fingertips of so many people now, it is kind of illogical to skip the online searching and browsing in your 1-bed apartment search. There are several 1-bedroom apartments for rent that you can find out about on various websites. With a good website, such as or Zillow, you will be able to put filters. These will get you listings of the most likely bedroom apartments in your desired areas. Checkout our top five websites to search apartments for rent here.

    If you are not sure where to start, just pull up your default search engine and type in ‘1-bedroom apartments for rent’ followed by the area you want. For instance, you may want to search for ‘1-bedroom apartments for rent in Keego Harbor, MI.’ You can also tweak the features to look for the key features to look for in an apartment.

    2. Always take a Tour

    When you are looking for a 1-bedroom apartment, you are looking for a bit of comfort and privacy. While there might be several 1-bedroom apartments in the area and price range you want, there is always the chance of deal breakers.

    Some 1-bed apartments may have very thin walls, which let in the sounds of your neighbors (learn how to deal with noisy apartment neighbors here). A 1-bed like this is especially problematic, as you have limited space to escape from the noise.

    To minimize the chances of being extremely uncomfortable after moving in, always insist on a physical tour of the 1-bed. Many apartment complexes offer a virtual apartment tour, so look at them while shortlisting. When finalizing the 1-bed, though, an in-person tour is necessary (learn how long apartment tours take here).

    Factors to Keep in Mind when Looking for a 1-Bed

    Why is it so hard to find an apartment that fits your needs and wants? There could be many answers to this question, but it really boils down to fulfilling your preferences. At the end of the day, every potential tenant wants to lead a certain kind of lifestyle, but not have to pay too much for it. On the other hand, no 1-bed apartment could provide the exact combination of factors and features required by most tenants.

    Below are some factors to keep in mind when looking for a 1-bed apartment or any kind of bedroom apartment:

    ● Having Enough Storage Space

    ● A Good Location

    ● Rent Prices

    Having Enough Storage Space

    Storage space is necessary in an apartment; it needs to be ample as well as non-intrusive – having a balance is an ideal situation. Houses usually have a larger floor plan, with backyards, sheds, attics, and basements for storage purposes.

    In a 1-bed apartment, though, space might be very limited. However, there should be enough cabinets, cupboards, and other places for all your necessities in a 1-bed unit so you can adjust to apartment living accordingly.

    A Good Location

    If you are a retiree looking to downsize from a house to an apartment, you likely want an area that is quiet, peaceful, and preferably has some people of your own age to socialize with. If you are a fresh graduate just heading out on your own for the first time, you may want a more happening area with a lot of job opportunities close by (here is what to know for first-time apartment renters).

    Whether you rent a 1-bed apartment or a two bedroom, having a good location is quite important. In any case, it is always good to settle down in a neighborhood that is safe, secure, and well-maintained.

    Rent Prices

    One of the most common reasons why people look for a 1-bed apartment is the comparatively lower rent price. If you are considering a 1-bed unit in an apartment complex, make sure to check the rates for a two bedroom apartment as well. In some cases, two bedroom and one bedroom apartments may not have very different costs. If you have a medium to large family and could use the space, this small difference might turn your decision in favor of the two bedroom apartment.

    As a rule of thumb, though, one bedroom apartments and studio apartments usually have the lowest average monthly rent in any location (learn how to find a studio apartment here). When you are browsing 1-bedroom apartments for rent online, use the search tools on the websites to filter the results according to your needs. Also, do some research to find out the average rent for 1-bedroom apartments in your preferred areas.

    Difference Between a Studio Apartment and a 1-Bed Apartment

    If this is your first time renting an apartment, you might not be clear on the differences between a studio and a 1-bed apartment. Let us clear up the confusion with a few points about the main contrasts between the two:

    1. The Matter of Privacy

    2. Amenities within the Unit

    3. The Expected Lifestyle

    4. Level of Professionalism

    5. Upkeep and Maintenance

    1. The Matter of Privacy

    When you are in a studio apartment, there is just one largish open space. This is where you will sleep, eat, hang out with friends, and work, if required. If you are living with roommates or constantly have company over, privacy is going to be a thing of the past for now.

    For those in a 1-bed, there is a dedicated bedroom, living area, kitchen, etc. It is more private this way, especially if there are other people in the space. You can easily allow a friend to crash on the couch or just have some space from your significant other if the need arises.

    2. Amenities within the Unit

    Since a 1-bed is usually larger than a studio apartment, it is also more likely to have several amenities that you can not get in a studio. A 1-bed could easily have laundry hookups, a few closets, additional storage space, and full-sized appliances.

    If all these amenities are not absolutely necessary for you, a studio apartment might be suitable. Laundry facilities inside the building are usually good enough;  some people even make do with going to the nearest laundromat on a regular basis. Smaller appliances may also be acceptable if you are living alone or with just one other person.

    3. The Expected Lifestyle

    With a 1-bed, you are more likely to have enough space for regular entertaining. If you are fond of potluck dinners, parties, and random get togethers, it is worth considering a 1-bed for your new apartment home.

    If the main aim is just to find a place for living on your own or with someone you are very close with, a larger space might not be that necessary. At the end of the day, you may just need enough space to work, eat, and just be yourself.

    4. Level of Professionalism

    The matter of space is also related to the kind of professional lifestyle you are aiming for. If someone has a job which requires them to travel a lot or be away from home all day, a large living space does not make much sense. A studio will save you money, be compact enough to maintain easily, and be a cozy space to return to after a long day of work.

    On the other hand, those who mostly work from home might need a 1-bed and the extra space it brings. A home office is a good idea in such cases; you want to set it up in a large corner or room to avoid distractions from the rest of the home.

    5. Upkeep and Maintenance

    Decorating, cleaning, and generally maintaining a space is much easier when it is a small one. Studio apartments are easier to clean than a 1-bed, as it is just one open space. On the other hand, it can also be more prone to clutter due to the lack of storage options (learn how to declutter your apartment here).

    A studio apartment usually has fewer walls than a 1-bed, so there is less space to decorate. You can also invest in large works of art, which will look impressive and flaunt your personal style as well. For a 1-bed, the advantage is that you can decorate different rooms in various styles.

    The Takeaway

    There is no doubt that looking for the perfect 1-bed apartment can be a struggle. However, once you do the homework and know what you are looking for, the search will become easier. Start looking now; the demand for any 1-bed will be high and there is no time to waste!

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