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    Top 5 Apartments for Rent Keego Harbor, MI has to Offer

    January 25, 2021 at 1:08 pm · · Comments Off on Top 5 Apartments for Rent Keego Harbor, MI has to Offer

    Top 5 Apartments for Rent Keego Harbor, MI has to Offer

    The city of Keego Harbor, MI is undoubtedly one of the top locations to live in, but the trickier part is finding an ideal apartment. There are numerous options available in Keego Harbor – all decent ones, which is what makes the search so hard. However, when it comes to finding a living space, you should not have to compromise on some basic check marks (what to look for when renting an apartment checklist).

    Surprisingly, finding an apartment is hard because of high demand, inflation, and a lot of other factors. Here is a list of the top five apartments for rent Keego Harbor, MI offers with top-notch facilities and will suit most apartment hunters. You can choose the apartments that best suit your personal needs without having to go through the hassle of shortlisting from the entire Keego Harbor area.

    Qualities You Should Look for in a Decent Apartment

    There are a lot of tips you can use to choose an apartment for rent, but here are a few emphasized points. Fortunately, you will find that Keego Harbor, MI checks all the basic requirements. Keego Harbor apartments are the best choice whether you want to move alone or with your family.

    Decent Apartment

    Your search criteria should ideally begin with the safety and security of the potential apartment you are interested in. First of all, the apartment should be located in a safe complex. Cameras and security guards are the bare minimum you should expect.

    Moving on, the town and city should be safe, too. A low crime rate makes the city preferable. In a safe place like Keego Harbor, you won’t have to worry about sending your kids to Keego Harbor schools, traveling alone, or going out at night.

    Amenities & Utilities are Within Reach

    Wherever you move, you need access to some basic needs. The following must be present and within a close range:

    ●        Schools for people with kids

    ●        Grocery stores

    ●        Shopping centers

    ●        Entertainment locations

    Keego Harbor is a developed location where you will find all these utilities within a few minutes drive at most.

    developed location

    Another thing that should be on your search criteria is the quality of the apartment. If your priority is hardwood flooring or granite tiling, that should be a decisive point for you. Look at online reviews to figure out the experience of other residents in terms of the build quality of the apartments. Check out our list of top websites to search apartments for rent here.

    Suits Your Monthly Budget

    Plan out your budget before you start hunting for apartments. The rent (on an average) for a one bed apartment here is under $1,000. For 2-bedroom apartments for rent in Keego Harbor, MI, it is approximately $1,100. For 3 bedrooms, it is just under $1,300.

    Keep in mind of the expenses before you finalize an apartment, like:

    ●        Application fee

    ●        Security deposit

    ●        First month’s rent

    ●        Last month’s rent

    ●        Pet rent (if applicable)

    ●        Utilities that are not included in the rent

    ●        Moving costs

    Learn what is a security deposit for an apartment here. These expenses end up taking up a major chunk of your savings, so you should be prepared for it.

    Other than the monthly rent, there are other local expenses you should calculate in your budget, too. Things like utility bills, security charges, commute expenses, rate of groceries, etc. will also impact how much you have to spend (learn how to keep utility bills low in an apartment here). Make sure you move to a place that is affordable as per your earnings.

    Apartments for Rent: Keego Harbor, MI

    There are some of the best rentals in Keego Harbor, MI, but here is some apartment related info on the top five options in the Keego Harbor area. Not just that, these are some of the top MI apartments in the entire state. The rent trends of each apartment community are lower than the national average. So, with these five options, you will get luxury at minimum prices!

    Our top five are:

    1.       Cass Lake Front Apartments

    2.       Town Court Apartments

    3.       Pine Lake Manor Apartments

    4.       Schroeder Boulevard Apartments

    5.       Bloomfield on the Green Apartments

    1. Cass Lake Front Apartments are a Top Contender

    The top choice in the apartment community of Michigan is definitely Cass Lake Front Apartments. Here is all the information you need to decide why Cass Lake Front Apartments should be your priority.

    The Logo

    As the name suggests, these apartments are located opposite Cass Lake, so expect a beautiful view. The exact address is 1751 Cass Lake Front Road. It is hardly a 2-minute drive away from the downtown area of Keego Harbor. This means you have easy access to all important locations.

    Keego Harbor restaurants, museums, Keego Harbor parks and rec, and grocery stores are all within reach of Cass Lake Front Apartment residents, and shopping centers are within a walking distance. Moreover, schools of every level are nearby, too. You even have college and university options within a close range of Cass Lake Front Apartments.

    Stand Out Features

    Cass Lake Front Apartments offer 1-bedroom apartments for rent in Keego Harbor, MI and two bedroom options.

    All apartments come with:

    ●        Galley kitchen

    ●        Spacious dining space

    ●        Energy-efficient lighting

    ●        Granite countertops

    You will get basic kitchen appliances with each apartment as well.

    Other than the beautiful view, the apartments themselves are also designed very well. Their recent renovations of all the apartments make them a great option for people who prefer modern apartments. 24-hour maintenance service is available to help out the residents in case of any issues at any hour (learn what is considered emergency maintenance in an apartment here). Before you make an effort to visit Cass Lake Front Apartments, you can take a virtual apartment tour online to get an idea of what to expect.

    2. Town Court Apartments in the West Bloomfield Area

    The apartments of this location start at a space of 760 square feet. They are spacious with enough storage for you to live comfortably.

    Town Court Apartments are located at 7110 Orchard Lake Road. Their prime location gives you easy access to all of Keego Harbor.

    The average rent starts from $1,835 per month. One, two, and three bedroom apartments are available with one or two bathrooms.

    It is a pet-friendly location. You can enjoy the swimming pool or neighborhood garden center in your free time, too.

    3. Pine Lake Manor Apartments for Those Who Want More Storage Space

    At Pine Lake Manor, the apartments are 800 to 900 square feet. These apartments are designed modernly with a pleasant view. These apartments are located at 3210-3291 Christopher Lane. This complex is part of the West Bloomfield School District zone.

    You have the option of a one or two bedroom apartment. Only one bathroom is available for both options.

    This pet-friendly place offers good views, storage space, air conditioning, a courtyard, and other basic facilities. Pine Lake Manor Apartments also offers a swimming pool for its residents.

    4. Schroeder Boulevard Apartments Available in a Low Budget

    The average monthly rent of Schroeder Boulevard Apartments is $995, and they are available in a 12-month lease program. You will find these apartments on 2920 Schroeder Boulevard. Most amenities are accessible at a walkable distance.

    On average, an apartment in this complex is 975 square feet. The only option available here includes two bedrooms with one bathroom. Air conditioning, basic utilities, and carpeting are included in the apartment rent. A playground is also available for all residents.

    5. Bloomfield on the Green Apartments for Luxury Living

    The fifth choice in rent specials are these apartments. The average rent of these apartments is between $1,018 and $1,299.

    The apartments are available in one and two bedroom options. The area is between 800 and 1,050 square feet.

    Unique features of these apartments include wood-style flooring, plush carpeting, fully equipped kitchens, and plenty of storage space. Two outdoor swimming pools are also available.

    The Takeaway

    The ball is now in your court. It is up to you to finalize which Keego Harbor apartment is the best for you.

    Start your search from Cass Lake Front Apartments, today. You will surely like the apartment units in this area!

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    The Best Apartments in Michigan

    January 18, 2021 at 1:18 pm · · Comments Off on The Best Apartments in Michigan

    The Best Apartments in Michigan

    The Great Lakes State is a lovely place to live in. It has some of the best schooling systems in the whole country, a gorgeous natural environment with lakes everywhere, and so much more to offer. If you are planning to settle down in this state, however, keep in mind that some options are better than others.

    Cass Lake Apartments are an option that should be on the top of your priority list. It is a place where you will get more bang for your buck while also getting most of your requirements fulfilled. The basics are guaranteed without letting go of the luxuries, all at great prices!

    How to Choose the Best Apartments in Michigan

    You cannot choose an apartment randomly. There is a lot of thought that needs to be put into choosing an apartment. Your priorities have to be weighed against what you are being offered. You need to be prepared to compromise on certain aspects as well.

    Setting the Priorities

    Setting the Priorities

    The very best apartments in the state will depend on the person or group who is searching for a place to stay. The right choice for you may not be the most high-end luxury apartment. However, it could be that modest unit with a great location for work and school commutes. It could also be that family-friendly unit with hardwood floors that are good for your pets.

    Some people might want luxury apartments, but have specific requirements that might be challenging to fulfill. For instance, they might require a private bathroom for every resident in a single unit.

    These are just a few of the factors that show you why finding an apartment is so hard. However, you have got nothing to worry about because Cass Lake has plenty of apartments for rent.

    Things to Look for in an Apartment Before Renting It

    To find the best living space for you, you have to be sure of what you are looking for. Regardless of what amenities or luxuries a place offers, you first need to make a checklist of what you require (what to look for when renting an apartment checklist). List them down in order of priority.

    Think about the Number of Residents

    Think about the Number of Residents

    First of all, you need to start by considering who is going to be living in the apartment. Is it just you or your partner, children, or pets will accompany you as well? Based on this information, you will be able to figure out your immediate needs.

    For example, with a pet, you definitely need a petfriendly apartment. With kids, you need to move to an area where there are good educational institutes. If you are moving in with your entire family, you might need a private bathroom in each room.

    Know the Duration

    Know the Duration

    Next, roughly plan how long you want to stay where you move. Of course, if you love the place, you might stay here longer, or if you don’t, you can move out earlier. With that said, it is wise to have an idea of what you would want in an ideal situation. This is what will help determine if you should go for a longer supported apartment or something that allows you to move out sooner.

    Regardless of what your requirements are, there are different options of luxury apartments for rent on Cass Lake. You can also select from the variety of in-unit washer/dryer options in the area.

    options in the area

    Best Apartments in Michigan

    Once you have figured out how to determine the best apartments in Michigan, you can pick and choose according to your needs. There is no lack of options in the category of luxury apartments. There are several economic ones available, too.

    Whether you are looking for luxury apartments for rent or will settle for an in-unit washer/dryer unit of your own, there is one perfect choice among all the Michigan apartments out there. To help you out, we want to tell you everything about Cass Lake Front Apartments.

    Cass Lake Front Apartments: The Best of the Lot in Michigan State

    The Logo

    If you simply want to get to the best apartments in Michigan, it is time to consider Cass Lake Front Apartments. These apartments offer an excellent location, being just across from the largest and deepest lake in the state, Cass Lake.

    What is more is that these apartments are located in Keego Harbor, MI, which is not a big city like Ann Arbor, but still a great place to live in. The area is just a couple of minutes away from the happening downtown area in the city as well.

    area in the city

    Along with a fun crowd at night, this place also gives you several shopping centers, galleries, and Keego Harbor parks and rec. Besides these conveniences and recreation options, there is also a wide variety of yummy Keego Harbor restaurants. You can definitely have a great gathering with family and friends in the nearby restaurants.

    Amenities to Expect at Cass Lake Front Apartments

    When you reside at these apartments, you can expect top-notch amenities and perks. Not only will you get to live in the best luxury apartments at a great location, you will also get to improve your overall lifestyle with access to basic and luxurious facilities.

    luxurious facilities

    Here is what to look forward to if you want to consider Cass Lake Front apartments particularly. Based on these points, it will become easier for you to select this apartment:

    ●      Social and Ethnic Diversity

    ●      Alternate Routes to Avoid Traffic

    ●      Best Educational Options for Your Children

    ●      Affordable Recreational Opportunities to Keep You Entertained

    ●      Nearby Cities

    ●      Luxurious Life in a Budget

    ●      Pet-Friendly Community

    ●      Luxury & Affordable Shopping Options

    Social and Ethnic Diversity

    Whether you belong to an ethnic or racial minority, it is highly valuable to live in a diverse area. As a minority, you will feel safe in Cass Lake Front Apartment because you won’t feel like the odd one out in the crowd. Your views are more likely to be accepted, you will find a community that relates to you, and you can live truer to your culture in such places.

    Social and Ethnic Diversity

    Even if you are not a minority, social diversity allows you to learn about different people. Your children will grow with values of equality and tolerance. Growing up, studying, and working with different groups of people will teach you and your kids about different cultures. Diverse societies are more tolerant for sure.

    Alternate Routes to Avoid Traffic

    The downside of opting for a highly loved place to rent an apartment is the rush you will have to face every day on the roads. Luckily, Cass Lake Front Apartments are approachable by two expressways: I-75 and US-24. You can use these routes to avoid the rush hours.

    This is just one more way these apartments will make your life easier. Save your time on the roads so that you can spend it availing of the many educational and entertainment options around you.

    Alternate Routes to Avoid Traffic

    Best Educational Options for Your Children

    People with kids can compromise on any other requirement, but educational facilities are not a negotiable aspect. People who live in Cass Lake Front Apartments get the best education options with Keego Harbor schools. All of Keego Harbor’s top schools are within the range of the residents of Cass Lake Front Apartments.

    You have the options of public as well as private schools. Good institutes are available for all levels of education. Whether your child is just getting admitted to a pre-school or moving to high school, you will find the best schools in this area. The district also has 24 charter schools. Moreover, equally good homeschooling options are also available.

    Recreational Opportunities

    Affordable Recreational Opportunities to Keep You Entertained

    Cass Lake Front Apartments gets the name from the famous lake in the county. So, be sure that there is a lot of nature to explore. Public parks and lakes are free to visit. What is better is that these spots are beautiful enough that you would be willing to pay to visit them!

    Other options of activities include museums, guided historical tours, art galleries, and much more. The entire Keego Harbor area offers affordable options so that you can have a good time without breaking the bank.

    Nearby Cities

    Nearby Cities

    You also have cities nearby to visit as a weekend vacation or a day trip. You can head to Ann Arbor, which is less than an hour’s drive away. The Motor City, Detroit, is approximately half an hour away. Spend your day at the Detroit Opera House with your kids or head to Fort St. to explore the 27-story skyscraper. Grand Rapids, Traverse City, and Royal Oak are other cities to explore if you are planning something for more days.

    While you are exploring nearby locations, you do not have to worry about your apartment. Cass Lake Front Apartments are fully protected. With your rent, you are covered for the safety of your family while you are here and also for the peace of mind that your place is secure when you are away.

    Luxurious Life in a Budget

    Luxurious Life in a Budget

    You do not have to compromise on comfort or luxury if you have a big family. Cass Lake Front Apartments are designed to accommodate people like you most comfortably. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a luxury apartment on rent without having to pay extra!

    You can avail affordable rent deals while also getting the best facilities. All basic amenities are fulfilled. The quality and architecture of the apartments are top-notch. No facility, whatsoever, is compromised. Yet, the rent rates are a steal considering the luxurious location. That way, you can maintain your lavish lifestyle by saving on unnecessary rent by opting for Cass Lake Front Apartments.

    Pet-Friendly Community Also

    Pet-Friendly Community

    As a pet owner, you know the struggle of finding a good pet community. Now, a pet-friendly apartment with hardwood floors is not enough. You need a surrounding environment that supports the presence of pets. You need access to good pet stores for essential supplies as well as pet-friendly public areas so that your furry friend can enjoy a day out.

    Cass Lake has plenty of such pet-friendly spots nearby so that you can easily take care of your pets without any worries. Also, checkout the apartment pet policy here.

    Luxury & Affordable Shopping Options

    Luxury & Affordable Shopping Options

    Shopping is a necessity and a luxury simultaneously. You need good shopping centers to get your hands on affordable, high-quality home goods, but you also need access to top-class brands to treat yourself to luxury items.

    By living in Cass Lake Front Apartments, you will have access to both. From organic groceries to essential convenience stores, discount stores to jewelers, furniture stores to clothing brands, you will find affordable and luxurious options near your apartment, and that too without traveling long distances.

    The Takeaway

    If you want luxurious apartments and homes to rent, you can be sure that Cass Lake Front Apartments can give you the best square footage around. The surrounding amenities and environment are unmatched, too.

    Unmatched Too

    So, your search just might have ended here! Go ahead and contact Cass Lake Front Apartments right now to book your luxury apartment!

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    What is the Difference Between Condos and Apartments?

    September 21, 2020 at 1:27 pm · · Comments Off on What is the Difference Between Condos and Apartments?

    What is the Difference Between Condos and Apartments?

    If you have ever rented a place to call home, there is a high chance that you have come across condos or apartments. Many tenants do not understand that apartments and condos are different in many ways. With that said, the two share several similarities worth paying attention to as well.

    The main difference between an apartment and a condo stems from ownership. While an apartment is typically managed by large companies, otherwise known as property management companies, condos are managed and owned by sole individuals.

    Let’s dive deeper to understand the difference between apartments and condos.

    What is the Difference Between Condos and Apartments?

    Large Multi-Condos Building Block

    There are many differences between an apartment and a condo. However, before we consider them, let’s look at what each is all about:


    Many people confuse apartments with condos; so what is an apartment? An apartment is a rental unit among several rental units that are all owned and managed by the same landlord or property management company. In most cases, it is located in an apartment complex/apartment building or community.

    In the case of an apartment building, the owner is the same for every unit, so the same rules apply for every unit, and the apartments are designed within a select few different layouts. If tenants encounter any issues, such as emergency maintenance in an apartment, they all report to the same property manager.

    Apartments can come with exciting communal features, including swimming pools, spacious parking, washers and dryers, high-speed internet, and new appliances.


    A condo or condominium is a private residence owned by a landlord and can be rented out to tenants. Like apartments, condos are also located in a community or residential building, however, the units are all owned and managed by different landlords and not one central property management company.

    An interesting subcategory is that of the “pre-construction condo” — something like this list of pre-construction homes in Ajax. These are residential properties sold before the construction process is even completed. Developers usually offer them at a discount, to incentivize buyers and early investors to purchase such units before they are built.

    In most cases, the individual condo owner has the final say on who they approve to rent their unit, and what changes, if any, are allowed. Therefore, renting here is more of a one-on-one or personal experience, unlike renting an apartment.

    The individual landlord is also in charge of everything in the condo, including repairs and maintenance, as it pertains to the lease. As a tenant, do a thorough inspection before renting a condo to avoid losing what is a security deposit when you decide to leave.

    Now that we have established that an apartment is owned and managed more often by an organization and a condo by individual landlords, let’s consider other differences below:

    Differences in Renting Costs

    Are you wondering which between a condo and an apartment is more expensive? Typically, a condo will cost more than an apartment for a variety of reasons. These include that the average size of condos are bigger than apartments, and the owner has to cover the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) fees, which they will most likely hand down to the tenant.

    With that said, there are cases where an apartment might be more expensive than a condo. For instance, a rental unit with more upgraded apartment amenities will, without question, cost more. The apartment managers and condo landlords price their units based on the location’s average rent. As always, we recommend that you stick to the type of unit you can comfortably afford.

    Paying for Apartment Rent

    Most apartments require that you pay your monthly rent either by check or through the apartment’s online portal. Additional utilities, such as electricity, internet, water, or gas are not always included in the rent and may have to be paid separately. As a renter you will not have to pay property taxes, but many times this cost is built-in to the rental rate.

    You are always required to pay your monthly rent on time, otherwise a late payment fee might apply. These rules are typically strict because property management companies must adhere to Fair Housing Laws, and everyone must be treated the same in accordance with the lease.

    Paying for Condo Rent

    There is a very big difference between rent payments in an apartment and a condo, especially when it comes to paying for additional fees and utilities. As touched on earlier, you are likely to pay HOA fees for the condo to cover the owner’s expenses. These HOA fees are to maintain the community’s common areas and exterior part of the condo buildings. With that said, monthly HOA fees are not very expensive. However, there are also certain amenity fees you may have to pay, in some cases, including concierge services.

    Since you normally pay rent to your landlord in a condo, you will not have to use checks or online payments all of the time. Some landlords even take cash. You must know their preferred payment options before making payments, which should be spelled out when reading the lease.

    Here, unlike in apartments, the landlord is responsible to pay property taxes, which those costs too are usually built-in to the monthly fees paid by the renter.

    Differences in Rental Property Regulations

    Most tenants do not like living in a unit with many rules and regulations. With that said, landlords and property managers enforce these rules to keep their residents and property safe. It is, therefore, critical for a tenant to abide by these rules if they want to remain on good terms with the property manager and landlord.

    Let’s consider how the rules are different in condos and apartments:

    Rules in Apartments

    For most apartments, the property management company sets the rules at the community level. As a tenant, you will be required to abide by such rules, even when inside the apartment.

    Apartment rules are typically tougher than condo rules due to the larger number of residents that needs to be managed. For instance, you might be heavily restricted from being able to redecorate your apartment in any capacity.

    Rules in Condos

    The HOA sets the rules and regulations for the residential building that a condo is located in. You will come across several rules, including the regulations against keeping trash outside. These might also be pet-related rules for pet owners. You should check with the landlord to understand these rules. You can also get these rules from the condo association.

    Differences in Property Ownership

    As we pointed out before, the big difference between a condo and an apartment is mainly in their ownership. Let’s explain in more detail:

    Apartment Ownership

    As we have seen above, apartments are owned and managed typically by a property management company. This means that apartment communities have a single owner, no matter if it’s an individual, partnership, or corporation. You may be allowed to interact with the owner directly from time to time, but it is not very common.

    Condo Ownership

    Condo owners, on the other hand, are typically individuals or families. There may be several condos within one building, but each unit has unique condo owners. The homeowners within the whole condo building normally share the responsibility of paying for the common condo amenities and keeping up the community, which is all part of the HOA fees. You will most likely have more direct contact with the owner when renting a condo compared to an apartment.

    Differences in Repairs and Maintenance

    Both apartments and condos require regular maintenance and repairs. Who pays for these repairs depends on whether you decide to settle in a condo or apartment.

    Repairs and Maintenance in Apartments

    The apartment community or property management performs maintenance or repairs in an apartment. As a renter, you typically will not need to involve yourself in any form of repairs. If you need anything fixed, you will just have to request the services of your apartment community management via phone or through the online portal. Most apartment landlords/property management companies offer a 24/7 emergency apartment maintenance service.

    Repairs and Maintenance in Condos

    Condo maintenance might involve tenants at times. In most cases, maintenance fees and financial responsibility is shared between the tenants and the condo owners, but the owner will set up and schedule most of the repair issues to be resolved. The shared amenities, however, are taken care of by the HOA.

    Differences in Design

    There is no major layout difference between a condo and an apartment. For instance, all one-bedrooms in both cases come with an apartment living space, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom unit.

    With that said, if you were to see any uniqueness, it would most likely come in the form of condos. This is because they are owned by individuals, each of which may have different tastes. Thus, they may make major changes to the structure and make various upgrades within the unit. Let’s consider these below:

    Apartment Designs

    For an apartment, all units within the apartment building are similar. This includes one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and even studio apartments. You will come across different layouts from complex to complex, however, there are limited upgrades that you will get or be able to make in apartments.

    Condo Designs

    Without question, there are several similarities between the design of apartments and condos. However, the design of condos always varies from one unit to another. In most cases, the owner’s preference will influence the design. For instance, flooring options and cabinet built-ins might vary from condo to condo within the same building. Condos also present more opportunity for upgrades than apartments, but don’t think that does not come with a higher rental price.

    Differences in Amenities

    There are also differences in amenities when it comes to apartments and condos. So, what basic amenities are available in each?

    Amenities in Apartments

    There is little to no personal touch when it comes to things, like flooring options or kitchen coloring, in most apartments. For this reason, most of the units within apartment buildings are identical. The only difference could be in some apartment units having more upgrades or more bedrooms, thus being bigger.

    Some modern apartment communities, however, do offer luxury amenities, such as an outdoor pool or community gym. There are also tennis courts and dog parks offered by some, too.

    Amenities in Condos

    Most landlords here ensure that their specific unit within condo complexes capture their personal touch. With units in condo communities, you are more likely to encounter quality features, such as new appliances and granite countertops. Everything is done with close supervision from the property owner, who has a personal vested interest in the single unit.

    Most people find it easier to rent condos since they appear more attractive and sharp. When it comes to the condo community, you are more likely to be offered attractive shared amenities, such as fitness centers, spacious parking, or even swimming pools. Just remember, all of this comes with a higher price tag.

    Selecting the Best Option for You

    When deciding which is better to rent between a condo and an apartment, several factors are considered. For instance, the condo will be the best option if you want a more personable experience with the condo owner. In most cases, it is the property owner you will contact if you want maintenance to be done or to pay rent in a condo.

    With that said, you can get a very similar and enjoyable experience with apartments, and at a fraction of the cost. All you need to do is make sure you are conducting the proper research in order to find the perfect apartment. Make sure you know what to expect when renting an apartment so you can fully enjoy it.

    It is, therefore, up to you to decide what you want. You should also understand better what makes the units unique and outstanding. This can only be possible if you go through the above differences keenly. We wish you a seamless condo and/or apartment hunting process.

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    5 Tips for Moving into an Apartment During Summer

    June 15, 2020 at 12:46 pm · · Comments Off on 5 Tips for Moving into an Apartment During Summer

    5 Tips for Moving into an Apartment During Summer

    The summer months are full of activities. While for some people, it is time to relax on the beach, plan outdoor activities, or get together for a barbecue with friends, for others, it is time to ditch the old apartment, find a new one, and start the moving process.

    Whether for a change of scenery or it is your first apartment, moving into a new apartment building brings a fresh surge of excitement. If you are relocating for the first time during the summer, you should know the apartment tips and tricks of moving to your new home during this time.

    Generally, there are fewer work obligations during the summer, particularly for teachers. In addition, there is less impact on kids and their school schedule.

    Moving into an Apartment

    Apartment Couple with Dog

    If it is your first apartment, you should know that there are some similarities moving in the summer compared to moving in the winter. For both, you must plan and ensure everything is in order before the moving day. For instance, since more people move during the summer, finding a truck can be difficult, so make a reservation as soon as possible.

    In a period when more people are relocating, how can you ensure that your move is as seamless as possible? Here are five tips you need to know, along with the Dos and Don’ts of summer relocation.

    Before the Move

    Before the apartment move, here is what you should do:

    • Create a moving budget
    • Create your first apartment moving checklist to help you with the whole process
    • Create an inventory for your items to avoid misplacing or losing any
    • Make sure you have renters insurance for your first apartment.
    • Buy packaging items, such as boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap, among other things
    • Is the apartment ready? Make sure your new place has smoke detectors and the utilities are in your name (perhaps items you should look for while visiting potential apartments during apartment tours). Here is a ‘what to look for when renting an apartment checklist’ for you.

    After the Move

    Here is what you need to do after moving in:

    Plan in Advance: Reserve Your Truck

    If you are confident you will be moving into your first apartment in the summer, reserve your moving truck 3060 days ahead of time to avoid the lastminute rush, which will almost certainly cost you extra money.

    Many leases expire over the summer months due to many people relocating during this time, which means there will be a significant demand for moving trucks, raising the cost of leasing one. When you book ahead of time, you can get a better bargain and save money.

    Consider Hiring Movers

    If you don’t have friends or relatives to help you pack and load your belongings into a truck, consider hiring movers who can get the job done quickly. Most movers charge around $25 to $50 per mover per hour.

    There are a number of logistics companies that provide moving services; choose one that is trustworthy and confident in their ability to deliver your belongings safely. Request recommendations from friends, your current apartment landlord/property manager, and family members who have already used the company’s services.

    Although you are recommended to hire a reputable moving company, do not neglect newer companies; they may offer better discounts while still safely delivering your belongings.

    Always get multiple quotes, compare them, and choose the best company based on pricing and service quality.

    Start Packing Early

    Starting your packing early allows you to properly organize your belongings and wrap delicate items so they do not break (use bubble wrap to secure them from breakage). Besides, you do not want to start late in the day when the temperatures are extremely high; you will become exhausted quickly and lose a lot of fluid.

    Furthermore, if the truck arrives and you have not begun packing your belongings, the truck drivers will be less than pleased with you. Although you pay them for their services, no one wants to work in a stressful environment. Try to make things simpler for everyone by playing your part.

    Be Safe in the Heat

    If you are moving into your first apartment, you should know that moving entails various tasks, which is why you must keep yourself hydrated; not only for you, but also for your truck guys. If it is water bottles that you are offering, ensure you have enough on hand because you will need them.

    Take Special Care of Kids and Pets

    There will be a lot to cope with on moving day, so consider leaving your children with friends or relatives. In addition, to give you more time to focus on packing and loading the stuff into the truck, you may want to consider a pet daycare.

    The DOs and DON’Ts of Summer Moving

    If you are moving during the summer months, here are the DOs and DON’Ts you need to know:


    Do Expect to Pay More

    Since more individuals relocate in the summer compared to the winter, logistics costs are usually greater. In addition, hiring movers to help you with packing and unpacking will cost you more per hour due to high demand.

    The distance usually determines the cost of relocating to your new location, along with the size of your belongings. That said, the higher the number of items, the more money you are likely to pay.

    Do Start the Move Early in the Day

    Start early in the morning while the weather is still cool, and try to finish before the sun wreaks havoc. If you finish early, you stand a chance to beat the traffic and reach your destination. Of course, not everyone is ready in the morning or has other obligations; if this is the case, packing in the evening may be a better option. Temperatures are also cooler in the evenings than they are during the day.

    Do Turn the A/C on in Your New Home

    What would it be like to move into an uncomfortably hot apartment? With the home scorching hot, it is much harder to be productive, so you will need to lower the temperatures by turning on the A/C.

    If you are going a short distance, turn on the air conditioning the day before, but if you are moving a long distance, turn it on as soon as you get there.

    Cooling down your home will allow you to accomplish a lot more in less time, making the entire process easier.

    Do Keep Electronics Cool

    Keeping your electronics in a heated atmosphere is not a good idea. Electronics can quickly overheat in the summer, so store them in an air-conditioned place to avoid damage. That said, to reduce overheating, these items should always be loaded last aboard the vehicle. Also, other items you should consider loading up last are:

    • Cleaning Supplies
    • Coffee Maker
    • First Aid Kit
    • Toilet Paper
    • Shower Curtain

    Do Bring a Portable Fan

    When moving, bring portable fans to lower the temperature and stay cool. If you do not have one, go to a local store and buy a few. Portable fans are less expensive, which is a plus.

    Do Apply a Quality Sunscreen

    Moving in the summer means you will be spending more time moving in and out of your home while the heat is blistering hot. That said, you can protect your skin by applying sunscreen before heading out of your house.


    Don’t Forget to put Perishables in Coolers

    Do you have perishables in your fridge, and your move-in date is approaching? Instead of getting rid of them, look for coolers to keep them fresh until you reach your new neighborhood.

    Don’t Wear Heavy Fabrics and Inappropriate Clothing

    This is not the time to dress as if you are preparing to conquer Mount Everest. To avoid accumulating a lot of heat and sweating, wear something light. Furthermore, wearing black clothing absorbs a lot of heat and should be avoided. Consider wearing white clothing to reflect the sun’s rays and limit the amount of heat to accumulate.

    Also, remember that you will be lifting items to load and unload them, so dress in attire that will make these chores simpler for you.

    Don’t Move During a Holiday Weekend

    Moving during a holiday weekend is never a good decision; not only will you have a difficult time finding movers, but you will also pay a premium to compensate movers who skip their holiday to assist you with your relocation.

    The possibility of traffic is another reason you should not consider a holiday weekend as your move-in day. Moving on a non-holiday weekend will save you time and allow you to arrive at your destination/preferred neighborhood quickly.

    Don’t Forget Water Bottles for Yourself and the Movers

    Due to the intense move-in activity, you will be losing a lot of fluids while you complete your relocation. That said, ensure you and the movers have plenty of water bottles. This will assist you in keeping your body hydrated and cool.

    Don’t Underestimate the Amount of Prep Time

    Moving might be difficult if you do not plan ahead of time. It can appear to be an easy chore, but it is not. It is a huge task to pack your valuables, rent a truck, hire hourly movers, arrive at your destination, and unload your belongings.

    If you are moving to your first apartment, underestimating the prep time can lead to a variety of issues, including omitting to properly pack delicate objects to minimize damage, among other things.

    Is it Good to Move in the Summer?

    Summer is a popular time to relocate because of the warm weather and that school is out. On the other hand, many people dread winter because of the harsh weather, which makes driving difficult for trucks and increases the risk of water damage (here are five tips for moving into an apartment during winter).

    What Month is the Cheapest to Move?

    If you want to save money, consider moving during late fall, winter, or early spring. During these months, fewer people are likely to move because of weather and other obligations such as school going children and work, among other things (learn what is the best month to look for an apartment here).

    Since there is a low demand for housing/apartment buildings, the landlords are willing to negotiate a lower rent to fill the vacancy. Furthermore, the logistics companies lower their prices or offer discounts and add services to compete for clients.

    Moving involves a lot of expenses, such as what is a security deposit for an apartment, the first month’s rent, pet deposit (if applicable), parking fees, and renters insurance (find out if everyone in an apartment needs renters insurance here). That said, you will be looking for every opportunity to save money. If you already have vehicle insurance, see if they provide renters insurance to qualify for discounts and save even more money. Read more on what bills to expect when renting an apartment here.

    What Day is Cheapest to Hire Professional Movers?

    The short answer is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This is because most businesses have a limited number of bookings, which is why they give incentives in the form of discounts to attract more clients during these times.

    Final Thought

    Moving to your first apartment in the summer necessitates meticulous planning to ensure a smooth transition. That said, creating your first apartment checklist will certainly aid you from common pitfalls that many first-time renters face. Here is what to know for first-time apartment renters.

    After moving to your new apartment, remember to change your address. Go to your local post office and request the Mover’s Guide packet. Fill out the paperwork, and within five working days you should receive a confirmation about your new address.

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    How to Deal with Noisy Apartment Neighbors

    June 8, 2020 at 12:04 pm · · Comments Off on How to Deal with Noisy Apartment Neighbors

    How to Deal with Noisy Apartment Neighbors

    Apartment living comes with some compromises. Unlike private dwellings, where you are likely to have a good distance between you and your next door neighbors, apartments are much closer, and renters are frequently subjected to noisy neighbors.

    If you live in a noisy apartment, you may find it difficult to get the sleep and rest you need. This is especially true if your noisy neighbors have been partying, playing loud music, or just simply making noise all night.

    Talk to your neighbors about the apartment noise and see if they can try to appease your requests. If that does not work, formally write a letter requesting that they stop the noisy behavior. If this still fails, document all of the instances of noise and take it to your landlord.

    How to Deal with Noisy Apartment Neighbors

    Man at night can't fall asleep because of the noisy neighbor

    Nobody wants their lives to be disrupted by excessive noise in their living spaces. As a result, you must take whatever steps are necessary to live a life free of noise from your neighbor.

    How can you deal with a rowdy neighbor who keeps blaring music during quiet hours? We have put together several things you can do to live a life free from noisy tenants. So, let’s dive in!

    Be Diplomatic and Try to Talk to Your Neighbor

    Sometimes, the best way to solve a problem is to talk it out. That is why it is important to bring up any noise problem with your neighbor before taking any actions that might worsen the situation. In some cases, the noise during quiet hours may not be as big of an issue as you think, and you could find a way to work it out together.

    Two male farmers friendly talking outside next to wooden fence on background with brick house

    With that said, you should talk to your neighbor first to avoid being perceived as a “bad” person and causing friction between the two of you. The most important thing to keep in mind when addressing the problem is to make sure that the other person knows that you are doing this because you care about them, not because they are a bother to you.

    If you have a passive aggressive neighbor, consider taking a different action, like reporting the violations to the landlord.

    Document the Noise Disruption

    If you talk to your neighbor and things, do not seem to be going as planned, document the noise events before further actions. To document the noise complaints, make a time-stamped log of when and for how long the noise happens during each instance. This way, you will be able to keep track of the noise and how long it lasts.

    track of the noise

    For example, documentation may look like this: on March 27th, 2022: continuous loud music was played from 7:00 AM-4:00 PM. Record the noise disturbances to gather enough evidence before taking the step to report to the property manager.

    Consult with Your Other Neighbors

    Having a rowdy neighbor can be frustrating, but it is important to establish whether your other neighbors are experiencing the same problem before taking any action. Talk to your neighbors about their experiences and see if they are willing to help find a solution. You may be surprised to find that there is an issue with the exterior of your building that you were not aware of.

    Angry woman quarreling with her male neighbor, talking through wooden fence

    When compared to submitting a noise complaint on your own, filing noise complaints alongside neighbors can be more meaningful, thus more successful.

    Contact Your Property Manager

    Armed with the evidence you documented, contact your landlord and inform them about your noisy neighbor. Let them know that you have done everything possible to address the problem on your end in a manner that does not violate any terms of your lease or apartment rules.

    Angry homeowner suffering neighbor noise covering ears

    The landlord shall then resolve the noise complaint per the lease terms. Since every renter has the right to quiet enjoyment, many apartment communities include this “quiet enjoyment” provision in their lease agreements or and/or community rules, both of which are signed by all tenants prior to moving into the apartment.

    The quiet enjoyment provision usually specifies the hours during which the renter must be silent or not disturb the other tenants in any way. Sometimes it could be the same as the city’s noise ordinance laws.

    Avoid Calling the Police

    Avoid getting the police involved! If you do, make sure it is the absolute last resort. The last thing you want to do is to start your new neighbor’s relationship by calling the police because they are playing their music too loudly.

    bedroom noise

    The truth is that sometimes it can be difficult to know when you should call the police or not, especially when you have just moved into a new neighborhood. If they are making too much noise on their property, do not jump to conclusions and call the police on them. You may come off as rude and unreasonable if you do not take the time to evaluate the situation properly.

    Disturbed Couple Covering Their Ears

    If they are making too much noise on their property, personally ask them to be a little quieter. With that said, before you dial that local non-emergency number, take time to engage your neighbor and try to come to an agreement.

    Try Ceiling Clouds and Acoustic Fixtures

    Ceiling clouds absorb sound waves by creating a physical barrier between your apartment and your upstairs neighbors. It can also create a more visually appealing environment with its soft, cloud-like appearance.

    acoustic panels

    These acoustic panels can be used in any room, including offices, conference rooms, classrooms, cafes, and more. With that said, before adding ceiling clouds, make sure you get permission from your landlord; otherwise, you can lose what is a security deposit for an apartment when you move-out.

    Seal the Windows

    If you have ever felt like your room is too loud, it is not just your imagination. The noise from the outdoors can penetrate through the smallest gaps in the window seal and cause havoc on your sleep.

    prevent this

    The best way to prevent this is by ensuring the window frames are well caulked and sealed. So, before you file a noise complaint, think about how well your windows are sealed. You may be surprised to find out the noise levels are not as bad as you first thought.

    Seal the Doors

    Loud neighbors do not always cause noise; sometimes, a gap under your door can be the root problem of the noise level you experience. These gaps allow sound waves to travel from one room to another, and amplify.

    Man bothered by neighbor noise trying to sleep

    Gaps are usually created when there is a change in flooring, such as hardwood floors to tile. This can be fixed by caulking between the door seal and the floor or by replacing the gasket, as long as it is still in good shape. Learn more ways on how to soundproof an apartment door here.

    loud upstairs neighbors

    As a result, before confronting your loud upstairs neighbors, make sure the area beneath your door is fixed. If your downstairs neighbor continues to make excessive noise, you should consider knocking on their front door and conversing with them.

    Hang Wall Art and Tapestries

    Wall hangings and tapestries are porous, making them an excellent way to absorb sound. Wall hangings have been used in acoustically sensitive spaces, such as recording studios, music halls, and libraries, to provide a quieter atmosphere. You can simply apply the same and avoid the noise disruption from your next door neighbor.

    Photo of annoyed young woman unable to fall asleep because of loud neighbors

    Mask the Sound with a White Noise Machine

    A good way to avoid noise in your downstairs apartment building is to use sound masking and noise cancellation. These inexpensive, low-maintenance white noise machines can be the perfect remedy for noisy tenants.

    Angry girl closing ears with pillow, noisy neighbors disturbing sleep at night

    Relocate to Another Apartment

    If you live in a noisy apartment complex and have exhausted all options for noise reduction, you may want to consider relocating. Moving can be costly, but it is frequently the only way to get away from noisy neighbors. This is usually not an easy decision, but it may be necessary in some cases.

    Young couple is sitting on a sofa in their apartment looking up and holding their hands to plug their ears as a neighbor upstairs is having a party and playing loud music or renovating the apartment

    Additionally, you can request that your landlord consider any rent that has been paid for that month, though it is unlikely that you will get it back.

    Since relocation can get expensive, we recommend trying cheaper alternatives, like investing in noise canceling headphones. It may not fully solve the problem, but it is much more cost-effective compared to relocating.

    Sleepless lady covering ears with pillow. Noisy neighbors, tinnitus, insomnia or stress concept. Tired woman can't sleep. Awake in bed in the middle of the night. Noise from party next door.

    Tips for when Looking for an Apartment for Rent

    You will not be able to fall asleep if your neighbors are making a lot of noise, so before you sign a lease, take the time to assess the noise issues that your neighbors are having.

    Also, when figuring out how to choose an apartment complex that you will love, be wary of what is above you. Make sure you know what is the top floor apartment and what is directly on top of you, whether it is a gym or something else. You will have a difficult time being under a gym, for example, because the noise and disruption can be overwhelming.

    noise violations

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I sue my neighbors for noise violations?

    The simple answer is yes, you can sue your neighbor for a noise violation. One of the most prevalent conflicts between neighbors is noise disturbance; however, you must use caution while pursuing legal action. It may be worth it to have a lawyer review the lease regarding the noise ordinance provision, however, before moving forward with any legal action.

    Two Young Men Standing At The Door Entrance Quarreling With Each Other

    Can I cancel my lease early due to noisy neighbors?

    Yes, it is possible to break a lease without penalty. However, it is important to go through your lease agreement and consult with your attorney about the noise laws. Besides, you need to have enough evidence about your noise claims when approaching your landlord or management team.

    noise disturbance

    With that said, make sure you have a paper trail of your effort to address the noise disturbance from your neighbors. All of this will certainly help your case.

    Final Thought

    There are a number of potential scenarios for noise issues when renting an apartment. For example, you may have a neighbor who plays loud music at night, waking you up, or someone who is constantly bickering with their spouse, interfering with your job, if you work from home.

    Senior man lying on bed and having headache. Space for copy.

    These things disturb your peace, so you must take the required efforts to eliminate the noise pollution. However, it is critical to avoid exacerbating the noise issue and making it worse than it already is.

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