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Cass Lake Front Apartments offers 1 and 2-bedroom units. We have the most affordable apartments for rent in the area.

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    The Best Cass Lake Apartments in Michigan

    December 23, 2020 at 5:02 am · · Comments Off on The Best Cass Lake Apartments in Michigan

    The Best Cass Lake Apartments in Michigan

    Cass Lake is a popular freshwater lake named after Governor Lewis Cass. The lake is perched between Keego Harbor, West Bloomfield Township, Waterford Township and Orchard Lake Village. This makes living around Cass Lake incredibly convenient since you can access any of the four towns at ease.

    Living around the lake is also pure bliss thanks to the beautiful, serene environment, and the array of recreational activities you can indulge in. But to enjoy a full-fledged experience, you need a place to call home. This is why we listed the top Cass Lake apartments in Michigan.

    Cass Lake Apartments

    If you want to live around Cass Lake in Keego Harbor, here are your best apartment options:

    Cass Lake Front Apartments

    Always dreamt of living a few meters away from a water body? Then Cass Lake Front Apartments in Keego Harbor are a sure way to turn your dreams into reality. As the name implies, these apartments are located just a short walk from the lake and a few minutes away from downtown Keego Harbor.

    When you move in here, you don’t just get to enjoy a serene environment, but also spectacular lakefront views, available Cass Lake access and convenience since you can go in and out of Keego Harbor as you please, all while at the same time enjoying the luxury of everything it has to offer.

    It’s location isn’t the only great thing about these apartments. The apartment block features one and two bedroom apartments with modern finishes guaranteed to deliver the utmost in comfort. All apartments feature stunning granite countertops, hardwood flooring, airy and spa-like bathrooms, walk-in closets, air conditioning unit and a foyer with regular security check for safety purposes. You can check or see online tour options for more info about the rooms.

    The one bedroom apartment of Cass Lake Apartments offer you 750 sq ft. of space and feature a spacious living room, with a modern kitchen and a breakfast nook. The two bedroom apartment units offer you similar features, but with more space since you get up to 950 sq ft. of living space. Part of the package also includes onsite maintenance, modern laundry facilities and package services.

    The apartment blocks are designed to promote community living, because other than the community amenities like the recreational area, the management regularly organizes social events where you can meet and mingle with your neighbors while enjoying some good entertainment.

    If you have a pooch, then even better for you because the apartment feature some pretty pet-friendly policies. Add in the serene environment and walks by the lake, and apartment living with your furry best friend has never been more luxurious.

    Elizabeth Lake Estates

    Elizabeth Lake Estates is yet another excellent choice if you are looking to rent the best apartments in an apartment community with high regards to safety and security check. These apartments are located in Waterford, Michigan, just a few minutes from M-59 and I-75 routes, and a stone throw away from the lake in Keego Harbor itself. Thanks to the convenient location, you get to enjoy easy access to the lake, as well as restaurants and other amenities you may need in Waterford. Elizabeth Lake Estates has one to three bedroom air conditioned and cable ready apartments with a private balcony and modern finishes, such as plush carpeting and large closets. Tenants also get a fully-equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, refrigerator and additional storage.

    Notable communal amenities include a swimming pool, a basketball and tennis court, a barbeque area, a sundeck, a rec room and covered parking. They also get onsite management at all times. Generally, Elizabeth Lake Estates are an excellent place to live, but note, you may have to give Fido away, because pets are not allowed here.

    Whispering Woods

    Whispering Woods Apartments are also located in Waterford, Michigan. They may not be as close to Cass Lake as other apartments on our list, but they are a short drive away. They feature one and two bedroom apartments for senior and family living, and additional two and three bedroom townhouses.

    Whispering Woods Apartments apartment community is also near other recreational areas and popular lakes. Amenities include a barbeque area, a recreation room, laundry room, on-site maintenance and elevator access.

    Please note, amenities vary based on your chosen floor plan. If you have a pet, it’s wise if you consult with management first since breed restrictions apply, plus you have to put down a $300 pet deposit.

    Moving to Cass Lake? Here are Tips to Make it Easier

    Moving, be it across Michigan or from another state to Michigan, can be really hectic. Finding the right apartment with good security check and measure is a step in the right direction, but it’s not enough. So, while the above Cass Lake apartment recommendations will make your journey easier, keep the following tips in mind to help making the move to Cass Lake a tad easier:

    Create a Moving Checklist

    Finding the best apartment is just the first of the many steps you will have to take while moving here. To ensure you don’t forget any essential steps and to keep your move organized, create a moving checklist.

    Include tasks you want to complete before moving day, such as finding professional movers and sending out notices to your landlord and utility companies.

    Create this checklist at least two months prior to your move so you can handle each task one day at a time. This will help keep you grounded, and at the same time ensure the move is fast and painless.

    Determine If You Need a Professional Mover

    Professional movers make moving a walk in the park. They handle everything from packing, unpacking and even arranging your new home. That said, their cost can push to the four digits, and if you are not careful you may end up with an unprofessional mover.

    Weigh the pros and cons of hiring a mover in your situation to determine if you need one. If you indeed need one, obtain quotes from at least three companies so you can ensure you end up with the best, most professional moving company for your endeavour.

    Color Code and Label Your Moving Boxes

    Boxes make moving seamless, but they can also turn your experience into a nightmare if you don’t know what items went where. So days before you move, color code your moving box to make unpacking easier and organized.

    Donate, but Save the Receipts!

    You don’t want to carry items you no longer use to your new Cass Lake apartment, as this will end up being clutter. So, identify things you no longer use, which could be anything from clothes, appliances or even décor items, and donate them to charity. Make sure to get and save donation receipts, since these can help you save a few bucks during tax season.

    Moving Day

    On the moving day, stock a cooler, with easy snacks and beverages, to keep you going. This is especially essential if you are moving from another town or state. Ensure it’s in your car and not the moving truck. It will be especially beneficial if you have kids and/or pets.


    The kitchen is the most intensive room to unpack and organize, and the sooner you start, the better! Plus, with a fully-functional kitchen, you can stop and have a snack, or prepare a meal for your friends, family or movers, and then continue unpacking later while you are fully rested and energetic.

    Welcome to Cass Lake, Michigan

    The place isn’t just beautiful, it is conveniently located too. So, whether you are moving here for business or as a retirement plan, you’re guaranteed to enjoy living here. There’s always something fun to do and life here is affordable too. Any of the apartments above are guaranteed to make your experience here even more enjoyable.

    Cass Lake Front Apartments, to be precise, is a particularly excellent choice due to their convenient lakefront location, modern-features and a handful of community amenities that make your life here easier.

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    Tips For Getting Your Keego Harbor Apartments Ready For Winter

    November 2, 2020 at 1:35 pm · · Comments Off on Tips For Getting Your Keego Harbor Apartments Ready For Winter

    Tips For Getting Your Keego Harbor Apartments Ready For Winter

    If you have recently moved into your Keego Harbor apartment, you may have been so busy enjoying your lakefront views and agreeable weather that you almost forgot that winter is coming. Moreover, though apartment living is affordable and comes with ample amenities, winterizing your apartment home tends to be a little different in each place you live. For instance, if you are living in an affordable contemporary luxury lakefront apartment, then it may get a little colder since you are closer to the water. It is little things like this that you must keep in mind when you are winterizing your apartment. That said, there are still a few standard tips for getting your Keego Harbor apartment ready for winter that are applicable across the board.

    Switch Out Your Bedding

    One of the simplest things you can do to ensure that you stay toasty this winter in your Keego Harbor apartment is to switch out your bedding. Just ask any home decor obsessed individual or Michigander, and they will tell you that switching out your bedding in accordance with the seasons is just good housekeeping. Thus, if you were using lighter sheets or cotton based bedding, now is the perfect time to look for something a little more heavy/thicker, like flannel sheets and plush blankets.

    Purchase an Electric Blanket

    Along those same lines, there is no shame in investing in an electric blanket during the wintertime. Not only do electric blankets keep you extra warm on cold winter nights, but they are also lifesavers in the event that your heat goes out. Thus, you have more than one reason to invest in a toasty electric blanket. That said, you should definitely do your research before you purchase these particular blankets, and if you are using an electric blanket that you have had for more than 15 years, then it is time to invest in a new one. Ultimately, research is important here because you want to make sure that you are not buying a potential fire hazard.

    Check Your Windows

    In addition to keeping yourself warm and toasty in your bed, you should also check your windows in your apartment home. It should be no surprise that windows can easily let cold air into your apartment if they are not properly sealed or if, for instance, you have an air conditioner unit in one of your windows. Consequently, it is important to make sure that if you feel a draft coming from any of your windows that you address it. Likewise, if you have an extremely drafty apartment, for some reason, then you should consider investing in draft stoppers or film kits for your windows.

    Install Insulated Curtains

    Yet another quick and easy way to winterize your apartment home is to upgrade your curtains or blinds. Purchasing insulated or heavy-duty blackout curtains can reduce the amount of heat that is escaping your apartment. Moreover, these particular types of curtains essentially add a second or additional layer of insulation. Thus, if you have drafty windows or patio/balcony doors, you can opt for insulated curtains instead of purchasing draft stoppers or film kits. Alternatively, if you want to buy all of the things mentioned above, then you can make your apartment home that much warmer.

    Check For Holes And Cracks In The Walls, Floors and Ceilings

    When winterizing your apartment home, it is important to also seal off any holes or cracks in the walls that could be allowing your heat to escape. Besides checking for holes and cracks, you should pay extra attention to your floors and ceilings.

    If you notice any damages, you should inform the maintenance staff as soon as possible so they can be fixed. Furthermore, while inspecting your floors, if you notice that your first level or ground floor hardwood and vinyl floors run a little cold, then you may want to invest in some rugs. That said, you can also look into nonhazardous space heaters for particularly cold areas in your apartment home.

    Test Out Your Heating Systems

    Another valuable tip for preparing your apartment home for winter is to test out your heating systems. It is important to know now before the weather gets bad that all systems are a go. In the event that everything is not fine, it is better to find out about it now rather than later. Plus, the sooner you know, the sooner your landlord or property manager can assess the situation and repair it. Remember, as much as you love your new electric blanket, you do not want to pull it out just yet, so if you notice any issues with your heating or cooling systems, schedule maintenance to come now before the snow hits.

    Invest in Portable Space Heaters and Humidifiers

    As briefly suggested, portable space heaters and air humidifiers are your friends. In the cold winter months, the air can be dry, especially inside your apartment home. Thus, in order to add a little moisture back into the atmosphere and make your home comfy, you should invest in a humidifier. Similarly, space heaters can add an extra boost when you need it. Moreover, it is often a lot cheaper to plug in a fan, a heater, or a humidifier, then it is to turn on your heat at full blast.

    Buy Some Indoor Plants

    Investing in some indoor house plants is also another way to prep your apartment home for winter. As you are likely aware, winter can be a little depressing at times, and indoor house plants have been shown to improve air quality in your apartment home, boost your mood and add a little color to an otherwise bleak winter day. That said, if indoor house plants have a tendency to die on you, there is no need to be ashamed. You can buy some artificial plants instead, which are just as aesthetically pleasing.

    Stock Up on Winter Essentials

    Living in an apartment may lull you into a false sense of security when it comes to stocking up on winter essentials. However, just because you do not need to shovel the driveway or salt the walkway does not mean you cannot benefit from having key winter items. So, get yourself a shovel, even if it is for your car, and stock up on some salt while you are at it. Other handy winter essentials include gloves, hats, hot cocoa or calming teas and really anything else that will make wintertime a little easier to deal with.

    Find Other Ways to Stay Warm

    Lastly, keeping your apartment home nice and toasty is important, of course, but you should also look for other ways to stay warm in addition to pulling out the flannel bedding and turning on the space heaters. For instance, you should consider purchasing a few seasonal candles, getting cozy with a plush throw blanket and wintertime pillows and wearing those crazy footed pajamas—we promise not to tell anyone.

    Take Away

    Ultimately, there are a variety of things you can do this winter to keep yourself and your apartment home nice and toasty. So, get out your winterizing checklist and get to work. Once you are done, you can relax with a good book and curl up by the fire (or space heater). That said, if you would like to know more about winterizing your apartment home, then do not hesitate to contact your apartment community management team–they are usually full of ideas when it comes to making your apartment stay better.

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    Your Apartment Lease: Everything You Need To Know

    September 28, 2020 at 2:04 pm · · Comments Off on Your Apartment Lease: Everything You Need To Know

    Your Apartment Lease: Everything You Need To Know

    Moving into an apartment involves more than unpacking boxes and putting down a deposit. In fact, there are a few other particulars that need to be addressed prior to moving in. For instance, your apartment lease needs to be thoroughly read and signed. That said, many people are in such a hurry to settle into their new apartment home that they do not take the time to go over their rental agreement as they should. If you have been guilty of this in the past, it is understandable, but moving forward, here is everything you need to know and understand about your apartment lease.

    Landlord Contact Info

    Clearly, one of the most important things you need to know and should be able to locate in your lease is your landlord/property manager’s contact information. For starters, you may need this information to inform your landlord of potential problems/maintenance issues, to confirm rent collection dates, or to discuss unexpected economic hardships. That being said, overall this information should be clearly listed on your rental agreement. Remember, you are entering into a contract with your landlord/property management company, and therefore their information should be a part of your lease.

    Break Lease Clause

    Yet another crucial component to your rental agreement or contract is the break lease clause. Typically, a rental agreement or an apartment lease will have a clause that covers what will happen in the event you do or wish to break your lease. This section of your rental agreement affords your landlord protection and will explain what damages or fees you will have to pay if you do end up breaking your lease at some point.

    Buyout Clauses

    Likewise, your rental agreement may have a buyout clause (similar to a break lease clause). In this instance, if you need to move out early, then you will likely have to give 60 days’ notice and pay a two months lease break fee. Since you cannot predict the future, you should always be apprised of the terms and stipulations for ending your early lease termination.

    Repairs On Your Rental

    Along those same lines, you should know what your lease says about repairs on your rental or apartment home. Here, the good news is that most well-maintained apartment complexes have a maintenance staff, and they are responsible for major repairs on your rental. That said, you should still know what this particular section of your lease says.

    Property Maintenance

    Similarly, your rental agreement should cover property maintenance. This area of your lease, generally, explains what kind of regular upkeep you are responsible for. For example, this section may require that tenants keep the common areas free from trash, replace their smoke alarms, and so on. Here is where you will likely find your complex’s trash removal policy and procedures as well.

    Are Pets Allowed?

    While perusing your lease, make sure you pay extra attention to your complex’s pet policy. Even if you currently do not have any pets, you never know what the future holds. That said, if you do have a family pet or plan on getting one soon, then you need to see if you are required to pay an extra deposit, pet rent, or a cleaning fee once your lease is over. Also, you definitely need to go over what pets are allowed. Some apartment complexes allow only two pets, only cats, or dogs under a certain size.

    Automatic Lease Renewal

    Whether or not your lease will automatically be renewed varies. Often, it depends on the city or state you are looking to rent in. Obviously, if you do not want to renew your lease automatically, then you should discuss this with your landlord. Most apartment communities in the area, however, tend to inform you that your lease is up in advance. If you wish to continue renting your apartment home, then you will need to stop by the rental office, at some point, to sign a new lease agreement.

    Additional Fees Associated with the Rent

    Your lease agreement should also cover any additional fees (late rent fees, carport fees, etc.), and what costs are associated with a month-to-month lease if available. It is always a good idea to thoroughly read this section for budget reasons, so there are no surprises later on.

    Homeowners Association

    Every now and then, you may stumble across an apartment community that has a homeowners association (HOA). For instance, if your new apartment complex has high-end amenities or luxurious perks, then you might be subject to HOA fees, plus additional rules and regulations. Thus, if you happen to stumble upon an apartment community with an HOA, then your lease will have all the particulars laid out for you.

    Renter’s Insurance

    Additionally, certain landlords will require tenants to obtain renter’s insurance. So, make sure you know where you stand on this issue. Even if your lease does not require renter’s insurance, it is still highly recommended. Having all your belongings insured can save you a lot of money in the event of a fire or a break-in. Therefore, do yourself a favor and get insurance. Some policies will cost you less than $12 a month, so it is more than worth it.

    Are Utilities Included?

    Another important section of the lease that you should familiarize yourself with is the included utilities section. Your landlord will clearly lay out which utilities are included in the rent as well as what you are expected to cover. More often than not, apartment homes come with water, and trash removal included. Things like heat/air, gas, and electricity, you will likely be responsible for paying each month. The same is true for your internet. Apartment communities may offer Wi-Fi in the common areas/clubhouse, but the majority of apartment complexes require their tenants to pay for their own access.

    Alterations to the Rental Property

    You should know what your lease states in regard to making alterations to your apartment home. Usually, this portion of the lease will tell you that you can paint your walls, as long as you paint them white again before you leave. That said, every apartment community allows different things, and some do not allow tenants to make any changes. So, if you have plans to turn your second bedroom into a walk-in closet with all the trimmings/fixtures, then take a peek at your lease’s approved alterations list first.

    Key Change

    Lastly, your rental agreement should inform you of what to do if you have lost your key. Here, in this section, responsibility for lost keys and who is paying to get the locks changed should be explained in depth. Furthermore, this section of your rental agreement should also go over lockout procedures and protocols. Most apartment complexes will allow you a minimum of one lockout before they charge you, while others may charge you for an after-hours lockout only. Plus, you may need to have your debit card handy when you get locked out. Of course, you will not know for sure until you review this portion of your lease.

    Final Note

    As you can see, there is a lot of pertinent information in your rental agreement or lease. Therefore, it is in your best interest to know what you are agreeing to when you sign. If you still need assistance going over your lease or need a professional opinion regarding a few questions, then you should consider speaking with an attorney that handles landlord-tenant law. Ultimately, an attorney will be able to advise you of your rights as a tenant.

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    How To Do Date Night In Your Apartment While Social Distancing

    April 28, 2020 at 3:20 pm · · Comments Off on How To Do Date Night In Your Apartment While Social Distancing

    How To Do Date Night In Your Apartment While Social Distancing

    The Coronavirus has drastically changed the way that we interact with others. It is no longer okay to just go to your friends house for the evening to hang out. You also cannot simply go out to the movies or have dinner at your favorite restaurant. Social distancing is necessary at this time to try to slow the spread of this nasty virus. 

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    Renting an Apartment in Keego Harbor, MI: What To Expect

    March 20, 2020 at 6:47 pm · · Comments Off on Renting an Apartment in Keego Harbor, MI: What To Expect

    Renting an Apartment in Keego Harbor, MI: What To Expect

    Changing your residence is easier said than done. There are multiple costs, logistic issues, and arrangements that you have to plan before hunting for a new apartment. Without efficient preparation, you risk losing money or the opportunity to finally live in your dream home.

    Buying a new home has become ever more difficult in today’s economy. More and more people are looking to lease. If you are in the same situation, here are some of the things you should expect when renting an apartment in Keego Harbor MI.

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    Organizational Tips for Efficient Apartment Living

    January 13, 2020 at 6:32 pm · · Comments Off on Organizational Tips for Efficient Apartment Living

    Organizational Tips for Efficient Apartment Living

    If you feel like your apartment unit is a bit cramped and too small for you to live on, these tips and tricks can help!

    Here are 5 of the best organizational tips that can make your Keego Harbor apartment look so spacious than it really is.

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